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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.19-26.2012 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

November 20, 2012 – November 26, 2012

Secretary of Homeland Security

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Visit to London (Day 2) – Dept. of Homeland Security (11.21.2012)

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Visit to London – Dept. of Homeland Security (11.20.2012)

National Homeland Security

Kansas History Professor Says DHS Opening his Mail–Again – Homeland Security News Wire (11.21.2012)

Nanotech Detection Device Emulates Dog’s Nose to Detect Explosives – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.21.2012)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Robot Dev. for Recovery Work inside Post-Accident Nuclear Plants – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.26.2012)

Humble Microbes Fighting Harmful Greenhouse Gas – Homeland Security News Wire (11.26.2012)

Arizona PDs Test Shirt-Worn, High-Tech Cameras – Homeland Security news Wire (11.26.2012)

Improved Technology to Detect Hazardous Chemicals – Homeland Security News Wire (11.26.2012)

New Method to Rid Inboxes of Unsolicited Email – Homeland Security news Wire (11.26.2012)

NSA Declines to Release Presidential Cyber Directive – Government Security News (11.23.2012)

Bill: Feds Can Read Email without Warrant – Government Technology (11.21.2012)

South Carolina Official Resigns After Security Debacle – Public CIO (11.21.2012)

FCC to Hold Hearings on Post-Sandy Wireless Performance – CNet (11.21.2012)

Microgrids: a Disaster-Resistant Power Supply? – Emergency Management (11.20.2012)

5 Questions with Ron Perez of the Cybersecurity Research Alliance – Government Technology (11.20.2012)

IG Says Energy Department Facilities Still Have Weak Spots – NextGov (11.19.2012)


Terrorism Suspects May Have Trained at Chino Paintball Facility – Pasadena Star News (11.23.2012)

4 Men in Southern California Charged with Attempting to Support Terrorism – Fox News (11.19.2012)

     Inland Empire Men used Social Media in Terror Plot, FBI Says – L.A. Times (11.19.2012)

Emergency Preparedness

New Surveillance Technologies for Improved Emergency Management – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.26.2012)

IREM Updates Guide to Developing Emergency/Disaster Recovery Procedures – FMLink (11.26.2012)

Top Officials Agree To Build Seawall for Tangier Island – GoBeachComber (11.23.2012)

Preparedness Should Be Marketed like Coca-Cola – Emergency Management (11.21.2012)

World Public Health Authorities Alarmed About a New Coronavirus – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.21.2012)

‘Soft Infrastructure’ as Storm Surge Defense Alternatives – Homeland Security News Wire (11.20.2012)

Audits Needed of Backup Power for 911 Service Providers – Washington Examiner (11.18.2012)


Student Invents Way to Harvest Energy from Earthquakes – Homeland Security News Wire (11.26.2012)

Canada License Plate Scanners under Fire from Privacy Commissioners – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.21.2012)

Mississippi Cops Share Data to Fight Crime – Emergency Management (11.20.2012)



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