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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

12.03-10.2012 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

December 3, 2012 – December 10, 2012

Presidential Proclamations

President Declares the Month of December ‘Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month’ – White House

In recognition of Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month, this Homeland Security Media Report would like to highlight some additional information each week regarding critical infrastructure protection and resiliency initiatives that are ongoing in Virginia.

The Virginia Office of Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security has started development of the Virginia Regional Preparedness Measure (VRPM). This initiative, being piloted in VDEM Region V, provides a template framework allowing localities within a region to identify regional capabilities in the form of tasks and standards that are in line with Presidential Policy Directive 8, assess current capabilities, articulate desired capabilities and capacities, and highlight and prioritize gaps within the region. The VRPM will be introduced to all regions within the Commonwealth, with the end goal of providing a vehicle to ensure better prepared and more resilient localities, regions, and Commonwealth. This measure will also allow for better grant justification, leading to better allocation and leveraging of resources and a better informed state Threat & Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment process for the state.

To learn more about Virginia’s critical infrastructure protection and resilience initiatives, please contact Virginia’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Coordinator, Mike Landefeld, at Mike.Landefeld@governor.virginia.gov. To learn more about Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month, you may visit DHS’ website here.

Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary Napolitano Announces Standards for Confinement Facilities – Dept. of Homeland Security (12.06.2012)

Statement by Sec. Napolitano on Death of U.S. Coast Guard Chief Boatswains Mate Horne – DHS (12.03.2012)

National Homeland Security

Detecting Tunnels, Used in Smuggling, Is Not Easy – Homeland Security News Wire (12.10.2012)

Two Small, Long-Endurance UAVs Unveiled – Homeland Security News Wire (12.07.2012)

TSA Shows Off Weapons Confiscated at Charlotte Airport – Fox Charlotte (12.07.2012)

Huawei Rejects U.S. ‘Threat to National Security’ Claims – Homeland Security News Wire (12.06.2012)

Homeland Security Grant Spending Questioned – Homeland Security Today (12.06.2012)

 – Senator Coburn Says Some DHS Grants are Wasteful – Government Security News (12.05.2012)

CBP Wants More Drones; Lawmakers Want More Details – Homeland Security News Wire (12.06.2012)

 – California Senator Calls for More Drone Regulations – Government Technology (12.05.2012)

Company Illegally Stores 6 Million Pounds of Explosives – Homeland Security News Wire (12.04.2012)

U.S. Homeland Security Looks For Interoperability on Biometrics – Biometric Update (12.03.2012)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Cyber Early-Warning Deal Collapses After Russia Balks – NextGov (12.07.2012)

South Carolina Must Release More Data Breach Info, Lawmakers Say – Government Technology (12.07.2012)

Will the Feds Change How They Handle Cybersecurity in 2013? – Public CIO (12.07.2012)

Mobile Browsers Wholly Unsafe – Government Technology (12.06.2012)

Achieve Cybersecurity by Using Common Criteria Certification – Government Technology (12.06.2012)

Quantum Cryptography May Soon Go Main Stream – Homeland Security News Wire (12.06.2012)

The Basics Still Plague Federal Cybersecurity – Homeland Security Today (12.05.2012)

Internet Blackout in the U.S. Not Likely – Government Technology (12.05.2012)

Forensics Competition Challenges Student Cybersecurity Skills – Government Technology (12.04.2012)

Study Finds Anti-Virus Software Ineffective – Government Technology (12.04.2012)

Swiss Spy Agency Warns U.S., Britain about Huge Data Leak – Yahoo News (12.04.2012)

U.S. Government Warned of 9/11-Like Cyber Attack – Mashable (12.04.2012)


Terrorism on Decline in U.S. – Homeland Security News Wire (12.10.2012)

 – Heat Map: Terrorism around the World (U.S. is Among the Least Affected) – Washington Post (12.06.2012)

Former Sailor Charged with Attempted Espionage – The News & Advance (12.06.2012)

Death by Algorithm: West Point Code Shows Which Terrorists Should Disappear First – Wired (12.06.2012)

The Rise of Al Qaeda in Syria – Foreign Policy (12.06.2012)

Suspect in Custody in Connection to Social Security Explosion in Casa Grande – KSAZ Arizona (12.06.2012)

Testimony of I&A Deputy-Under Secretary for “Terrorist Exploitation of Refugee Programs” – DHS (12.04.2012)

 – Testimony of Division Chief Strack on “Terrorist Exploitation of Refugee Programs” – DHS (12.04.2012)

New York is Home of the Terror Bar – Homeland Security News Wire (12.04.2012)

Al Qaeda 3.0: Emergent New Power Bases – The Daily Beast (12.03.2012)

Emergency Preparedness

U.S. Faces More, and More Intense, Wildfires – Homeland Security News Wire (12.10.2012)

Children Vulnerable to Disaster-Related Stress – FEMA (12.08.2012)

Text-to-911 Will Be Available Nationwide in 2014 – Emergency Management (12.07.2012)

 – Top U.S. Carriers to Set Up 9-1-1 Texting Services – Baltimore Sun (12.07.2012)

Governor McDonnell Announces Low-Interest Disaster Recover Loans for Eastern Shore – VDEM (12.07.2012)

First Responders Drill Response: ‘Night of the Walking Dead’ Scenario – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.07.2012)

World’s First Hazard Scale for Wildland Fires Created – Homeland Security News Wire (12.07.2012)

FEMA Teams Told to ‘Sightsee’ as Sandy Victims Suffered – Fox News (12.07.2012)

Three Emerging Technologies That Will Impact Emergency Management – Emergency Management (12.06.2012)

Upgrades to Storm Data Application Successful Post-Sandy – Emergency Management (12.05.2012)

President Declares Disaster for District of Columbia – FEMA (12.05.2012)

 – Federal Aid Programs for the District of Columbia – FEMA (12.05.2012)

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens December 12th – VDEM (12.05.2012)

Written Testimony of FEMA Administrator Fugate to the Senate HS Subcommittee – FEMA (12.05.2012)

Predicting, Preventing, and Controlling Pandemics – Homeland Security News Wire (12.05.2012)


Geologists Pinpoint Powerful Earthquake Hotspots – Homeland Security News Wire (12.10.2012)

Syrian Bombs are Now Filled with Chemicals, and could be Up For Grabs – Wired (12.07.2012)

Iran Finished Removing Evidence of Illicit Nuclear Work at Parchin – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.07.2012)

Do You Need Resources? AmeriCorps Could Be the Solution – Virginia Service (12.06.2012)

Lights Out: Boeing Creates the First EMP Bomb – VR Zone (12.04.2012)



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