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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.26.2012 – 12.03.2012 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

November 26, 2012 – December 3, 2012

Secretary of Homeland Security

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Remarks at CBP 2012 – Dept. of Homeland Security (11.27.2012)

National Homeland Security

Arizona Denies Driver Licenses to DHS-Deferred Action Eligible – Homeland Security News Wire (12.03.2012)

New U.S./Canada Border Conference to Advance ‘Beyond the Border’ – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.03.2012)

Drones: the Future of Law Enforcement? – Emergency Management (11.30.2012)

New HS Committee Chairman to Maintain Rep. King’s Approach – Homeland Security News Wire (11.30.2012)

Increase in Negative Messages about Muslims in the Media: Study – Homeland Security News Wire (11.30.2012)

Federal ID Deadline Draws Near, but Some States are Not Ready – Homeland Security News Wire (11.29.2012)

More Police Departments make Officers Wear Headcams – Homeland Security news Wire (11.28.2012)

House Passes Bills on Border Security, DHS Management, WMD Prep. – Homeland Security Today (11.28.2012)

– House Passes HS Legislation to Streamline DHS Programs, Secure Borders – U.S. House of Rep. (11.27.2012)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Public Safety Networks Coped Better with Sandy than Commercial – Homeland Security News Wire (12.03.2012)

DARPA’s Program to Reveal Backdoors in Commercial IT Devices – Homeland Security News Wire (12.03.2012)

Inside ‘Plan X:’ The Pentagon’s Plan for Cyberweapon Central – Fox News (12.01.2012)

Hard Choices to be made on Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Changes – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.30.2012)

Financial Breaches Increase amid Global Cyber Crime Wave – Government Technology (11.29.2012)

Greater Email Privacy Bill Won’t Hinder Law Enforcement – Homeland Security Today (11.29.2012)

Air Force takes Cybersecurity Training in Virtual City – Government Technology (11.28.2012)

Pacemakers, Other Implanted Devices, Vulnerable to Lethal Attacks – Homeland Security news Wire (11.28.2012)

Nuclear Plant Safety, Part One: Don’t Blame the Security Guard at Y-12 – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.28.2012)

5 Infrastructure Trends to Prepare For in 2013 – Government Technology (11.28.2012)

Power Grid Hackers are of Greater Concern than Report Indicates, DHS Official Says – NextGov (11.27.2012)

UN Nuclear Agency Reports Being Hacked – CBS News (11.27.2012)

New Sensor Detects Undetonated Bombs on Seas Floor – Homeland Security News Wire (11.27.2012)

DHS Awards $23.6M to Fund Dev. of New Software Analysis Tech. – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.27.2012)

When 9-1-1 Fails: What Safeguards are in Place? – Emergency Management (11.26.2012)

5 Mobile Security Trends and Actions to Consider – Public CIO (11.26.2012)


Upcoming Hearing: Terrorist Exploitation of Refugee Programs – U.S. House of Delegates (12.04.2012)

‘Urban Shield’, Austin’s Terrorism Preparedness Exercise – KUT News (11.30.2012)

Two South Florida Men Charged in Alleged Terror Plot – ABC News (11.30.2012)

Explosive Device Detonates at Social Security Office in Arizona – AZ Central (11.30.2012)

START Gets DoS Contract to Provide Terrorism Data, Analysis for Country Report – HS Today (11.29.2012)

Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Rebuilding Experts Will Offer Free Advice at Home Depots – FEMA (12.01.2012)

2-1-1 Virginia Launches New TV Ads – Virginia Service (11.30.2012)

Hurricane Season Ends, but Preparedness is Year Round – FEMA (11.30.2012)

SLTT Governments, Private Nonprofits have 30 More Days to Request Public Asst. Grants – FEMA (11.30.2012)

Lloyd’s Says Countries Under-insured against Natural Disasters – Homeland Security News Wire (11.30.2012)

The Debate over Radon as an Earthquake Predictor Continues – Homeland Security News Wire (11.30.2012)

FEMA Contracts Development of National ‘Whole of Community’ Training Program – HS Today (11.29.2012)

FEMA Denies Disaster Assistance for Accomack County – Virginia Dept. of Emergency Management (11.29.2012)

Social Media as Preventative Method for infectious Diseases – Homeland Security News Wire (11.28.2012)

Governor Declares December 2-8 ‘Winter Preparedness Week’ for Commonwealth – VDEM (11.28.2012)

Technology to Help Weather Bushfires, Floods and More – Homeland Security News Wire (11.27.2012)


Fabric for Military Uniforms to Repel Chemical and Bio Agents – Homeland Security News Wire (12.03.2012)

Mom Facing Charges for Sending Son ‘Jihad’ to School Wearing ‘I am a Bomb’ T-Shirt – The Blaze (12.02.2012)

Dueling Degrees: Emergency Management vs. Homeland Security – Emergency Management (11.29.2012)

Killer Robots? Cambridge University to Examine the Threat – Government Technology (11.27.2012)

New Georgia Immigration Bill makes State Health Pros Feel the Pain – Homeland Sec. News Wire (11.27.2012)



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