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02.11-18.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

February 11, 2013 – February 18, 2013

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Washington shrugs as March 1 sequester nears – Washington Post (02.17.2013)

‘Crisis Drives Policy’ – Defense News (02.17.2013)

U.S. Rep. McKeon Predicts No Way To Avoid Sequester – Defense News (02.15.2013)

Chief: Sequestration Could Cost U.S. Army 200,000 Soldiers – Defense News (02.15.2013)

HASC Chair McKeon: Sequester Threat ‘Not Strong Enough’ to Break Deadlock – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.15.2013)

Rep. McKeon: Sequestration will happen – DoD Buzz (02.15.2013)

Senate Democrats’ Sequester Bill Would Cut Defense $27.5B – Defense News (02.14.2013)

Senate Democrats’ Plan to Fix Sequester in FY’13 would Retain Some Defense Cuts – ADC (02.14.2013)

Welsh: Sequestration will ‘undermine’ readiness – American Forces Press Service (02.14.2013)

Amos: Sequester Would Result in Marines Unprepared for Missions – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.14.2013)

Obama’s Sequestration Plan Appears DOA in Congress – Defense News (02.13.2013)

CNO Testifies About Post-Sequestered Navy before HASC – CNO PAO (02.13.0213)

House GOP blames DOD on sequester – The Hill (02.13.2013)

Budget Crisis May Portend Smaller Navy Carrier Fleet – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.13.2013)

Congress rips sequestration planning procrastination – DoD Buzz (02.13.2013)

Carter calls devastating sequester cuts to military ‘collateral damage of political gridlock’ – Stars and Stripes (02.12.2013)

Carter Warns of Readiness Crisis, Urges Delay in Cuts – American Forces Press Service (02.12.2013)

Service Chiefs Detail Sequestration Consequences – American Forces Press Service (02.12.2013)

Sequestration Will Force Moral Dilemma, Dempsey Says – American Forces Press Services (02.12.2013)

Obama: Half of US combat troops home within 1 year – AP (02.12.2013)

Odierno: Sequestration Would Extend Deployments – Military News (02.12.2013)

Cyber Command TO Hire Thousands of Troops, Civilians – Defense News (02.12.2013)

Senate Dems aim to have sequester bill ready by Thursday – The Hill (02.11.2013)

Senate Democrats Unveil Proposal to Avert Broad Spending Cuts – New York Times (02.11.2013)

Army, Navy running over budget – Politico (02.11.2013)

Base Realignment and Closure News

Camp Lejeune is Safe from BRAC, Official Says – ADC (02.15.2013)

Defense Industries

BAE, Vodafone Join in Cyber-security Partnership – Defense News (02.18.2013)

IDEX: China Shipbuilder Calls for Greater Cooperation with U.S. Firms – Defense News (02.17.2013)

IDEX: Lockheed Awaits Signing After UAE Pick For C2 Air and Missile Defense – Defense News (02.17.2013)

DoD to Support Advanced manufacturing Projects – Defense News (02.17.2013)

Drone Manufacturers Aim to Change Image – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.15.2013)

B-2 Stealth Bomber Hardened for More Challenging Missions – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.15.2013)

Pentagon clears F-35B To Resume Test Flights – Defense News (02.13.2013)

Huntington Ingalls’ CEO: Stalled budget will take toll – Virginian-Pilot (02.13.2013)

Sequester Looms Over Unmanned Vehicle Conference – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.12.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

Choppy water for ship repair workers over budget crisis – Virginian-Pilot (02.18.2013)

Governor Bob McDonnell Sends Letter to President Urging Immediate Action to Stop Sequester – Governor’s Press Release (02.18.2013)

Navy paints dire picture of weakened U.S. fleet – Virginian-Pilot (02.17.2013)

USNS Spearhead arrives in VB – WAVY (02.18.2013)

Va. Tech to do Air Force supercomputing – Associated Press (02.15.2013)

Air Force Cancels Langley air show – WAVY (02.15.2013)

Portsmouth Naval Medical Center honored – Virginian-Pilot (02.14.2013)

Harry S. Truman Strike Group deployment delayed – Norfolk Navy Flagship (02.14.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

Former Va. Guard leader passes away – Associated Press (02.18.2013)

Army Planning Cuts on Family Programs – Military News (02.18.2013)

Defense contractors rethinking veteran support – Washington Post (02.17.2013)

Bill to widen eligibility for war memorial is nearly law – Virginian-Pilot (02.15.2013)

Nearly Three Dozen Organizations Come Together to Connect Veterans with High-Demand Jobs and Careers – Governor’s Press Release (02.13.2013)

Call to expand Va. War Memorial gains steam – WTVR (02.11.2013)

Other State New Veterans Initiatives

‘One-stop’ center will help veteran in western New York – Buffalo News (02.16.2013)

Bill: Fix Utah’s disorganized approach to helping veterans – Salt Lake Tribune (02.13.2013)

Bills in Legislature would benefit veterans – News Herald (Florida) (02.10.2013)

Technology, Cyber & Energy

Offensive Cyber: Superiority or Stuck in Legal Hurdles? – Defense News (02.17.2013)

Experts Say U.S. Cyber Workers Undertrained – Defense News (02.16.2013)

Aerial Drones Face Mounting Pressure From All Directions – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.15.2013)

Navy Ponders Legal Implications of Deploying Maritime Robots – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.14.2013)

Cyberspace Executive Order Skirts mandates on Private Sector – Nat’l Defense Blog (02.13.2013)

U.S. Military UAV Experts Discuss Sequestration, Interoperability – Defense News (02.13.2013)

White House issues cyber-security order – Defense News (02.12.2013)

Pentagon Strives to Shave $4B Annual Energy Bill for Facilities – ADC (02.11.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

Hagel’s GOP foes say vote should go on – Associated Press (02.18.2013)

Chinese Paper Blames U.S. for N. Korea Nuclear Crisis – Defense News (02.18.2013)

Editorial: Get Serious About North Korea – Defense News (02.17.2013)

Senate Republicans block Hagel nomination for Defense Secretary – The Hill (02.14.2013)

Medal will honor troops engaged in cyber ops, drone strikes – Washington Post (02.13.2013)

Iwo Jima monument to be auctioned – WAVY (02.12.2013)



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