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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

02.25.2013 – 03.04.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

February 25, 2013 – March 4, 2013


How the Sequester Affects Weather and Hurricane Reporting – Central Florida 13 News (03.01.2013)

Napolitano Addresses the Future Goals of DHS, Sequestration Cuts – Emergency Management (02.26.2013)

Secretary Napolitano’s Third Annual State of Homeland Security Address – DHS (02.26.2013)

Officials: Sequester Could Compromise U.S. Intelligence Gathering – WTOP (02.26.2013)

Transportation Secretary Warns of Long Flight Delays Due to FAA Sequester – HS Today (02.25.2013)

Sequester Cuts Will Impact Homeland Security, Napolitano Says – CBS News (02.25.2013)

Sequester to Force Cuts to Emergency Responders at Federal, State, Local Levels – HS Today (02.22.2013)

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for March 4 – March 8, 2013 – U.S House of Representatives (03.01.2013)

Written Testimony of FEMA Administrator Fugate: ‘Rebuilding After Hurricane Sandy’ – DHS (03.01.2013)

Written Testimony of DHS Management Directorate CIO: ‘Time to Reform IT Acquisition’ – DHS (02.27.2013)

Written Testimony of TSA Administrator Pistole: ‘Resources for Risk-Based Security’ – DHS (02.27.2013)

USBP Chief Fisher, Acting Asst. Com. McAleenan: ‘What Does a Secure Border Look Like?’ – DHS (02.26.2013)

USCG Deputy Commandant for Operations Neffenger: ‘Coast Guard Mission Balance’ – DHS (02.26.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Cybersecurity: Roles & Responsibilities to Protect Nation’s Critical Infrastructure – U.S. House (03.04.2013)

The Case for Drones – Emergency Management (03.01.2013)

NORAD May Shed Alert Site in Virginia – NBC WAVY (03.01.2013)

O’Malley Weighs In On ‘Homeland Security 3.0’ – Germantown Patch (02.28.2013)

DHS Tech Outlook: A Tale of Two Departments – Homeland Security Today (02.27.2013)

Implementing PPD-8: New Opportunities, Greater Challenges – Domestic Preparedness (02.26.2013)

Obama Taps O’Malley to Co-Chair National Homeland Security Panel – The Baltimore Sun (02.25.2013)

Border Protection

Sharp Increase in Border Crossings in 2012 – Homeland Security News Wire (03.04.2013)

DHS Official in Charge of Immigrant Removal Resigns – Homeland Security News Wire (03.01.2013)

Þ    White House Says It Was Not Involved in Detainee Release – New York Times (02.27.2013)

Þ    White House: Release of Illegal Immigrants Not Our Call – U.S. House of Rep/USA Today (02.27.2013)

Þ    Chairman McCaul Demands Answers from ICE on Detainee Releases – U.S. House of Rep (02.27.2013)

McCaul: Solutions Needed to Protect Our Networks, Borders – U.S. House of Representatives (02.26.2013)


Cybersecurity: The Role of DHS (An Interview with Tom Ridge) – Government Information Security (03.04.2013)

Security Experts Warn State Governments Face Losing Battle with Hackers – Forbes (03.01.2013)

Should Government Adjust Mobile Security Techniques? – Government Technology (03.01.2013)

‘Internet of Things’ Must be Secured – Government Technology (03.01.2013)

RFI for Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure – Homeland Security News Wire (03.01.2013)

Senate Plans Joint Hearing on Obama’s Cybersecurity Order – The Hill (02.28.2013)

Report Details History, Earlier Versions of Stuxnet – Homeland Security News Wire (02.28.2013)

Water Security Experts at University of Arizona Annual Conference – Homeland Security News Wire (02.28.2013)

Obama Cybersecurity Chief Warns Further Regulations May Be Required – The Hill (02.27.2013)

Verizon Says Skyrocketing Attacks on U.S. Infrastructure are Real Cyber Threat – Forbes (02.27.2013)

NPPD to Bolster Sharing of ICS Cybersecurity Information – HS Today (02.26.2013)

How Facebook Inadvertently Exposed China’s Giant Hacking Ring – Business Insider (02.26.2013)

Several Agencies Will Continue Duties under Administration’s Anti-Cyber Theft Strategy – GSN (02.25.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Does the U.S. Face a Nuclear Power Exit? – Homeland Security News Wire (03.04.2013)

Norfolk, Virginia Tries to Cope with Sea Level Rise – Homeland Security News Wire (03.04.2013)

FAA Investigates On-Board Dance – Homeland Security News Wire (03.04.2013)

New Power Engineering Curriculum to Help U.S. Security, Economy – Homeland Security News Wire (03.01.2013)

Radioactive Leaks at Washington’s Hanford Nuclear Reservation – Homeland Security News Wire (02.27.2013)

Critical Infrastructure Now The Target of Most Attacks – Federal Times (02.27.2013)

Sandia Labs Refurbishes Nuclear Security Infrastructure – Homeland Security News Wire (02.26.2013)

Weather Satellites: A Critical Piece of Our Nation’s Infrastructure – The Hill (02.26.2013)


Two Top North African Terrorist Leaders Killed in North Mali – Homeland Security News Wire (03.04.2013)

American Al Qaeda Operative Adam Gadahn Re-Emerges – National Terror Alert Response Center (03.02.2013)

Now Al Qaeda Wants to Torch Your Car and Snarl Your Commute – Wired (03.01.2013)

The Lessons of the World Trade Center Bombing – U.S. House of Representatives (02.26.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Launches National Severe Weather Preparedness Week – FEMA (03.04.2013)

FEMA is a Force of Nature and You Can Be Too – FEMA (03.01.2013)

FCC Field Hearing Focuses on Innovative Network Technologies – Emergency Management (03.01.2013)

Governor Proclaims March 12th as Tornado Preparedness Day – VDEM (02.28.2013)

FEMA Weighs Value of Geospatial Information Services – Homeland Security Today (02.28.2013)

Infrared Digital Holography Allows Firefighters to See Through Flames, Smoke – HS News Wire (02.27.2013)

CMAS is No More! – Emergency Management (02.26.2013)

Humanitarian Org. Goes to Cloud for Disaster-Resilient Communications – Emergency Management (02.25.2013)

Public Health

Health Information Exchanges Support Disaster Preparedness – Knowledge Management World (03.01.2013)

Audits Find ‘Troubling’ Security Flaws in CDC Labs – Homeland Security News Wire (02.27.2013)

Killing Superbugs Dead – Homeland Security News Wire (02.27.2013)

Regional Community Health Trainings across Virginia – Virginia Service (02.26.2013)

New Drug Developed to Combat Flu Pandemic – Homeland Security News Wire (02.26.2013)


How to Strengthen Your Federal Grant Applications – Virginia Service (02.26.2013)



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