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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

01.14-22.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

January 14, 2013 – January 22, 2013

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Department of Homeland Security

DHS Launches New Active Shooter Preparedness Webpage – Department of Homeland Security (01.20.2013)

National Homeland Security

Arizona Governor Offers Softer Approach to Illegal Immigration – Homeland Security News Wire (01.22.2013)

Thwarting Facial Recognition, Photo-Tagging Software – Homeland Security News Wire (01.22.2013)

Revealing Full-Body Scanners to be Removed from Airports – Homeland Security News Wire (01.21.2013)

Feds to Fund DNA Collection from Suspects – Homeland Security News Wire (01.18.2013)

Metamaterial Improves Security, Collision Avoidance – Homeland Security News Wire (01.18.2013)

Napolitano Stays On: Five Key Steps for DHS in the Next Administration – Heritage Foundation (01.17.2013)

Privately Run Detention Center Locks Up Immigrants for Months – Homeland Security News Wire (01.17.2013)

TSA ‘Viper’ Team Makes Appearance in Emeryville – KGO-TV San Francisco (01.17.2013)

Study Finds Corruption on Rise among Border Agents, Security at Risk – U.S. House of Rep. (01.15.2013)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Google Offers Possible Solution to Website Password Problems – Government Technology (01.21.2013)

Another Data Leak Plagues Utah – Government Technology (01.18.2013)

Personal Genetic Information Vulnerable to Hacking – Homeland Security News Wire (01.18.2013)

New Tool Helps Colorado Better Secure Cloud Email Data – Government Technology (01.17.2013)

NASCIO Releases Federal Priorities for 2013 – Government Technology (01.16.2013)

Police Departments Review Policies on Retaining Data from License Plate Readers – HS News Wire (01.16.2013)

39 Countries Targeted by Coordinated Espionage – Government Technology (01.14.2013)

Banks Seek NSA Help amid Attacks on their Computer Systems – The Washington Post (01.11.2013)


Algeria: Use of Overwhelming Force against Hostage-Takers was Necessary – HS News Wire (01.22.2013)

Þ    Algerian Hostage Drama Over; 48 Hostages, 32 Terrorists Dead – Homeland Sec. News Wire (01.21.2013)

Þ    Algeria Al Qaeda Terrorists Working for BP, Able to Plan Attack with Precision – Daily Mail (01.20.2013)

FBI’s Takedown of Oregon Terrorism Suspect Airs in Court – Fox News (01.19.2013)

Þ    Harsher View of Bombing Suspect is Revealed on Tapes – New York Times (01.16.2013)

Alaska Airlines Hijack Hoax Targeted Passenger who Slept Most of Way to Seattle – Daily News (01.18.2013)

McCaul: North Africa Terrorist Safe Havens Are Direct Threat to U.S. – U.S. House of Rep. (01.17.2013)

Senior Cleric Warns: Terrorism to Spread to Washington, London, Riyadh – Fars News Agency (01.16.2013)

Social Media Helped but Did Not Cause Arab Spring – Homeland Security News Wire (01.16.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

$7B Disconnect: FirstNet Aims to get First Responders Talking 12 Years after 9/11 – Defense News (01.22.2013)

Catastrophic Power Outages Pose Significant Recovery Challenges – Emergency Management (01.21.2013)

Virginia Launches Free Emergency Preparedness Mobile App – VDEM (01.17.2013)

LTE Test Provides Insight into Nationwide Public Safety Network – Emergency Management (01.17.2013)

Steve Fletcher is Leading NTIA’s Office of Public Safety Communications – Emergency Management (01.15.2013)

Disaster Response Tool IDs Chemical Agents, Sets Response in Motion – Emergency Management (01.14.2013)

Public Health

CDC: Severe Flu Strain Spreading Across U.S. – Homeland Security News Wire (01.21.2013)

Designer Bacteria Show Way for Better Vaccines – Homeland Security News Wire (01.21.2013)

Virginia Health Officials Warning of Second Wave of Flu – NewsPlex.com (01.18.2013)

Flu Virus can tell Time – Homeland Security News Wire (01.18.2013)

Low Vaccination Rates, Gaps in Flu Policies Contribute to Vaccine Shortages – Homeland Sec. Today (01.15.2013)

Better Screening for Bacteria for Better Food – Homeland Security News Wire (01.15.2013)


More States Move to Restrict Access to Personal Information of Gun Holders – HS News Wire (01.22.2013)

Thorium Holds Promise of Safer, Cleaner Nuclear Power – Homeland Security News Wire (01.22.2013)

New Design for Clean Nuclear Fusion Reactor Unveiled – Homeland Security News Wire (01.16.2013)



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