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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

01.28.2013 – 02.04.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

January 29, 2013 – February 4, 2013

Department of Homeland Security

Secretary Napolitano on the Retirement of Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan – DHS (02.01.2013)

DHS Announces Campus Resilience Pilot Program for Colleges and Universities – DHS (02.01.2013)

Statement by Administrator Fugate on Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 – FEMA (01.30.2013)

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Trip to New Orleans – Department of Homeland Security (01.30.2013)

National Homeland Security

Hearing: A New Perspective on Threats to the Homeland – U.S. House of Representatives (02.04.2013)

U.S. Tech Companies Hope Visa Reform for High-Skilled Immigrants is Near – HS News Wire (02.04.2013)

Arizona May Require Hospitals to Report Undocumented Immigrants Seeking Care – HS News Wire (02.04.2013)

Georgia Police Get Military-Grade Weapons – Homeland Security News Wire (02.01.2013)

Google Wants to Limit Law Enforcement’s Access to Emails, Users’ Information – HS News Wire (01.31.2013)

Head of House Panel Talks Security at Houston Port – U.S. House of Representatives (01.30.2013)

Þ    Chairman McCaul Statement at Port of Houston Authority – U.S. House of Rep. (01.30.2013)

Increasing the Sensitivity of Airport Security Screening – Homeland Security News Wire (01.30.2013)

Immigration Reform Must Emphasize Border Security – U.S. House of Representatives (01.29.2013)

Bipartisan Group of Senators Offers Sweeping Immigration Reform – Homeland Security News Wire (01.29.2013)

National Homeland Security Conference 2013 – Emergency Management (01.26.2013)

Performance Measures Could Enhance Management of NCR Preparedness Resources – GAO Study (01.25.2013)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

New Bridge Construction Technologies to Shore-Up U.S. Infrastructure – Homeland Sec. News Wire (02.04.2013)

Why Governments Fess Up to Breaches – Government Technology (02.01.2013)

Report: Mobile and Windows 8 Platforms Will Be Targets in 2013 – Government Technology (02.01.2013)

U.S. to Adopt Tougher Stance toward China’s Persistent Cyber Attacks – Homeland Sec. News Wire (02.01.2013)

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Wall Street Journal’s Computer Systems – Homeland Security News Wire (02.01.2013)

Chinese Hackers Attack the New York Times – Homeland Security News Wire (02.01.2013)

Þ    China Hacked the New York Times for Four Months Straight – NextGov (01.31.2013)

America’s Outdated Waterways, Ports Hurting Economy – Homeland Security News Wire (02.01.2013)

Pentagon to Bolster U.S. Cyberwar Capabilities – Homeland Security News Wire (01.31.2013)

Biometric Workshop Studied Voice, Dental, Oral Standards – Homeland Security News Wire (01.30.2013)

Top U.S. Firms Open to Voluntary Cybersecurity Rules – Reuters (01.30.2013)

DoD to Use Connections to Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats – Homeland Security News Wire (01.29.2013)

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to Step Down – Government Technology (01.29.2013)

Chemical Industry Defends Current CFATS Security Standards – Homeland Security Today (01.28.2013)

MA at Center of a War on Hackers – The Boston Globe (01.28.2013)

Homeland Security Training TSA Workers to Save Themselves in Shooting – Washington Times (01.26.2013)


Two Iraqi Men Arrested in Kentucky for Aiding Al Qaeda – Homeland Security News Wire (02.01.2013)

Al Qaeda Affiliate in Africa Looking to Strike More Western Targets, Intel Officials Say – Fox News (01.31.2013)

Conflicting Cultural Identities Foster Political Radicalism – Homeland Security News Wire (01.31.2013)

Inside the Ring: New Al Qaeda Threat – The Washington Post (01.30.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

New Online Video Game Teaches Children About Emergency Preparedness – iHealth Beat (01.30.2013)

Will California Create an Earthquake Early Warning System? – Emergency Management (01.29.2013)

Sandy Created a Block Hole of Communication – Emergency Management (01.28.2013)

DHS Webinars Foster Innovation and Build Capacity – First Responders.gov (01.25.2013)

Public Health

Promising Substance for Better Cyanide Antidote for Terrorist Attacks – Homeland Sec. News Wire (01.31.2013)

CDC Releases First Estimates of Food Sources of all Foodborne Illnesses Acquired in the U.S. – CDC (01.29.2013)

Recall Alert: Lactated Ringers and 5% Dextrose Injection, USP, 1000ml, Flexible Containers – FDA (01.28.2013)

Protect Yourself against Stubborn New Norovirus – WRIC ABC Richmond (01.28.2013)


VA Dept. of Taxation Alert to Consumers: Debit Card Scam – Virginia Service (01.31.2013)

Why Some Immigrants Get Citizenship – Homeland Security News Wire (01.31.2013)

Twitter’s Information Policy Frustrates Police, Delights Customers – Homeland Security News Wire (01.30.2013)

Is Government Abusing Personal Information? – Government Technology (01.29.2013)



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