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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.18 – 25.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 18, 2013 – March 25, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: Deputy Secretary Lute, “DHS at 10 years: A Progress Report on Mgt.” – DHS (03.21.2013)

Written Testimony: Under Secretary Beers, “Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure” – DHS (03.20.2013)

Written Testimony: FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate on Sandy Recovery and Mitigation – DHS (03.20.2013)

Written Testimony: CBP Chief Fisher on Measuring Outcomes, the State of Border Security – DHS (03.20.2013)

Written Testimony: DHS CIO Spires on Effectiveness of Harnessing IT to Secure Borders – DHS (03.19.2013)

Written Testimony: ICE Director Morton on the Release of Criminal Detainees by ICE – DHS (03.19.2013)

Written Testimony: FEMA Deputy Administrator Manning on Homeland Security Grants – DHS (03.19.2013)

Written Testimony: Under Secretary Borras on Implementing Watchdogs in DHS, DoD – DHS (03.19.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Budget Cuts Force the FAA to Shut Down 149 Control Towers – Homeland Security News Wire (03.25.2013)

DoD Releases Strategy for Homeland Defense and Defense Support for Civil Authorities – DoD (03.22.2013)

Under Continuing Resolution, DHS Largely Escapes Sequestration – Homeland Security Today (03.22.2013)

Oversight Panel Hears Consequences of Not Having Definition of Homeland Security – HS Today (03.22.2013)

Justice Department Agrees 1986 Snooping Law Should Be Reviewed – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.22.2013)

Lawmakers Question DHS about Cutting Costs – Homeland Security News Wire (03.21.2013)

DHS Questioned over Decision to let Saudi Passengers Skip Normal Passport Controls – Fox News (03.20.2013)

Widely-Used FBI Surveillance Method Ruled Unconstitutional – Homeland Security News Wire (03.19.2013)

Obama Wants U.S. to Influence Debate over Global Drone Rules – Homeland Security News Wire (03.19.2013)

DHS CFATS Risk Assessments Do Not Consider All Threats, Vulnerabilities, GAO Says – HS Today (03.19.2013)

House Committee Questions Defense and Homeland Security Officials about Costs – Washington Post (03.19.2013)

ICE: Sorry for the Confusion about Releases – U.S. House of Representatives (03.18.2013)

Border Protection

DHS Late Developing New Measure for Border Security – Homeland Security News Wire (03.25.2013)

Comprehensive Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill to be Unveiled Early April – HS News Wire (03.22.2013)

ICE Agents Re-Arrest Four Immigrants Released Last Month – Homeland Security News Wire (03.20.2013)

Rise in the Number of Border-Crossers Dying along the U.S-Mexico Border – HS News Wire (03.20.2013)

Answers Sought on Cost Overruns, Delays in Border Security IT Systems – Homeland Security Today (03.20.2013)


U.S. Cybersecurity Policy Draws Interest from Companies, Lobbyists – Washington Post (03.24.2013)

Second Cybersecurity Institute Launched – Times Higher Education UK (03.24.2013)

Luring Young Web Warriors is a Priority. It’s Also a Game – New York Times (03.24.2013)

Chinese Hacking: Why America Needs Tougher Cybersecurity Laws – Policy Mic (03.23.2013)

Are Web Apps Highly Susceptible to Attack? – Government Technology (03.22.2013)

RSA 2013: Is Obama’s Executive Order on Cybersecurity Too Vague? – Government Technology (03.22.2013)

Þ    RSA 2013: Is Partisan Gridlock the Future of Cybersecurity Legislation? – Government Tech. (03.21.2013)

Þ    RSA 2013: Will Obama’s EO on Cybersecurity Lead to More Data Sharing? – Government Tech. (03.21.2013)

In 2012, Microsoft Received 70,665 LE Requests for Customer Information – HS News Wire (03.22.2013)

U.S. Casts Wider Cybersecurity Net – Chicago Tribune (03.21.2013)

Foreign Cyberthreats Include Espionage from Russia, China, Attacks from N. Korea, Iran – HS Today (03.21.2013)

Cybersecurity Lobby Surges as Congress Considers New Laws – Bloomberg (03.21.2013)

Why the Public Sector is Still Catching Up with Proactive Cybersecurity – GCN (03.20.2013)

U.S. Presses on Cyberthreats – Wall Street Journal (03.20.2013)

Amazon-CIA Deal Would Fit Intel Community Strategy – Information Week (03.22.2013)

Þ    Has the CIA Opted for Amazon Cloud? – Government Technology (03.20.2013)

Hacker Accesses Clinton Benghazi Emails – UPI (03.19.2013)

AT&T, CenturyLink, Verizon Protest Cybersecurity Proposals – Fierce Telecom (03.19.2013)

Þ    Internet Providers Persuade FCC Panel Against Cybersecurity Recommendations – WSJ (03.18.2013)

UVA Researchers Awarded $40K Grant to Fight Online Hacking – NewsPlex (03.19.2013)

Google’s Chrome OS Partially Hacked – ZD Net (03.18.2013)

Keeping the Lights On: Cyber Terrorism and the National Power Grid – Homeland Security Today (03.18.2013)

Cybersecurity Education Opportunities – Emergency Management (03.18.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

How Bad is Our Infrastructure, Really? – Government Technology (03.25.2013)

Growing Challenges to Global Food Security – Homeland Security News Wire (03.25.2013)

Day of the Nuclear Battery Nears – Homeland Security News Wire (03.22.2013)

U.S. Infrastructure Grade Raised from ‘D’ to ‘D+’, but Problems Loom – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.21.2013)

Instead of a Renaissance, U.S. Nuclear Energy Industry is Facing Tough Times – HS News Wire (03.20.2013)

NRC Rejects Plan for Maryland Nuclear Reactor – Homeland Security News Wire (03.19.2013)


Experts: Syrian Rebels, Not the Regime, Fired Last Week’s Chemical Weapon – HS News Wire (03.25.2013)

Syrian with Ties to 9/11 Hijackers Still in U.S., Virtually Immune from Deportation – Fox News (03.24.2013)

Syria Chemical Weapons: Finger Pointed at Jihadists – The Telegraph (03.23.2013)

Terrorism Suspect’s Indictment Unsealed – U.S. House of Representatives (03.21.2013)

Experts: WOT Distorting Focus, Resource Allocation of U.S. Intel Community – HS News Wire (03.21.2013)

Rewards for Justice Program Offers $5 Million for al Shabaab Terrorists – NTARC (03.24.2013)

Þ    Bounty on Two Americans Tied to Somali Terror Group – CNN Security Blog (03.20.2013)

U.S.: Syrian Chemical Arms ‘High Probability’ – NBC WGAL 8 (03.20.2013)

Meet the ‘Prototype’ Al Qaeda Operative: ‘Spin Ghul’ – ABC News (03.20.2013)

Al Qaeda Document Suggests Attacking ‘Pipelines, Internet, and Tankers’ – The Telegraph (03.20.2013)

Suspicious Activity Reporting Has Increased, But Role in Thwarting Terrorism Unclear – HS Today (03.19.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Drill Prepares First-Responders for School Shooting – Virginia Pilot (03.24.2013)

FEMA Seeks Applicants for Youth Preparedness Council – FEMA (03.22.2013)

NOAA Predicts Drought, Flooding, Warm Weather for Spring – Homeland Security News Wire (03.22.2013)

Purchasing – and Maintaining – Flood Insurance is a Great Investment at any Time – FEMA (03.21.2013)

Tablets’ Mobility, Connectivity Lead to Adoption by Emergency Managers – Emergency Management (03.21.2013)

There’s More to the NFIP than Just the Policy – FEMA (03.19.2013)

Þ    Flood Insurance Program Needs Better Approach to Analyzing Flood Risk – HS News Wire (03.22.2013)

Obama Signs CBRN / Natural Disaster Preparedness Reauthorization Law – Government Sec. News (03.18.2013)

Public Health

Predicting Disease Outbreaks to Protect Soldiers and Civilians– Homeland Security News Wire (03.25.2013)

First Botulism Antitoxin Approved for Neutralizing All Seven Know Serotypes – HS News Wire (03.25.2013)

Virus Vial Missing from Galveston Lab – KLTV 7 (03.24.2013)

Flu Cases in Va. Drop from Widespread to Regional – ABC News WVEC 13 (03.21.2013)

News, Drug-Resistant Pandemic Swine Flu May go Global – Homeland Security News Wire (03.19.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Introduction to FirstNet Webinar Scheduled for Wednesday, March 27th – Emergency Mgt. Forum (03.25.2013)

Crisis Communications 2013: Social Media & Notification Systems (Webinar) – Advantage Media (03.25.2013)

FirstNet Approves $1 Million for Outreach Plan and User Advocacy Efforts – Emergency Mgt. (03.21.2013)

Interoperability for Automated Fingerprint ID Systems – Homeland Security News Wire (03.21.2013)

Making Military Wireless Networks More Robust – Homeland Security News Wire (03.20.2013)



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