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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

01.07-14.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

January 8, 2013 – January 14, 2013

Department of Homeland Security

57th Presidential Inauguration Information – United States Secret Service

Readout of Under Secretary Rand Beers’ Trip to Sana’a, Yemen – DHS (01.08.2013)

National Homeland Security

Neutralizing the Effects of Lethal Chemical Agents – Homeland Security News Wire (01.14.2013)

New York to Make State’s Strict Gun Laws Even Stricter – Homeland Security News Wire (01.14.2013)

Airborne Pods Tracing Nuclear Bomb’s Origins – Homeland Security News Wire (01.11.2013)

Biden Hints at Executive Action on Gun Violence – Homeland Security News Wire (01.10.2013)

TSA Hits New Record in Gun Collection at Airports in 2012 – Homeland Security News Wire (01.09.2013)

Emergency Management Tech is Customized for Use in School Security – Homeland Sec. News Wire (01.09.2013)

Defining Homeland Security: Analysis and Congressional Considerations – Cong. Research Service (01.08.2013)

U.S. Spends More on Immigration Enforcement than All Other Fed LEAs Combined – HS News Wire (01.08.2013)

U.K. Political Activist Enters U.S. Using a Friend’s Passport – Homeland Security News Wire (01.08.2013)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

DHS: Industrial Control Systems Subject to 200 Attacks in 2012 – Homeland Security news Wire (01.14.2013)

Event the Department of Homeland Security Wants You to Disable Your Java – Gizmodo (01.12.2013)

Þ    Oracle Says Java Flaw Will be Fixed ‘Shortly’ – The Washington Post (01.12.2013)

Cybersecurity Regulation: 5 Issues for Companies – Wall Street Journal Market Watch (01.11.2013)

Pennsylvania State Police Launch Suspicious Activity App – Emergency Management (01.11.2013)

Vigilant Network Monitoring Recommended for Public-Sector Cybersecurity in 2013 – GovTech (01.10.2013)

Promoting Mistrust: Thwarting Spear Phishing Cyber Threats – Homeland Security News Wire (01.10.2013)

Businesses Overconfident about Cybersecurity – Net Security (01.10.2013)

FCC Looks to New Rules to Strengthen 9-1-1 System Resiliency in Disasters – GSN (01.10.2013)

Cyber Attacks Bring Call for Help – The Wall Street Journal (01.09.2013)

Emergency Services Hit by Telephony Attacks and Menacing Coercion – Government Security News (01.08.2013)

Romanian Town Nicknamed ‘Hackerville’ – Government Technology (01.07.2013)


French Airstrikes Begin Campaign to Evict Islamists from Mali – Homeland Security News Wire (01.14.2013)

Þ    French President Raises Terror Threat Level after Mali, Somalia Military Action – Fox News (01.12.2013)

Police: NYC Man Planned to ‘Blow Up’ Park Arch – Homeland1.com (01.11.2013)

Obama Urged to Stand Ground against Renewed Call for ‘Blind Sheikh’ Release – Fox News (01.11.2013)

Þ    Chairman McCaul Statement on Calls to Free Blind Sheikh – U.S. House of Representatives (01.08.2013)

Bomb Found in Body of Jawan Killed in Encounter with Maoists in Jharkhand – The India Times (01.10.2013)

Portable X-Ray Source Offers a Mobile Terrorism Prevention Tool – Homeland Security News Wire (01.09.2013)

Al-Qaeda Suspect Arraigned in Federal Court in Brooklyn – Examiner (01.08.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Drought, Heat Turn Hundreds of U.S. Counties into Disaster Areas – Homeland Security News Wire (01.14.2013)

Flooding Preparedness Needs to Include Infection Prevention and Control Strategies – HS Today (01.11.2013)

FEMA Provides Checklist for Rebuilding – Federal Emergency Management Agency (01.10.2013)

Tony Robinson Named FEMA Region 6 Administrator – FEMA (01.10.2013)

Before the Deluge: Improving Flood Forecasting – Homeland Security News Wire (01.10.2013)

Supposedly ‘Stable’ Zones Make Earthquakes Even More Powerful – Homeland Security News Wire (01.10.2013)

Airborne Systems Seeks to Remotely Measure Hurricane Intensity – Emergency Management (01.09.2013)

National Hurricane Center Releases Proposed Post-Sandy Policy Changes – Accuweather.com (01.08.2013)

Public Health

Health Officials: This Flu Season Worst since H1N1 Outbreak – NECN.com (01.10.2013)

Flu Vaccine Supplies are Low as Severe Season Gets Underway – The Washington Post (01.10.2013)

4 Online Tools for Tracking the Flu – Emergency Management (01.10.2013)

New Way to Design Vaccines: Modifying Antibodies to Trigger Immune Response – HS News Wire (01.08.2013)


Tiny Helpers: Atom-Thick Flakes Help Clean Up Radioactive Waste – Homeland Sec. News Wire (01.14.2013)

What’s the Strangest Thing TSA Found in 2012? – Emergency Management (01.10.2013)

Mass Shootings Do Little to Change State Gun Laws – Emergency Management (01.09.2013)



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