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12.18.2012 – 01.07.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

December 18, 2012 – January 7, 2013

After a several-week hiatus due to the holiday season, the Virginia Homeland Security Media Report is back for its regularly scheduled release. This issue contains links to news stories from the holiday period, and is therefore a bit lengthy. If there are any topics you would like a focus on in future issues, or if you no longer wish to receive this weekly report, please send an email to Mike.Landefeld@governor.virginia.gov. 

Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary Napolitano Announces Final Rule Supporting Family Unity during Waiver Process – DHS (01.02.2013)

National Homeland Security

WH Considering Gun-Control beyond Assault Weapons Ban – Homeland Security News Wire (01.07.2013)

Arizona GOP Senators to Push for Immigration Reform – Homeland Security News Wire (01.07.2013)

Chairman McCaul Announces HS Subcommittee Chairs – U.S. House of Representatives (01.04.2013)

Þ    113th Congress Committee Chairmen – U.S. House of Representatives (01.04.2013)

Report Says Regulation of Foreign Student Program is Deficient – Homeland Security News Wire (01.03.2013)

GPS Technology Helps Track, Monitor Airfield Anomalies – Homeland Security News Wire (01.02.2013)

Homeland Security Proposes Safeguard for Lake Erie – The Post Journal (12.29.2012)

Broader Background Checks, Denial Criteria May Help Prevent Mass Shootings – HS News Wire (12.28.2012)

Proliferation of License Plate Readers Worry Privacy Advocates – Homeland Security News Wire (12.28.2012)

Online Clues to Prevent Mass Shootings? – Emergency Management (12.26.2012)

DHS Determines 13 States Meet REAL ID Standards – Department of Homeland Security (12.20.2012)

Rep. Markey Introduces Legislation to Ensure Privacy in Domestic UAS Ops – Gov. Sec. News (12.18.2012)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Smartphones Turned Into Secure and Versatile Keys – Homeland Security news Wire (01.04.2013)

Experts Warn of Growing Threat to Aviation: Pilot Fatigue – Homeland Security News Wire (01.04.2013)

DHS to Pick Up $6 Billion Tab for Cyber Surveillance Systems at Every Department – NextGov (01.03.2013)

Secure Communication Technology Overcomes Lack of Trust Issues – Homeland Security News Wire (01.03.2013)

Top Ten Influencers in Government IT Security – U.S. House of Representatives (01.02.2013)

A Massive EMP Could Collapse the Economy in a Single Moment – Men’s News Daily (12.31.2012)

Þ    Multiple Scenarios for EMP Catastrophe – WND (12.31.2012)

Þ    Understand EMP Threat? U.S. Enemies Do – WND (12.30.2012)

Security is Only a Heartbeat Away – Government Technology (12.26.2012)

GovTech’s Top Ten Cybersecurity Stories of 2012 – Government Technology (12.21.2012)

Cybersecurity and ‘Smart Encryption’ – Government Technology (12.19.2012)

New, Quick Way to ID People Exposed to Dirty Bomb, Radiation – Homeland Security News Wire (12.18.2012)


Once Called ‘Terror Network’, Al Jazeera America Enters U.S. Cable Market – CNN (01.05.2013)

Anwar al-Awlaki Purchased Tickets for 9/11 Terrorists – Homeland Security News Wire (01.04.2013)

DOJ Does Not have to Disclose Memo Justifying Targeted Killing of US Citizens – HS News Wire (01.04.2013)

Explosives Found in NYC Apartment of Upscale Couple – Homeland Security News Wire (01.03.2013)

US Officials Taking al Qaeda Threat to US Ambassador ‘Very Seriously’ – Fox News (01.02.2013)

6 Hand Grenades Found in Checked Luggage at New Mexico Airport – The Republic (01.02.2013)

Þ    TSA Nabs Grenades, Guns, Ammo from Carry-On Luggage – KSDK St. Louis (12.28.2012)

Al Qaeda Carves Out its Own Country in Mali – USA Today (12.31.2012)

Emergency Preparedness

Progress Made in Developing Systems for Disaster Mitigation – PHYS.org (01.07.2013)

Using Social Media to Enhance Situational Awareness – Government Technology (01.04.2013)

New Jersey Mayor Proposes 7 Improvements for Future Crises – Emergency Management (01.03.2013)

Responder Input is Key for a Successful National Network (Opinion) – Emergency Management (01.02.2013)

Top 12 Disaster Preparedness & Recovery Stories of 2012 – Emergency Management (12.26.2012)

Video Chats Improving Police Response in Silicon Valley – Emergency Management (12.21.2012)

Maintaining Robust Communications in Congested and Contested Environments – HS News Wire (12.21.2012)

Budget Cuts Cause States to Lose Ground on Emergency Preparedness – Homeland Sec. News Wire (12.20.2012)

Public Health

FDA Issues New Food Safety Rules to Fight Contamination – Homeland Security News Wire (01.07.2013)

Widespread Flu Hits the Region – Fredricksburg.com (01.05.2013)

Þ    Flu Season Worse than Recent Memory – GoDanRiver.com (01.05.2013)

Þ    Hospitals Seeing Large Numbers of Patients with Flu Symptoms – Baltimore Sun (01.03.2013)

Þ    Flu Cases Overload Roanoke-Area Emergency Rooms – Roanoke Times (01.03.2013)

Þ    Flu Season Fully Underway – Richmond Times Dispatch (01.03.2013)

New Strategy for Bacteria Antibiotic Resistance – Homeland Security News Wire (01.04.2013)

Thousands at Risk from Dirty Syringes Used in Clinics, Hospitals – Homeland Security News Wire (01.02.2013)

The Decontamination Challenge in Hospital Emergency Preparedness – EHS Today (01.02.2013)

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Kills Superbugs – Homeland Security News Wire (01.02.2013)

Dept. of Health Advises Families on How to Prevent Spread of Illness – The News & Advance (01.01.2013)

States Look to Coordinate Homeland Security, Public Health Preparedness Efforts – Fire Engineering (12.29.2012)

The Burden of Disease Links Ecology to Economic Development & Growth – HS News Wire (12.28.2012)

House Passes Pandemic & All-Hazards Preparedness Reauthorization Act – Homeland Security Today (12.20.2012)

Antibiotics Based on a New Principle May Defeat MRSA, TB – Homeland Security News Wire (12.19.2012)


What’s In Your Zombie Survival Kit? – Emergency Management (01.04.2013)

Less Lethal 12 Gauge Shotgun Round for Law Enforcement Unveiled – Homeland Sec. News Wire (01.02.2013)

Downloadable, Printable Gun Technology May Change Gun Ownership Landscape – HS News Wire (12.26.2012)

What Will Future Roads Look Like? – Government Technology (12.20.2012)



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