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02.18-25.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

February 18, 2013 – February 25, 2013

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

**White House releases stat-by-state impacts of sequestration**

–          For Virginia impacts of sequestration release by the White House, click here.

DoD Unlikely To Get Budget-Cutting Authority – Defense News (02.25.2013)

Analysis: Obama, GOP See No Need to Stop the Cuts – Associated Press (02.25.2013)

Sequestration a reality of what’s to come – The Item (02.24.2013)

Has U.S. GOP Lost Its Standing as The Strong-on-Defense Party? – Defense News (02.24.2013)

U.S. Budget Cuts Could Shift COCOM Requirements – Defense News (02.24.2013)

Some Guard Members Subject to Furloughs – ADC (02.24.2013)

Senate Strives to Supply Sequester Solution – ADC (02.24.2013)

Rogers Expected to Introduce New CR in House Soon – ADC (02.24.2013)

The big sequester gamble: How badly will the cuts hurt? – Washington Post (02.23.2013)

Sequestration to Shutter Commissaries Wednesdays – Military News (02.22.2013)

Army’s Mobility, Sustainment Will Suffer – Military News (02.22.2013)

Pentagon Needs a New, More Credible defense Strategy, Panel Recommends – Nat’l Def Blogs (02.22.2013)

General: ‘Lots of money’ left after sequester – DoD Buzz (02.21.2013)

Pentagon notifies Congress of likely furloughs – Associated Press (02.21.2013)

Analysis: Only Massive Troop Cuts Can Save the Army From Budget Train Wreck – Nat’l Def Blog (02.21.2013)

Spending Cuts Would Cause Chaos, Carter Says – American Forces Press Service (02.21.2013)

More than 300,000 Jobs Would Be Affected by FY ’13 Fiscal Issues, Army Estimates – ADC (02.21.2013)

– For Army State-by-State Economic Impact Estimates, click here.

Army to add more infantry battalions in 2013 – DoD Buzz (02.20.2013)

Furloughs set up acquisition ‘perfect storm’ – DoD Buzz (02.20.2013)

800,000 DoD Civilian Face Furloughs in April – Defense News (02.20.2013)

If Sequestration Triggers, Furloughs Begin in Late April – American Forces Press Service (02.20.2013)

Secretary Issues Message to DOD Workforce on Sequestration – American Forces Press Service (02.20.2013)

Panetta Notifies Congress DOD Preparing for Furloughs – American Forces Press Service (02.20.2013)

Alaska, Hawaii Lead List of States Vulnerable to Defense Cuts – ADC (02.20.2013)

– For Wells Fargo Securities Report, click here.

DOD fires back against GOP claims on sequestration – The Hill (02.19.2013)

Navy details potential defense spending cuts – WVEC (02.19.2013)

– For listing of potential Navy cuts, click here.

Too Late for Flexibility to Help DOD Cope with Cuts, Officials Say – ADC (02.18.2013)

Base Realignment and Closure News

Army warns of new BRAC round – DoD Buzz (02.20.2013)

Defense Industries

Defense industry finds few old friends on Hill – Politico (02.24.2013)

BAE Posts Declines, Attracts New Business – Defense News (02.24.2013)

Memo: DoD Program Managers Can Talk Sequestration With Contractors – Defense News (02.22.2013)

F-35 grounded after engine crack found – Associated Press (02.22.2013)

Army Will Delay Helicopter Fleet Upgrades – Military News (02.22.2013)

JLTV competitors confident despite delay potential – DoD Buzz (02.22.2013)

AMC commander pushes for more FMS – DoD Buzz (02.22.2013)

Pentagon Officials Pledge Better Communication With Industry – Nat’l Def Blogs (02.22.2013)

Pentagon To Slow Contractor Payments To Boost Cash Reserve – Defense News (02.21.2013)

Budget Cuts Threaten Shipboard Computer Network Upgrades – Nat’l Def Blogs (02.19.2013)

Army’s network evaluations set for a reboot – DoD Buzz (02.19.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

USS Forrest Sherman to return home – WAVY (02.25.2013)

Chesapeake to revisit subdivision OK, Navy opposes – Associated Press (02.25.2013)

Chesapeake to reconsider zoning near Fentress – Virginian-Pilot (02.23.2013)

– Looking back: Timeline: Oceana’s brush with BRAC – Virginian-Pilot (05.25.2006)

Senator Warner encourages Chesapeake City Council to ‘reconsider’ rezoning – WVEC (02.22.2013)

Change of command held for USS Boise – WAVY (02.22.2013)

Langley cancels 2013 Air Show – Peninsula Warrior (02.22.2013)

Ike deploys after two months at home – WAVY (02.21.2013)

Shipyard workers receive WARN notice – WAVY (02.20.2013)

Bobby Scott holds sequestration forum – WAVY (02.20.2013)

USS Eisenhower to deploy Thursday – WAVY (02.19.2013)

Navy officials: Cuts could degrade fleet, forces, safety – Virginian-Pilot (02.19.2013)

Governor McDonnell Announces New Jobs in Hampton Roads – Governor’s Press Release ((02.19.2013)

Governor Bob McDonnell Sends Letter to President Urging Immediate Action to Stop Sequester – Governor’s Press Release (02.18.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

UVA masters Program Seeks to Recruit Veterans – NBC 29 (02.25.2013)

First lady to press governors on veterans’ jobs – Associated Press (02.25.2013)

Military families cooling to home ownership – Virginian-Pilot (02.24.2013)

Boehner: Veterans’ claim system is broken – Associated Press (02.22.2013)

Virginia DMV wages war on Iraq veteran’s vanity license plate – Washington Times (02.21.2013)

George Mason student and Navy veteran wins in-state tuition case, may set Va. precedent for military – Washington Post (02.21.2013)

Virginia Veteran’s License Plate Draws Ire – NBC Washington (02.20.2013)

Central Virginia Community College Opens veterans Resource Center – WSET (02.18.2013)

Veterans programs should be overseen by one federal entity, report says – Washington Post (02.18.2013)

(Veteran Publication)

A National Veterans Strategy: The Economic, Social and Security Imperative – Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University

Technology, Cyber & Energy

A New Opportunity for U.S.-Asian Space Cooperation – Defense News (02.24.2013)

Growing Black Market for Cyber-Attack Tools Scares Senior DoD Official – Nat’l Def Blogs (02.22.2013)

Many agencies get expanded cyber roles – Defense News (02.21.2013)

White House issues plan to use diplomacy against data theft – Defense News (02.21.2013)

Report ties cyberattacks on U.S. computers to Chinese military – Washington Post (02.19.2013)

Recycling Construction Debris Helps DOD Meet Sustainability Goals – ADC (02.18.2013)

Other State Military & Veterans Initiatives

Fort Meade complex to boost housing options for junior enlisted – Stars and Stripes (02.21.2013)

Florida Communities Capture $2.6M from State to Protect Installations – ADC (02.20.2013)

Senate passes bill to let Huntsville woo military, allows city spending on Redstone Arsenal – Alabama Live (02.20.2013)

Act Would Give Maryland Veterans Credit for Military Skills – American Forces Press Service (02.19.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

Lift of ban on women in combat could mean draft change – Associated Press (02.25.2013)

Glance: Lawmakers seek end to draft registration – Associated Press (02.25.2013)

Budget Woes Threaten Pacific ‘Pivot’ – Stars and Stripes (02.22.2013)

Army Wants Light Tanks for the Airborne – Military News (02.21.2013)



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