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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.11 – 18.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 11, 2013 – March 18, 2013


DHS Asked to Help Shield Port of Hueneme from the Effects of Sequestration – HS News Wire (03.15.2013)

Sequestration Will Delay Some DHS Cybersecurity Programs – National Defense Magazine (03.13.2013)

FEMA: Sequestration Won’t Affect Payouts to Sandy Victims – USA Today (03.13.2013)

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for March 18 – March 22, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (03.15.2013)

Hearing: Cyber Threats from China, Russia, and Iran – U.S. House of Representatives (Scheduled 03.20.2013)

Written Testimony: TSA Admin. Pistole, “TSA’s Efforts to Advance Risk-Based Security” – DHS (03.14.2013)

Written Testimony: ICE Director John Morton, “Immigration Enforcement” – DHS (03.14.2013)

Written Testimony: Under Secretary Beers, “The CFATS Program: a Progress Update” – DHS (03.14.2013)

Written Testimony: Deputy Secretary Lute, “DHS Cybersecurity: Roles and Responsibilities” – DHS (03.13.2013)

Written Testimony: FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate, “Hurricane Sandy Funding” – DHS (03.13.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

More States Commit to Compliance with REAL ID – Homeland Security News Wire (03.15.2013)

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Meeting with Canadian Public Safety Minister Toews – DHS (03.14.2013)

Official: Cyberattacks, North Korea, Jihadist Groups Top U.S. Threats – CNN (03.12.2013)

Chaos from the Sky: Why the EMP Threat is Real – The Foundry (03.12.2013)

Lawmakers Call on TSA to Reverse Knife Rule – Homeland Security News Wire (03.12.2013)

Laptop Searches at the Border Require ‘Reasonable Suspicion’ – Homeland Security Today (03.11.2013)

Ten Years After Creation of DHS, Still No Definition of Homeland Security – HS Today (03.11.2013)

Border Protection

Was Mexican Border Firefight Killing 40 Real? – Homeland Security News Wire (03.18.2013)

Discovery Channel Special on Protection U.S. Northern Border – Homeland Security News Wire (03.15.2013)

CBP Faces Lawsuits over Treatment of Illegal Immigrants – Homeland Security News Wire (03.15.2013)

CBP Sends Out Furlough Notices to Agency Employees – Homeland Security News Wire (03.14.2013)

Effective Counter-Tunnel Technology Remains Elusive, CBP Says – Homeland Security Today (03.13.2013)


New NIST Cybersecurity Framework: Your Input Needed – Government Technology (03.17.2013)

DHS Cyber Czar mark Weatherford to Step Down – Next Gov (03.17.2013)

Defense Contractors Translate Their Own Cybersecurity Protections into Business – Washington Post (03.17.2013)

Hacker Swarm Attacks Dummy Critical Infrastructure Honeypot – ZDNet (03.15.2013)

US Government Cybersecurity Database Taken Offline due to Hacker Attack – RT.com (03.15.2013)

How Secure is Your Cloud? (Infographic) – Government Technology (03.15.2013)

Committee Assesses DHS Cybersecurity Budget, Authority – Homeland Security Today (03.14.2013)

Bill Gates on Cybersecurity: ‘It’s Wonderful That More Attention is Going Into That’ – Wash. Post (03.14.2013)

Google’s Assault on Privacy: A Reminder – Homeland Security News Wire (03.14.2013)

Obama: At Least Some Chinese Cyberattacks on U.S. are ‘State Sponsored’ – HS News Wire (03.13.2013)

Facebook’s ‘Likes’ Expose Intimate Details, Personality Traits of Millions – HS News Wire (03.13.2013)

Financial, Energy Sectors Call For Cyber Information-Sharing Legislation – The Hill (03.13.2013)

Using Jokes as an Encryption Method – Homeland Security News Wire (03.13.2013)

Pentagon Creating Teams to Launch Cyberattacks as Threat Grows – Washington Post (03.13.2013)

Cybersecurity Tops U.S. Threat List – Government Technology (03.12.2013)

Obama to Meet CEOs on Cybersecurity – Yahoo News (03.12.2013)

Donilon Issues Stern Cyber Warning to China – DoD Buzz (03.12.2013)

Critical Infrastructure at Risk for Cyber Attack – Industry Week (03.12.2013)

As Cyber Threats Mount, Business is Booming in the Security World – Fox Business (03.12.2013)

A Live View of Global Cyberattacks – Government Technology (03.12.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

VIDEO: Feds Swarm Metro Train after Detecting Nuclear Risk – CBS Chicago (03.15.2013)

Industrial and Critical Infrastructure—Essential Protection Strategies – Security InfoWatch (03.14.2013)

Ohio’s Perry Nuclear Power Plant was Vulnerable to Sabotage – Homeland Security News Wire (03.12.2013)

NRC ‘Tolerating the Intolerable’ at Nuclear Plants, says Union of Concerned Scientists – Fierce HS (03.11.2013)


Arrests Made in Two False Bomb Threats at Newark Airport – New Jersey News (03.17.2013)

U.S. to Release Terrorist Who Planted Airline Bomb from Federal Prison – CBS D.C. (03.16.2013)

Growing Tensions in Iran-Al Qaeda Relationship – Homeland Security News Wire (03.14.2013)

GAO Report on Information Sharing and Additional Actions for Terrorism-Related SARs – GAO (03.14.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

2012 Economic Losses from Disasters Set New Record at $138 Billion Dollars – HS News Wire (03.15.2013)

Predicting Landslides – Homeland Security News Wire (03.14.2013)

Los Angeles Fire Department to Enhance Interoperability – Emergency Management (03.15.2013)

Securing the Presidential Inauguration: An Inside Look – Emergency Management (03.14.2013)

The Sovereign Navajo Nation and FEMA Sign Formal Disaster Aid Agreement – FEMA (03.13.2013)

The Benefits of Multi-State Catastrophic Risk Pool – Homeland Security News Wire (03.13.2013)

DNDO Will Test First Responders’ Abilities to Detect Radiological, Nuclear Materials – HS Today (03.13.2013)

Sandy Response in New York Shows How FEMA Has Changed – Emergency Management (03.12.2013)

Exclusive: NORTHCOM, Guard Commanders Discuss DoD Response to Disasters – HS Today (03.11.2013)

Florida County Taps Faith-Based Community for Preparedness – Emergency Management (03.11.2013)

Public Health

Mankind Still At Risk of the Plague – Homeland Security News Wire (03.18.2013)

A Better Cyanide Antidote for Terrorist Attacks, Mass Casualty Events – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.18.2013)

Debate Rages over U.S. Purchases of Smallpox Medicine – Homeland Security News Wire (03.14.2013)

Researchers Trick Bacteria to Generate a Safer Vaccine – Homeland Security News Wire (03.14.2013)

Norovirus Cases Up in Dan River Region – GoDanRiver (03.13.2013)

Antimicrobial Resistance Poses ‘Catastrophic Threat’ to Mankind – Homeland Security News Wire (03.12.2013)


‘Dirty Blizzard’ Accounts for Missing Deepwater Horizon Oil – Homeland Security News Wire (03.18.2013)



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