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12.10-17.2012 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

December 10, 2012 – December 17, 2012

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Drawdowns Bring Stricter Regulations for Troops – Stars and Stripes (12.17.2012)

Boehner offers debt-ceiling increase in cliff compromise – Washington Post (12.16.2012)

No Reason To Panic Over Cliff, Sequestration – Yet – Defense News (12.14.2012)

House lawmakers want colleagues to drop provision slashing up to 36,000 Pentagon jobs – Government Executive (12.13.2012)

Lawmakers Seek Quick Conference on Defense Policy Bill – ADC (12.13.2012)

Federal Government Likely to Operate under CR for Entire Year – ADC (12.13.2012)

Governors Reiterate Opposition to Air National Guard Cutbacks – ADC (12.12.2012)

Pentagon Concerned over Impact of ‘Other Sequester’ – ADC (12.12.2012)

DoD Officials Hope for Flexibility If Sequestration Occurs – Defense News (12.12.2012)

Senate agrees to tweak NDAA bill to allow conference with House – The Hill (12.12.2012)

Defense bill conference delayed by revenue measure – The Hill (12.11.2012)

Budget Cuts Reignite Army, Air Force UAV Turf Battle – Nat’l Def Online (12.11.2012)

Jim Inhofe brings new perspective to Armed Services – Politico (12.11.2012)

Cuts looming, no answer in sight for sequestration – Politico (12.10.2012)

Is DOD Really Planning for Sequestration? – ADC (12.10.2012)

‘Other Sequester’ Slated to Cut $11B from Defense Spending This Year – ADC (12.10.2012)

Right, left call for defense cuts – The Hill (12.10.2012)

USN Cruisers, Manpower Held in Limbo – Defense News (12.10.2012)

Base Realignment & Closure News

School Districts Capture $110M in Grants to Build New Facilities at Three Installations – ADC (12.12.2012)

Defense Industries

Cases of Selling Bad Parts to Military are Growing – Columbus Dispatch (12.17.2012)

Industry, U.S. Army Pushing For More Helicopter Teaming – Defense News (12.15.2012)

Future U.S. Army Radios Again Battle in the Desert – Defense News (12.15.2012)

Pentagon To Sign Deal for 32 F-35s – Defense News (12.12.2012)

3 Companies Drop Bids for USAF Combat Rescue Helicopter – Defense News (12.11.2012)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

NASA to launch Defense rocket from Wallops Island – Associated Press (12.16.2012)

As criminal borders fade, U.S. attorney brings world into Virginia’s Eastern District – Washington Post (12.15.2012)

Randy Forbes to Leave Readiness Panel – ADC (12.13.2012)

Veterans & Military Families

Ex-employees: Charity didn’t aid veterans as claimed – Associated Press (12.17.2012)

Spouse Employment Programs Need Clearer Guidance, GAO Says – ADC (12.16.2012)

Report: Vets’ illness linked to neurotoxin – New York Times (12.15.2012)

Veteran’s business dream gets lift from patriotic donor – Virginian-Pilot (12.14.2012)

JBLE prepares for switch to new Transition GPS – Peninsula Warrior (12.14.2012)

Fiscal Cliff Cuts Could Hit Military Families Hard – Associated Press (12.14.2012)

Truman hosts first flight deck taxiing of X-47B UCAS-D – Norfolk Navy Flagship (12.13.2012)

Virginia’s Fallen Heroes

Petty Officer First Class Nicolas D. Checque – 12.10.2012

Technology, Cyber & Energy

Cyber’s Next Chapter: Penetrating Sealed Networks – Defense News (12.16.2012)

Navy completes environmental assessment for solar project at Kalaeloa on Oahu – Biz Journals (12.13.2012)

Army Unmanned Aircraft Programs: Winners and Losers – Nat’l Def Online (12.12.2012)

Other State’s News

Georgia: New state program focuses on job growth to protect military – The Augusta Chronicle (12.14.2012)

Maryland: Study: Simple solutions to Fort Meade traffic woes – Capital Gazette (12.10.2012)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense – Defense News (12.17.2012)

Chuck Hagel, John Kerry share similarities as expected Obama Cabinet nominees – Washington Post (12.15.2012)

Panetta sending U.S. forces, missiles to Turkey – New York Times (12.15.2012)

McKeon Shifts HASC Subcommittee Chairs Amid Departures – Defense News (12.13.2012)

Hagel Said to Top Obama’s List to Take Over at Pentagon – Bloomberg (12.13.2012)

ADC Updates Guide to Federal, Non-Federal Contacts – ADC (12.13.2012)

Army Separating More Troops for Being Overweight – UPI (12.11.2012)

See up Close How DOD, Private Sector Come Together on Energy Projects – ADC (12.10.2012)



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