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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

12.10-17.2012 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

December 10, 2012 – December 17, 2012

Presidential Proclamations

President Declares the Month of December ‘Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month’ – White House

In recognition of Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month, this Homeland Security Media Report would like to highlight some additional information each week regarding critical infrastructure protection and resiliency initiatives that are ongoing in Virginia.

The Virginia Office of Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security, through the Homeland Security Working Group, is establishing a sub-committee that will be utilizing data recently collected during the state’s Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Process (THIRA) to inform an update of the Commonwealth of Virginia Strategic Plan. The THIRA process, developed as a result of Presidential Policy Directive – 8, is an all-hazards capability-based planning tool suitable for use by all jurisdictions. The THIRA allows a jurisdiction to understand its threats and hazards and how their impacts may vary according to time of occurrence, seasons, locations, and community factors. This knowledge helps identify ways to close the gap between a target and a current capability or for sustaining existing capabilities.

To learn more about Virginia’s critical infrastructure protection and resilience initiatives, please contact Virginia’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Coordinator, Mike Landefeld, at Mike.Landefeld@governor.virginia.gov. To learn more about Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Month, you may visit DHS’ website here.

Secretary of Homeland Security

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on Connecticut Shooting – Dept. of Homeland Security (12.14.2012)

National Homeland Security

Privacy Advocates Succeed in Delaying Drone Purchase by Ca. Sherriff – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.17.2012)

Schools and Students Are Targets Worldwide – Homeland Security Today (12.15.2012)

Carper Replacing Lieberman as Homeland Security Committee Chairman – The Hill (12.12.2012)

House Passes Homeland Security Bills to Streamline TSA Baggage Screening – U.S. House of Rep. (12.12.2012)

Adm. Thad Allen on Innovation and Reimagining Homeland Security – AOL Government (12.11.2012)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Deployable RF Data Backbone Which Matches Fiber Optic Capacity – Homeland Security News Wire (12.17.2012)

Should the U.S. Develop a National Cyberdoctrine? – Government Technology (12.14.2012)

Cybersecurity Firm Identifies ‘Credible Threat’ to 30 U.S. Banks – Washington Post (12.13.2012)

Study: Most Employees Cavalier about BYOD Security – Government Technology (12.13.2012)

Cybersecurity Company Using Hackers’ Own Devices against Them – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.13.2012)

Expert Shows How to Crack Every Common Password in Under 6 Hours – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.13.2012)

Audio Surveillance Comes to Public Buses – Government Technology (12.12.2012)

Israel Cybersecurity Incubator Program Established by Ben-Gurion Univ. – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.12.2012)

FBI, International Law Enforcement Disrupt International Organized Cyber Crime Ring – FBI (12.11.2012)

Special Report: Cybersecurity Handbook for Cities and Counties – Digital Communities (12.10.2012)


Hezbollah Says Al Qaeda ‘Tricked’ on Syria – The Australian (12.17.2012)

Police Arrest Man at California Mall Suspected of Firing 50 Rounds in Parking Lot – NY Daily Dews (12.16.2012)

Senate Approves 6,000 Page Report on CIA Interrogation of Terrorists – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.14.2012)

How Al Qaeda in Yemen Became the Biggest Terrorist Threat to the U.S. – National Journal (12.14.2012)

Officials Fear Al Qaeda Loyal Jihadists Could Overrun Syrian WMD Site – Homeland Security Today (12.13.2012)

Technique Used to Nab Serial Killers has Counter-Terrorism Application – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.12.2012)

Modeling Terrorism Risk to the Air Transportation System – Homeland Security News Wire (12.12.2012)

Alabama Men Arrested on Terrorism Charges – FBI (12.11.2012)

Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Continues Innovations to Meet Access and Functional Needs Integration – FEMA (12.16.2012)

Supply Chain Management Will Enable a More Efficient Response – Emergency Management (12.14.2012)

NIST, Forest Service Propose System to Help Communities Resist Wildfires – NIST (12.12.2012)

The Problem with Disaster Messaging, and How to Improve It – Emergency Management (12.12.2012)

Aerial Drone Aids in Chemical Train Derailment Response – Government Technology (12.12.2012)

HHS Releases Strategic Plan for Emergency Medical Priorities – Homeland Security Today (12.11.2012)

Epidemics Spread as Bugs Acquire Resistance to Antibiotic – Homeland Security News Wire (12.11.2012)

FirstNet (the National Public Safety Network) Faces Major Obstacles – Emergency Management (12.10.2012)

Narrowbanding Is an Opportunity to Improve Communications – Emergency Management (12.10.2012)


Resources to Help Parents Talk to Their Children about School Safety & Violence – Virginia Service (12.14.2012)

An In-Depth Look at Ann Arbor’s Vehicle-to-Vehicle Pilot – Government Technology (12.14.2012)

New NIST Report Offers Guidance in Cryptographic Key Generation – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.13.2012)



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