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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.04 – 11.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 4, 2013 – March 11, 2013


Airports yet to be affected by Sequestration-Related Cuts – Homeland Security News Wire (03.08.2013)

U.S. Arms Sales, Security Partnerships to Suffer as a Result of Sequestration Cuts – HS News Wire (03.07.2013)

DHS May Cut or Cancel Select Contracts Due to Sequester – Homeland Security Today (03.07.2013)

DHS Warns of Service Cuts in Sequester, Postpones Industry Day – Homeland Security Today (03.04.2013)

Delays at Two Major Airports Due to Government Spending Cuts – The Washington Post (03.04.2013)

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for March 11 – March 15, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (03.08.2013)

Hearing: TSA’s Efforts to Advance Risk-Based Security – U.S. House of Representatives (Scheduled 03.14.2013)

Hearing: Homeland Security Grants: Measuring Our Investments – US House of Rep (Scheduled 03.19.2013)

Hearing: Measuring Outcomes to Understand the State of Border Security – House of Rep (Scheduled 03.20.2013)

Testimony: Secretary Napolitano’s Written Testimony on Cybersecurity Executive Order – DHS (03.07.2013)

Postponed: McCaul Hearing Examining DHS’s Cybersecurity Roles & Responsibilities – U.S. House (03.05.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

ACLU Looks Into the Use of Military Technology by Local Law Enforcement – HS News Wire (03.08.2013)

Department of Homeland Security Launches Fake Counterfeiting Website – UPI (03.08.2013)

Administration Debates Stretching 9/11 Law to Go After New Al Qaeda Offshoots – HS Today (03.07.2013)

Committee Reviews Homeland Security Management – C-SPAN (03.06.2013)

TSA Management of Airport Security Credentialing Project Questioned – Homeland Security Today (03.06.2013)

Claim DHS Putting Thousands of APVs on Streets Not True, Department Says – HS Today (03.06.2013)

DHS Acquires 2,700 MRAPS – Homeland Security News Wire (03.05.2013)

Homeland Security Has Received $791 Billion since 9/11 – Homeland Security Today (03.04.2013)

Border Protection

CBP Issues Furlough Notices that could Impact Security, Travel, and Trade, Union Says – HS Today (03.08.2013)

Small Drone Test Plan Calls for Eval. Sensors for ‘First Responder, HS Communities’ – HS Today (03.07.2013)


Raytheon, Lockheed to get U.S. Secrets for Cybersecurity – Bloomberg (03.11.2013)

Cybersecurity Requires Public, Private Cooperation – Dayton Daily News (03.10.2013)

Are Governments Ready to be Buyers of Cybersecurity Insurance? – Public CIO (03.08.2013)

Napolitano Testifies on Cybersecurity Executive Order – Homeland Security News Wire (03.08.2013)

Tech Companies, Telecoms Clash Over Cybersecurity Executive Order – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.07.2013)

New Trends in Cybersecurity and Information Security Education – Homeland Security News Wire (03.07.2013)

How to Predict the Progress of Technology – Homeland Security News Wire (03.07.2013)

Senators Vow Action on Cybersecurity, but Divisions Remain – The Hill (03.07.2013)

U.S. Military ‘Unprepared’ for Cyberattacks by ‘Top-Tier’ Cyber-Capable Adversary – HS News Wire (03.06.2013)

Cybersecurity Hearings on Hill – Politico (03.06.2013)

New Ways to Store Data Securely with Untrusted Cloud Providers – Homeland Security News Wire (03.05.2013)

NIST Seeks Input for Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure – Continuity Central (03.05.2013)

Cyber-Training Not yet in Place for D.C. Workers – WHSV Fox (03.04.2013)

Cybersecurity Bubble Bursting for U.S. Contractors – Defense News (03.04.2013)

Cybersecurity: What Marketers Need to Know – Forbes (03.04.2013)

FBI Looks For Partnerships to Counter Cyber Threat – Government Security News (03.01.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Michigan’s Palisades Nuclear Power Plant Has Significant Security Issues – HS News Wire (03.11.2013)

New Radioactive Waste Repackaging Facility in Los Alamos – Homeland Security News Wire (03.11.2013)

Air Marshals, Flight Attendants Want TSA to Reconsider Knife Policy – CNN Travel (03.07.2013)

Þ    TSA Would Allow Knives On Planes Beginning 25 April – Homeland Security News Wire (03.06.2013)

Coal and U.S. Electric Power Generation – Homeland Security News Wire (03.07.2013)

Telecom Seeks Critical Infrastructure Status for IT Vendors – Network World (03.07.2013)

McCaul Op-Ed: Hardening Our Defenses Against Cyberwarfare (Wall Street Journal) – House of Rep (03.06.2013)

U.S. Nuclear Industry Resists Stricter, Post-Fukushima Safety Measures – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.06.2013)


Nigerian Islamic Militants Execute Seven Western Hostages – Homeland Security News Wire (03.11.2013)

Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law Captured, Appears in NYC Court – Homeland Security News Wire (03.08.2013)

Þ    Bin Laden’s Son-In-Law Pleads ‘Not Guilty’ – Fox News (03.08.2013)

North Korea Vows Nuclear Attack on US, Washington will be ‘Engulfed in a Sea of Fire’ – Fox News (03.07.2013)

Digital Jihad: Inside Al Qaeda’s Social Networks – The Atlantic (03.06.2013)

FBI: Portland City Worker Provided Support to Al Qaeda Suicide Bomber – CBS Seattle (03.06.2013)

Interview: How Al Qaeda Functions Online – Homeland Security Today (03.06.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

June Workshop on Approaches to CBRNE Incidents – Homeland Security News Wire (03.11.2013)

Sandy Marked a Shift for Social Media Use in Disasters – Emergency Management (03.07.2013)

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens March 13th – VDEM (03.05.2013)

States Tackle School Safety after Sandy Hook Shootings – Emergency Management (03.06.2013)

Preparedness Messaging Should Be Clarified (Opinion) – Emergency Management (03.04.2013)

Public Health

CDC Warns of Deadly New Virus – WRIC ABC (03.10.2013)

Marburg Drug Shows Promise – Homeland Security News Wire (03.07.2013)


Consultants: When, Why, and How to Hire Them – Emergency Management (03.08.2013)



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