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01.14-22.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

January 14, 2013 – January 22, 2013

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Wary Defense Department slows spending – Politico (01.22.2013)

Bases May Downsize as Army Looks to Smaller Force – Stars and Stripes (01.22.2013)

Editorial: Grim Spending Outlook – Defense News (01.21.2013)

Army Drawdown Would Harm Local Economies, Review Finds – ADC (01.21.2013)

Republican Move to Extend Federal Borrowing Could Return Spotlight to Sequester – ADC (01.21.2013)

‘Known Unknowns’ Dominate Work on Defense Budget – ADC (01.21.2013)

U.S. Services Detail Fiscal Crisis Impact – Defense News (01.20.2013)

Air Force Announces Hiring Freeze – The Macon Telegraph (01.19.2013)

House GOP Plan Would Separate Sequestration, Debt-Ceiling Fight – Defense News (01.18.2013)

Republicans think sequestration is better fight – Politico (01.18.2013)

Inhofe, Panetta trade shots over gridlock on sequestration cuts – The Hill (01.17.2013)

Army freezes hiring, cuts base ops, reduces training – Army News (01.17.2013)

Union criticizes Pentagon for targeting civilians – Gov Exec (01.17.2013)

Air Force Cyber-Operations Wing to Go on Hiring Binge – Nat’l Def Blog (01.17.2013)

Secretary Mabus to Congress: Give Us the Top Line – Nat’l Def Blog (01.17.2013)

Defense prepares for Sequester – Pilot Online (01.17.2013)

Solution to U.S. Budget Woes Will Come from Senate, Says Congressman – Nat’l Def Blog (01.16.2013)

Joint Chiefs warn budget issues could create ‘hollow force’ – The Hill (01.16.2013)

Army Directs Leaders to Slash Installation Support Spending – ADC (01.16.2013)

U.S. Air Force Looks To Trim Budget Ahead of Possible Sequestration – Defense News (01.16.2103)

What Emergency? Addressing Sequester is Part of Long-Term Drawdown, Analyst Says – ADC (01.15.2013)

Air Force Makes Cuts to Help Mitigate Sequestration Threat – Nat’l Def Blog (01.15.2013)

Admiral Warns Combat Ship Readiness in Downward Spiral – Nat’l Def Blog (01.15.2013)

Debt debate: No easy path to avoid chaos – Politico (01.15.2013)

Leadership on the Hill

Battle over Hagel’s Nomination Shouldn’t Threaten His Clout in Office – ADC (01.17.2013)

Inhofe Expected to Form Close working Relationship with Democrats on Armed Services – ADC (01.16.2013)

Defense Industries

New approach to military manufacturing – Homeland Security News Wire (01.22.2013)

Boeing Expands ILVC Project – Defense News (01.21.2013)

Panetta Touts U.S. – U.K. Aircraft Carrier Cooperation Effort – Defense News (01.19.2013)

Shipbuilder Proposes New Landing Platform Dock Variant to Navy – Nat’l Def Blog (01.18.2013)

Navy’s New Ship Can’t Shake Off the Naysayers – Nat’l Def Blog (01.18.2013)

Memo: U.S. Ground Combat Vehicle Program To Be Delayed – Defense News (01.17.2013)

Navy’s Holy Grail: An ‘Affordable’ Ship – Nat’l Def Blog (01.16.2013)

Pentagon Recruiting Vendors for Online Marketplace (UPDATED) – Nat’l Def Blog (01.14.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

Navy can’t scrap ships, but can’t fix them either – Virginian-Pilot (01.22.2013)

Virginia Beach sailor gets Copernicus award – Virginian-Pilot (01.22.2013)

USS Nicholas deploys – WAVY (01.21.2013)

Local Va. Guard soldiers to help with inauguration – Virginian-Pilot (01.20.2013)

Hampton soldier killed in Afghanistan – WAVY (01.18.2013)

Navy to celebrate 2013 African American/ Black History Month – Norfolk Navy Flagship (01.18.2013)

Joint Navy-Army Cargo Wraps Up First Part of Operation Trident Arch – Norfolk Navy Flagship (01.18.2013)

Norfolk-Based San Jacinto Won’t Deploy Next Month – Virginian-Pilot (01.18.2013)

Military land-use bill hits snag – Free-Lance Star (01.15.2013)

Where is Sen. Warner on defending defense? – Washington Post (01.15.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

Man reunited with Purple Heart from WWII – Associated Press (01.22.2013)

Military OneSource provides tax assistance service – Norfolk Navy Flagship (01.17.2013)

Wal-Mart to hire 100,000 veterans over five years – Gov Exec (01.15.2013)

Maryland: DOD Official Lauds Veterans Commercial License Effort – American Forces Press Service (01.14.2013)

Obama: Deficit Fight Risks Troop Pay, Vet Checks – Military News (01.14.2013)

Virginia committee approves two bills for veterans – Virginian-Pilot (01.14.2013)

Fallen Heroes

Sgt. David J. Chambers (01.16.2013)

Sgt. Aaron X. Wittman (01.10.2013)

Technology, Cyber & Energy

White Sands home to Army’s largest solar power system – Army News (01.17.2013)

DoD Looks to Expand Cyber, Maritime Partnerships in Europe – Defense News (01.15.2013)

Study Projects Steady Growth in DOD’s Use of Microgrids – ADC (01.14.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

Obama to be No-Show at ‘Heroes’ Ball – Military News (01.20.2013)

Suicides in military rise, even as combat lessons – Associated Press (01.15.2013)



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