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11.13-19.2012 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

November 13, 2012 – November 19, 2012

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Fiscal Cliff: Will It Lead To Massive Layoffs? – AOL Jobs News (11.19.2012)

More Than One Way to Skin the Defense Budget – Nat’l Defense Online (11.18.2012)

Sequestration Or Not, U.S. Firms, DoD Will Take a Hit – Defense News (11.18.2012)

All Players Express Optimism over Solution to the Fiscal Cliff – ADC (11.18.2012)

Sequestration threatens cuts everywhere – Politico (11.18.2012)

Governors: Guard excluded from budget talks – Air Force Times (11.16.2012)

Military Could Save Billions without Losing Might, Report Suggests – Nat’l Defense Online (11.16.2012)

Obama, Congressional Leaders Upbeat After Fiscal Talks – Defense News (11.16.2012)

The Long, Treacherous Climb Up the Fiscal Cliff – The Fiscal Times (11.16.2012)

Report: DoD Could Save Billions With New Military Strategy – Defense News (11.15.2012)

                * Click here to read new strategy.

Drop commissaries, schools, beef jerky research and Klingon workshops – Gov’t Exec (11.15.2012)

Sen. Paul Holds up Authorization Debate – ADC (11.15.2012)

‘Bridge to Nowhere’ lawmaker Young drops his push against earmark ban – The Hill (11.15.2012)

GOP Senator Outlines $68 Billion in Defense Cuts – Military News (11.15.2012)

Lawmakers React to ‘Fiscal Cliff’ – The Intelligencer (11.15.2012)

Frank: ‘Zero chance’ of sequester deal without massive military cuts – The Hill (11.14.2012)

Senate Republicans Indicate Willingness to Cooperate on Authorization Debate – ADC (11.14.2012)

Air Force Returns to Hill with New Compromise on Guard Restructuring – ADC (11.14.2012)

Pentagon Aims to Reduce Time, Cost for Weapons Design – Defense News (11.13.2012)

Authorization Bill Appears Headed to Senate Floor – ADC (11.13.2012)

DOD: Help us hold down costs – Politico (11.08.2012)

Leadership on the Hill

McCain Will Not Retain Ranking Slot on Armed Services – ADC (11.13.2012)

Defense Industries

ITT to sell CAS, Inc. systems engineering and technical advisory services business to Wyle Inc. – Equities (11.19.2012)

Federal cuts would take heavy toll on small contractors – Washington Post (11.16.2012)

BAE To Acquire U.S. Shipyard marine Hydraulics – Defense News (11.15.2012)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

Trust, Va. Preserving Civil War battlefield – Associated Press (11.19.2012)

2 found dead after Fort Lee fire – WAVY (11.19.2012)

Local military assets could be utilized – WAVY (11.16.2012)

Governor’s News

Governor McDonnell Announces Preservation of 285 acres of Historic Battlefield at Gaines’ Mill – Governor’s Press (11.19.2012)

Overall Homelessness Rate Decreases 8 Percent Statewide – Governor’s Press (11.14.2012)

Governor’s Military Proclamations

50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War

Veterans & Military Families

Virginia War Memorial’s Jon Hatfield works to honor veterans – Times Dispatch (11.19.2012)

Stand Down Day lets veterans get, give help – Virginian-Pilot (11.18.2012)

War veterans wage battle with VA – Union-Bulletin (11.17.2012)

Veterans’ Income Advantage Widest in Virginia: BGOV Barometer – Bloomberg Businessweek (11.16.2012)

Military Spouse Hiring Program Gains 30-plus Companies – American Forces Press Service (11.14.2012)

Veteran Status Closely Linked to Age, Poll Shows – ADC (11.14.2012)

NEX assists military kids finance college – Norfolk Navy Flagship (11.14.2012)

Senate Passes Bill Boosting Payments to Veterans – Military News (11.14.2012)

Virginia’s Fallen Heroes

There is nothing new to report at this time.

Technology, Cyber & Energy

More Reporting of Cyber Attacks Would Aid FBI, Official Says – Nat’l Defense Online (11.15.2012)

Air Force Strategist Fears U.S. Will Lose Technological Edge over Future Enemies – Nat’l Defense Online (11.15.2012)

Cybersecurity Bill Dies in Congress – Defense News (11.15.2012)

New Cyber Group Aims To Spread Basic Security – Defense News (11.14.2012)

No Big, New Military Communication Satellite Programs in the Future – Nat’l Defense Online (11.14.2012)

Navy to Launch Competition for Carrier-Based Unmanned Aircraft in 2013 – Nat’l Defense Online (11.14.2012)

United States on Brink of Major Cyber Attack, Industry Executive Predicts – Nat’l Defense Online (11.14.2012)


China Challenges West for Arms Trade – Defense News (11.19.2012)

USMC General: U.S. Forces To Remain in Afghanistan Past 2014 – Defense News (11.15.2012)

Army suicides for 1012 surpass last year’s numbers – Associated Press (11.15.2012)

Army Reserve Chief Sees larger Role in Future For Part-time Soldiers – Nat’l Defense Online (11.14.2012)

Sea Change – Foreign Policy (11.14.2012)

Pacific Pivot May Get More Congressional Attention – Military News (11.13.2012)



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