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03.04 – 11.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

March 4, 2013 – March 11, 2013

Budget, Sequestration & Defense Cuts

Air Force May Suspend Tuition Assistance Program – Dayton Daily News (03.11.2013)

After Dire Sequestration Warnings, Skepticism Abounds – Defense News (03.10.2013)

Unintended Consequence – Defense News (03.10.2013)

Air Force Defers Facility Support, Milcon Projects across Nation – ADC (03.10.2013)

Army Suspends Tuition Assistance Program – Military News (03.08.2013)

U.S. Air Force Scrubs RPA Data From Releases – Defense News (03.08.2013)

Beechcraft To Again Challenge USAF LAS Decision – Defense News (03.08.2013)

Federal workers brace for furloughs – Associated Press (03.08.2013)

FY ’14 Budget Release Pushed Back to April – ADC (03.07.2013)

Breedlove: Cuts Could Impact AF Readiness Overseas – Stars and Stripes (03.07.2013)

Senate Dems unveil changes to House bill funding government – The Hill (03.07.2013)

Pentagon Still Shell Shocked by Sequester – Nat’l Defense Blog (03.07.2013)

SASC Chairman Levin: I Won’t Seek Re-Election – Defense News (03.07.2013)

U.S. Senate Appropriators Eye Omnibus Approach for CR – Defense News (03.07.2013)

After Dinner With Obama, GOP Senators See New Tone on Budget – Defense News (03.07.2013)

Former Defense Officials Urge Using Budget Cuts to Shape Military Strategy – NY Times (03.06.2013)

House Approves CR Locking in Sequester – ADC (03.06.2013)

A special budgetary place for Defense – Washington Post (03.06.2013)

Will Cuts Lead to DoD ‘Brain Drain’? – Stars and Stripes (03.06.2013)

Marines Halt Tuition Assistance Program – Military News (03.05.2013)

Weapons Cancellations Not Expected Immediately, but They Are Coming – Nat’l Defense Blog (03.05.2013)

Senate Democrats to accept general spending level set in House bill – The Hill (03.05.2013)

Pentagon Releases Further Sequestration Guidance – Government Executive (03.05.2013)

US general says military ready despite budget cuts – Associated Press (03.05.2013)

Pentagon Projects $35B O&M Shortfall – Defense News (03.05.2013)

Congress Expected to Keep CR on Track to Avoid Shutdown – ADC (03.05.2013)

Grand Bargain Best Hope for Addressing Automatic Cuts – ADC (03.04.2013)

House government funding bill seeks to soften blow from sequester – The Hill (03.04.2013)

Reports: Four Banks Seized Over 700 Military Homes – UPI (03.04.2013)

4 Navy air wings grounded, 8 deployments canned – Military Times (03.03.2013)

Base Realignment and Closure News

Wittman expresses concern over possible new BRAC round – Daily Press (03.10.2013) *May need subscription.

House Panel to Assess Need for BRAC – ADC (03.10.2013)

Report: 20,000 local jobs at risk from budget mess – Daily Press (03.08.2013) *May need subscription.

GAO Offers Recommendations for the Next BRAC Round – ADC (03.07.2013)

Army Yanks XM25 ‘Punisher’ From Warzone – Military News (03.07.2013)

Spending Cuts to Jeopardize BRAC Cleanup Efforts, Army Chief Testifies – ADC (03.05.2013)

Army Needs BRAC Too – ADC (03.05.2013)

Defense Industries

Battle Brewing Over Proposed Shutdown of BAE’s Armored Vehicle Plant – Nat’l Defense Blog (03.11.2013)

* 12 in Virginia

Air Force Intelligence Chief Seeks Tech Industry Help – Nat’l Defense Blog (03.08.2013)

F-35 Report Warns of Visibility Risks, Other Dangers – Defense News (03.06.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

USS Laboon to return from deployment – WAVY (03.08.2013)

Soldiers Depart Fort Story for Kuwait – Virginian-Pilot (03.08.2013)

Fort Eustis Boulevard construction project scheduled to begin March 18 – Peninsula Warrior (03.08.2013)

‘Pukin’ Dogs’ hold change of command – Norfolk Navy Flagship (03.07.2013)

U.S. House passes bill to restore ship repair funds – Virginian-Pilot (03.07.2013)

House bill offers hope for local shipyard projects – Virginian-Pilot (03.06.2013)

Governor re-forms key advisory panel on military affairs – WVEC (03.06.2013)

DC seeks to keep FBI HW, but in new location – NBC 12 News (03.05.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

Combat stress felt far from front lines – Associated Press (03.11.2013)

Army Veterans Dominates Spartan Series – Army News (03.08.2013)

Navy Creates iPad App for Fending off PTSD – Navy News (03.07.2013)

Sequestration to Affect DOD Schools, Commissaries – American Forces Press Service (03.04.2013)

Technology, Cyber & Energy

In cyber warfare, rules of engagement still hard to define – Washington Post (03.10.2013)

U.S. Engaged in ‘Cyber Cold War’ with China, Iran – Nat’l Defense Blog (03.07.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

Study: Huge burden on caregivers of military wounded – USA Today (03.08.2013)

Hagel Will Not Reduce Drone Medal’s Precedence – Military News (03.08.2013)



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