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02.04-11.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

February 4, 2013 – February 11, 2013

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Pulling Out of MEADS Might Cost U.S. More Than Staying In – Defense News (02.11.2013)

Report: Obama To Propose Deep Nuclear Arms Cuts – Defense News (02.11.2013)

Republican Vows To Block U.S. Defense, CIA Picks – Defense News (02.10.2013)

U.S. Sets Timing of 2014 DoD Budget – Defense News (02.10.2013)

HASC Chair Blasts White House Sequestration Fact Sheet – Defense News (02.09.2013)

Tight budget may force Pentagon to cut forces: general – Reuters (02.09.2013)

Panetta fighting to the end against proposed defense spending cuts – Washington Post (02.09.2013)

Fact Sheet: Examples of How the Sequester Would Impact Middle Class Families, Jobs and Economic Security – White House (02.08.2013)

Levin: Senate Dems Likely to Offer sequester-Avoiding Plan – Defense News (02.08.2013)

Army Offers More Budget Crunch Guidance – Defense News (02.08.2013)

Panetta: US Risks Being Second-Rate Power – Associated Press (02.08.2013)

10 questions and answers during the sequestration waiting period – Washington Post (02.07.2013)

U.S. Joint Chiefs To Assess Looming Sequester – Defense News (02.07.2013)

US to Cut Carrier Fleet in Persian Gulf to 1 – Associated Press (02.07.2013)

DODEA: Defense Cuts Could Force Teacher Furloughs – Stars and Stripes (02.07.2013)

Senate Democrats Hurry to Complete Short-Term Sequester Fix – ADC (02.07.2013)

Army Slides Show Cuts to Readiness, Support, Reset – DoD Buzz (02.06.2013)

DoD Official: Odds of Sequestration Happening ‘Much Higher’ Than Previously Thought – Defense News (02.06.2013)

Memo Says Sequester Would Destroy BCT Training – Defense news (02.06.2013)

Some in GOP want sequester deal – Politico (02.06.2013)

Military services outline their spending cut plans – USA Today (02.06.2013)

Air Force outlines dire sequestration fallout – Air Force News (02.06.2013)

Secretary Discusses 2014 Defense Budget Request – American Forces Press Service (02.06.2013)

GOP lawmakers want to cut federal workforce to avoid sequester – Gov Exec (02.06.2013)

Appropriators preparing stopgap bill to avoid government shutdown in March – The Hill (02.06.2013)

Obama demands sequester delay – The Hill (02.05.2013)

New U.S. Army Memo Details ‘Devastating’ Effects of Cuts – Defense News (02.05.2013)

Obama Wants Another Sequestration Delay as GOP Slams His Approach – Defense News (02.05.2013)

Competing Priorities Complicate Effort to Mitigate Impact of Sequester – ADC (02.04.2013)

GOP: Obama’s missed budget deadline shows lack of leadership – Washington Examiner (02.04.2013)

Panetta: Allowing sequester to happen would be ‘shameful’ – The Hill (02.03.2013)

Base Realignment and Closure News

Panetta: BRAC on Table in 2014 DoD Budget – Stars and Stripes (02.08.2013)

New BRAC Round Key to Trimming Budget, Former DOD Official Says – ADC (02.05.2013)

Bill Would Expand HUBZone Boundaries, Benefit BRAC Sites – ADC (02.04.2013)

Defense Industries

Sen. Warner tells defense industry it’s also to blame – Washington Post (02.10.2013)

U.S. Navy’s Next Minehunting Tools – Defense News (02.10.2013)

Army Pack Radios to get SATCOM Upgrade – DoD Buzz (02.08.2013)

MOD Adopts Glock; Takes Stand on Side Arms – DoD Buzz (02.07.2013)

60-Year-Old B-52: The Smartphone of Aircraft? – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.06.2013)

Lockheed Offers Buyouts to Employees; Layoffs Possible – Defense News (02.05.2013)

Lockheed Martin offering voluntary layoffs in IT business – Washington Post (02.05.2013)

Army Looks to More Expeditionary Unmanned Aerial Systems – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.04.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

USS Gravely deploys for first time – WAVY (02.11.2013)

Washington: Fort Belvoir contributes to Virginia’s earning top ranked U.S. Green Building council ranking – ELP (02.10.2013)

Carrier Overhaul Delayed by Budget Woes – Virginian-Pilot (02.09.2013)

Navy to delay overhaul of USS Lincoln – WAVY (02.08.2013)

Air Force to conduct night flying – WAVY (02.08.2013)

Budget Cut Woes Lead to Deployment Uncertainty – Associated Press (02.08.2013)

Morning Read: McDonnell Still Unsure If He Will Sign Legislation Banning Drones – NBC Washington (02.07.2013)

Legislators react to delayed deployment – AP/WAVY (02.06.2013)

Navy discusses Truman deployment delay – AP/WAVY (02.06.2013)

Budget strains to cut carrier fleet – AP/WAVY (02.06.2013)

Cuts to Navy won’t only affect military – WAVY (02.05.2013)

Army, LRA Talks over Ft. Monroe Transfer Stretch Out – ADC (02.05.2013)

Virginia County Seeks JLUS Consultant for Wallops Island Facility – ADC (02.05.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

‘Crazy Vet’ Assumptions More Stereotype Than Real – Stars and Stripes (02.11.2013)

Army vet Romesha receiving MoH for Afghan fight – Associated Press (02.11.2013)

JBLE Tax Centers can help military members, families save money in tax filing costs – Peninsula Warrior (02.08.2013)

Virginia war Memorial Honors African American Veterans – WTVR (02.07.2013)

Study: Medicaid expansion would help Va. Veterans – Daily Press (02.04.2013)

Other State New Veterans Initiatives

GE, Cincinnati State Helping Train Veterans For Jobs – WKRC, Cincinnati (02.08.2013)

Michigan Creates Agency to Help Veterans Collect Benefits – ADC (02.04.2013)

New Dallas program will help veterans and the long-term unemployed find work – Dallas news (02.04.2013)

Technology, Cyber & Energy

U.S. said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign – Washington Post (02.10.2013)

Space Systems Will Struggle to Support Strategic Shift to Asia-Pacific – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.07.2013)

Political Backlash Not Likely to Diminish U.S. Appetite for Armed Drones – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.06.2013)

DoD Faces Cyber Expert Talent Shortage – Defense News (02.06.2013)

Top 10 facility energy accomplishments of 2012 – Air Force Civil Engineer Center Public Affairs (02.05.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

Brother of al-Qaida chief: America beware – USA Today (02.11.2013)

Panetta’s Farewell Warning: Do Not Let U.S. Become ‘Another Failed Empire’ – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.06.2013)



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