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11.26.2012 – 12.03.2012 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

November 26, 2012 – December 3, 2012

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Authorization Debate Expected to Finish This Week – ADC (12.02.2012)

Defense Cuts No Longer Untouchable? – Defense News (12.01.2012)

Obama Deficit-Reduction Plan Receives Frosty Reception – ADC (11.30.2012)

Obama seeks Aug. 1 deadline for tax reform – Washington Post (11.30.2012)

Spending bill could see vote next week – The Hill (11.30.2012)

Senate Bill would Extend BRAC Environmental Protections to Other Sites – ADC (11.29.2012)

Authorization Debate Continues as Senators Plod through Amendments – ADC (11.29.2012)

Special Operations Command Seeks Bigger Role in Conflict Prevention – Nat’l Defense Magazine (11.29.2012)

U.S. Senate leaves East Coast Shield’s Fate to Conference Panel – Defense News (11.29.2012)

White House threatens veto of defense bill – Politico (11.29.2012)

Proposed cuts to Defense civilian jobs draw criticism – Government Executive (11.29.2012)

Teams of experts game out strategic defense budget cuts – Government Executive (11.28.2012)

U.S. Army Chief: 16,000 Soldiers To Be Involuntarily Separated – Defense News (11.28.2012)

Senate passes amendment keeping biofuel investments in defense bill – The Hill (11.28.2012)

The Fog of War Budgeting during Sequestration – ADC (11.28.2012)

 – Pentagon budget planners left waiting on the White House – Foreign Policy (11.26.2012)

DOD Aids Sandy Recovery, Urges Authorization Bill Passage – American Forces Press Service (11.27.2012)

Budget War Games Gives Players Freedom to Make ‘Tough Choices’ – Nat’l Defense Magazine (11.27.2012)

Sequestration Impact Grim for Defense Communities, Say Scholars, Pundits – ADC (11.27.2012)

Lawmaker Seeks to Limit Use of Green Building Standards – ADC (11.27.2012)

Senator: ‘Gang of Six’ Won’t Release Deficit-Reduction Plan – Defense News (11.27.2012)

Budget Crunch Likely to Increase Role of Defense Communities in Land Use Planning – ADC (11.26.2012)

Authorization Bill Held up Again; Debate Could Begin Later This Week – ADC (11.26.2012)

On ‘fiscal cliff,’ both sides lay groundwork for debt’s next phase – Washington Post (11.26.2012)

Defense Industries

Industry Offers Training Tools for a Postwar World of Tight Budgets – Defense News (12.03.2012)

Companies Show Little Change Ahead of Sequestration – Defense News (12.02.2012)

Editorial: Protect Skills, Not Jobs – Defense News (12.02.2012)

Broader Tax Debate Could spare Most Defense Investors – Defense News (11.30.2012)

Lockheed, DoD Agree on F-35 Fifth Block Purchase – Defense News (11.30.2012)

Terror Targets: DOD Extends Contract for SAIC’s ‘Global harvest’ Counter terror Intelligence Program – Defense News (11.29.2012)

U.S. Senate Backs Measure To Improve Wartime Contracting – Defense News (11.29.2012)

Questions Surround SOF Body Armor Recall – Military News (11.27.2012)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

After 70 years, Navy base blast fades from memory – Virginian-Pilot (12.03.2012)

Guided-missile frigate Carr to return to Norfolk today – Virginian-Pilot (12.03.2012)

USS McFaul sailors return home – WAVY (12.03.2012)

Navy to name next Ford-class carrier Enterprise – WAVY (12.03.2012)

Warner says bipartisan deal is needed to avoid fiscal cliff – Times Dispatch (12.02.2012)

Less means much more as military adjusts – Virginian-Pilot (12.02.2012)

USS Enterprise inactivated – WAVY (12.01.2012)

Can 10 CVN’s support the current strategy? – Pilot Online (11.30.2012)

WWE Superstars, Divas, Legends to tour local naval bases Dec. 6 – 8; Ticket distribution starts Monday – Norfolk Navy Flagship (11.30.2012)

Warner tells Va. Business leaders Congress will avoid sequestration – Times Dispatch (11.30.2012)

IKE to return home early; redeploying in 2013 – Norfolk Navy flagship (11.28.2012)

Governor’s News

Governor and Mrs. McDonnell Participate in “Passing of the Keys” Ceremony for Freedom Support Center at Fort Monroe – Governor’s Press Release (11.30.2012)

Veterans & Military Families

Vets’ Gun Rights Sticky Issue in Defense Bill – Associated Press (12.03.2012)

Veterans Agency Can Ignore Vets Status in Contract Awards – Bloomberg (11.29.2012)

Virginia’s Fallen Heroes

Nothing new to report at this time!

Technology, Cyber & Energy

Upgrading networking Technologies for modern Battlefield – Defense News (12.02.2012)

Trained Navy dolphins losing out to robots – Associated Press (12.01.2012)

Intelligence community must adapt to era of vast data, study says – Government Executive (11.30.2012)

Chinese Hackers Won’t Quit, Google Executive Says – Nat’l Defense Magazine (11.30.2012)

Internet romance scams use Soldiers’ identities – Army News (11.30.2012)

Lockheed martin demonstrates ground-based laser system against short-range threats – Homeland Security News Wire (11.29.2012)

Navy launches unmanned aircraft – WAVY (11.29.2012)

Study: U.S. Energy Policy Fuels Global Insecurity – Nat’l Defense Magazine (11.29.2012)

Data Security Reform Needed in Defense Department, navy Official Says – Nat’l Defense Magazine (11.28.2012)

Study: Keep Investing in Spec Ops, Cyber – Defense News (11.27.2012)


Obama replacement for Panetta could be soon, perhaps in high-profile package with State choice – Washington Post (11.30.2012)

 – Chuck Hagel being vetted for national security post – Foreign Policy (11.28.2012)

Senate votes to grow Marine embassy force – Marine Corps Times (11.28.2012)



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