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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

01.22-28.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

January 22, 2013 – January 28, 2013

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Department of Homeland Security

Sec. Napolitano’s Remarks at Chief’s and Sheriff’s Association Winter Meetings – DHS (01.28.2013)

Napolitano Again Calls Upon congress to Pass Comprehensive Cybersecurity Legislation – HS Today (01.25.2013)

DHS Researchers Gauge Industry Capabilities to Support Rapid Prototyping – HS Today (01.25.2013)


National Homeland Security

Active Shooter Training Programs for Local Law Enforcement – Homeland Security News Wire (01.28.2013)

Nebraska Lawmakers Look to Limit Police Drone Use – Homeland Security News Wire (01.28.2013)

Man Threatens to Blow-Up Liberty Bell – NBC10 Philadelphia (01.27.2013)

Lawmaker Unveils Bill Banning Sale, Manufacturing of 157 Types of Guns – HS News Wire (01.25.2013)

Chairman McCaul: Opening Statement & Subcommittee Assignments – U.S. House of Reps (01.23.2013)

Homeland Security is Researching Huge New Public Surveillance System – Business Insider (01.23.2013)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Pentagon to Boost Cybersecurity Force – WDBJ7 Roanoke (01.28.2013)

Anonymous Re-Hacks U.S. Sentencing Site into Video Game ‘Asteroids’ – ZD Net (01.28.2013)

Þ    Internet Activist Group ‘Anonymous’ Hacks and Defaces Gov’t Website – Economic Times (01.26.2013)

Þ    Anonymous Hacks USSC Website while Blaming Swartz’s Suicide on US Gov’t – Examiner (01.26.2013)

SSA Will Attract 600 Exhibitors and More Than 10,000 Attendees – Homeland Security News Wire (01.25.2013)

Part Three: Betchel and the Y-12 Security Breach – Homeland Security News Wire (01.25.2013)

Grammar Rules Undermine Security of Long Computer Passwords – Homeland Security News Wire (01.25.2013)

Improving Cities by Using the Notion of ‘Urban Metabolism’ – Homeland Security News Wire (01.25.2013)

Cybersecurity: Corporate America is Vulnerable – Star Tribune (01.25.2013)

‘Cyber 9/11’ May Be On Horizon, Homeland Security Chief Warns – CNET (01.24.2013)

Senate Democrats Press Cybersecurity Bill to Set ‘Sense of Congress’ – Homeland Security Today (01.24.2013)

Blast-Resilient Carriages to Reduce Impact of Terrorist Attack on Trains, Metros – HS News Wire (01.24.2013)

Third Party App Enhances Campus Security – Emergency Management (01.23.2013)

Senate Commerce Committee Sets Cybersecurity as the Priority – The Washington Post (01.23.2013)

‘Gozi’ Computer Virus Hit Bank Accounts, Officials Say; 3 Charged – Los Angeles Times (01.23.2013)

GAO Report: Pipeline Safety; Better Data and Guidance Needed to Improve Operator Incident Response – GAO


Terrorists Knocked Off Twitter after Threats – ABC News (01.25.2013)

Naturalized Security Threats Retain their U.S. Citizenship – Homeland Security News Wire (01.25.2013)

Britons and Other Westerners Told to Leave Benghazi after ‘Imminent’ Terror Threat – The Telegraph (01.24.2013)

American Terrorist Gets 35 Years in Prison – ABC News (01.24.2013)

Clinton: U.S. Must Lead Fight against ‘Jihadist Threat’ in Africa – Homeland Security News Wire (01.24.2013)

Þ    Is Africa New Al Qaeda Launch Pad? Experts Say Global Threat Emerging – AllAfrica.com (01.23.2013)

North Korea Says New Nuclear Test Will Be Part of Fight against U.S. – CNN (01.24.2013)

Leniency Requested in Sentencing of Man who Assisted Terror Group – NBC5 Chicago (01.23.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

‘Live Burns’ to Benefit Research and Firefighter Training – Homeland Security News Wire (01.28.2013)

How Emerging Technology Can Assist Urban Search and Rescue – Emergency Management (01.24.2013)

New Imaging Technique for Identifying the Age and Sex of a Corpse – Homeland Security News Wire (01.24.2013)

Better Prediction of Asian Summer Monsoons, Tropical Storms – Homeland Security News Wire (01.24.2013)

Save the Date: March 12 is Statewide Tornado Drill – Virginia Dept. of Emergency Management (01.23.2013)

Public Health

Flu Epidemic Continues Assault on Children, Could Threaten World Econ. – Emergency Management (01.22.2013)


Using Silicon to Produce Hydrogen on Demand – Homeland Security News Wire (01.28.2013)

‘Rebound’ Effect of Energy-Efficient Technology Exaggerated – Homeland Security News Wire (01.25.2013)

Keystone Pipeline Clears another Hurdle as Nebraska Governor Approves Project – HS News Wire (01.23.2013)

Pakistan Bans Two Video Games for Portraying Country as Terrorist Haven – HS News Wire (01.23.2013)



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