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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

02.04-11.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

February 5, 2013 – February 11, 2013

Department of Homeland Security

Secretary Napolitano on the Retirement of Commissioner David V. Aguilar – DHS (02.08.2013)

National Homeland Security

Salt Lake Community College to Offer Homeland Security Degree – Homeland Security News Wire (02.11.2013)

TSA Issues Advisory in Dorner Manhunt – The Press Enterprise (02.09.2013)

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for February 11-13, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (02.08.2013)

Subcommittee Hearing: How Wisely is DHS Spending Taxpayer Dollars? – U.S. House of Rep. (02.08.2013)

Brennan Sheds Light on CIA-DHS Cooperation in Senate Testimony – HS Today (02.08.2013)

Gang of Eight: DHS Secretary to Determine if Border is Secure – Homeland Security News Wire (02.08.2013)

Þ    DHS Secretary says El Paso Border is Secure – Homeland Security News Wire (02.07.2013)

Florida Restricts the Use of Drones by Law Enforcement Agencies – Homeland Security News Wire (02.08.2013)

Þ    More States Consider Laws to Limit the Use of Drones by Police – HS News Wire (02.07.2013)

Þ    Virginia City Becomes First to Pass Anti-Drone Resolution – NBC News (02.07.2013)

McCaul, Napolitano Offer Competing Plans for Immigration and Border – U.S. House of Rep (02.07.2013)

Þ    McCaul to Lay Out Framework to Secure Border – U.S. House of Representatives (02.06.2013)

No Confidence in National Capital Region Disaster Preparedness – Fierce Government (02.05.2013)

Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Protection

Are Data Breaches Inevitable? – Public CIO (02.11.2013)

Lawmaker: Cyber Attacks against the U.S. are Getting Worse – Richmond Times Dispatch (02.11.2013)

Hydroelectric Power Generation Superior to Nuclear and Coal, Beats Oil and Gas – HS News Wire (02.11.2013)

As Attacks Mount, Government Grapple with Cybersecurity Policies – All Things D (02.10.2013)

Iowa Implements Real ID Act; Other States Firm in Opposition – Homeland Security News Wire (02.08.2013)

Fed Still Gauging Extent of Hacker Breach, FBI Investigating – Baltimore Sun (02.08.2013)

President Said to be Close to Issuing Executive Order on Cybersecurity – Bloomberg (02.08.2013)

Time to Change the Rules of the Cybersecurity Game – Time Magazine (02.07.2013)

Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Report Rethinks Global Web Landscape – ZD Net (02.07.2013)

European Union Launches New Cybersecurity Strategy – Tech Crunch (02.07.2013)

Behavior Profiling Redefines Security at the Mall of America – Emergency Management (02.06.2013)

Napolitano Warns of a Cyber ‘9/11’ – Homeland Security News Wire (02.06.2013)

U.S. Cyber Strikes against Adversaries to Require Presidential Authority – Homeland Sec. News Wire (02.06.2013)

Facebook’s New Search Feature has Cyber Experts Worried – Homeland Security News Wire (02.05.2013)

Calling General Counsel to the Front Lines of Cybersecurity – Corporate Counsel (02.05.2013)

DHS Explores Contractor Support to National Infrastructure Coordinating Center – HS Today (02.05.2013)

FCC Botched Cybersecurity Planning after Breach, Report Says – The Washington Post (02.05.2013)


Brother of Al Qaeda Chief: America Beware – USA Today (02.10.2013)

The Double Agent who Infiltrated Al Qaeda – The Daily Beast (02.10.2013)

Federal Agents Arrest Man After He Attempts to Bomb Bank in Oakland – FBI (02.08.2013)

Bangladeshi Man Pleads Guilty in Attempt to Blow Up Federal Reserve Bank – HS News Wire (02.08.2013)

Terrorists’ Use of Web, Social Media Expanding Rapidly – Homeland Security Today (02.06.2013)

Terrorists with Western Links a Growing Threat – Indianapolis Star (02.05.2013)

White House Moves to Counter Online Radicalization – Homeland Security Today (02.05.2013)

Number of Muslim-Americans Involved in Domestic Terrorism ‘Vanishingly Small’ – HS News Wire (02.05.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

GIS-Assisted Disaster Relief in 2013 and Beyond – Emergency Management (02.08.2013)

Smartphones, Tablets Help Scientists Improve Storm Forecasts – Homeland Security News Wire (02.08.2013)

Philly PD to Share Crime Data across Departments – Emergency Management (02.06.2013)

Public Health

Surveillance System Identifies, Tracks Emerging Infectious Diseases – Homeland Sec. News Wire (02.11.2013)

Improving Mapping of Infectious Disease – Homeland Security News Wire (02.05.2013)

How Facebook is Transforming Science and Public Health – Wired (02.05.2013)


Homeland Security Education Ineffective for Undergraduates, Says Paper – Fierce Homeland Security (02.07.2013)

6th Annual DHS Industry Day Slated for D.C. on March 18 – Government Security News (02.05.2013)



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