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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

03.25.2013 – 04.01.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

March 25, 2013 – April 1, 2013

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Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: RADM Ostebo, ‘Assessing U.S. Preparedness and Response in the Arctic’ – DHS (03.27.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

FBI Wants 1994 Online Surveillance Law Updated – Homeland Security News Wire (04.01.2013)

McCaul: North Korea’s Threats Should Not Be Ignored – U.S. House of Representatives (03.29.2013)

Þ    Homeland Security Leader Joins Call for Vigilance on North Korea Threats – GSN (03.29.2013)

Secretary Napolitano Announces Nomination Period for 2013 Rick Rescorla National Award – DHS (03.29.2013)

President Loftin Appointed Homeland Sec. Academic Advisory Council Vice-Chair – TAMU Times (03.29.2013)

Under FY13 Consolidated Spending, FEMA Appropriations Consistent with 2012 – HS Today (03.29.2013)

Lawmakers Concerned About ‘Potential Risks’ of Saudi Passengers’ Fast-Track Status – U.S. House (03.28.2013)

Þ    Lawmakers Questions ‘Trusted’ Status for Saudi Passengers – U.S. House of Representatives (03.28.2013)

GAO Call for Independent Review of DHS Critical Infrastructure Assessment – Fierce HS (03.27.2013)

Þ    Link to GAO Report Recommending Independent Review of CIKR Assessment – GAO (.27.2013)

McCaul, Hudson Applaud Policy Easing Airport Screening for Wounded Warriors – U.S. House (03.27.2013)

Napolitano: Email Creates Legal Problems, as Well as Being a Time Suck – Washington Times (03.27.2013)

America’s Wilderness vs. Homeland Security – Star Tribune (03.27.2013)

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on Appointment of New Secret Service Director Pierson – DHS (03.26.2013)

DHS Denies Plan for Large Ammunition Buy – Homeland Security News Wire (03.26.2013)

Critics Cut Homeland Security a Break on 10th Anniversary – Government Executive (03.25.2013)

Lute Rejects CRS Finding that DHS Mission is Vague – Fierce Homeland Security (03.25.2013)

Border Protection

Bipartisan Group of 8 to Unveil Immigration Reform Bill in Early April – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.29.2013)

Immigration Violators Spend Long Stretches in Washington Jail – Homeland Security News Wire (03.29.2013)

El Paso to Hire More Border Officers to Compensate for CBP Budget Cuts – HS News Wire (03.28.2013)

ICE Agents Tell Senators to Go Slow on Immigration Reform – Homeland Security News Wire (03.27.2013)

DHS Help Tear Down Technological ‘Tower of Babel’ Along U.S. Borders – HS News Wire (03.26.2013)

Is Border Security a 10, or Just a 2? Why Lawmakers Want a Rating System – CS Monitor (03.26.2013)


Law Firms Tout Cybersecurity Cred – Wall Street Journal (03.31.2013)

Trend Micro Assesses Cyberattacks on ICS Systems – Homeland Security Today (03.28.2013)

DDoS Spam Feud Backfires: ‘Bulletproof’ CyberBunker Busted – Information Week Security (03.28.2013)

DHS Seeking Student Hackers – Homeland Security News Wire (03.28.2013)

Þ    Homeland Security Seeks ‘Hackers for Good’ to Help with Cybersecurity – Washington Times (03.27.2013)

Senators Seek National Guard Cybersecurity Civil Support Teams – Homeland Security Today (03.27.2013)

Experts Scratching Their Heads at House Judiciary’s Awful CFAA Reform Proposal – Tech Dirt (03.27.2013)

Draft Cybersecurity Bill to Increase Penalties for Hacking Substantially – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.27.2013)

Þ    Draft House Judiciary Cybersecurity Bill would Stiffen Anti-Hacking Law – The Hill (03.25.2013)

RSA 2013: How Bad will Cyberwar Become? – Government Technology (03.26.2013)

Another Cyber Attack Targets Wells Fargo Website – L.A. Times (03.26.2013)

Congress v. China on Cybersecurity – Lawfare Blog (03.26.2013)

Colorado Embraces New IT Security Philosophy – Government Technology (03.25.2013)

General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions Opens Forensics Lab – Homeland Security Today (03.25.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Obama Promotes Private-Public Infrastructure Investment Plan – Homeland Security News Wire (04.01.2013)

U.S. Water Infrastructure is in a Serious State of Disrepair – Homeland Security News Wire (03.28.2013)

Preparedness is Key in School Safety Says Police, School Officials – Fort Lee Patch (03.28.2013)

Largest U.S. Municipal Utility Deploys Advanced Smart Grid Network – Government Technology (03.28.2013)

Portable GPS Mapping System Captures Intel in ‘Tough-to-get-to-Places’ – Homeland Security Today (03.28.2013)

Threat of EMP Attack is Real for Florida International University Professor – NBC Miami (03.26.2013)

Formalizing the National Guard Role in Restoring Electrical Power – Homeland Security Today (03.26.2013)

How Bad is Our Infrastructure, Really? – Emergency Management (03.25.2013)

Coast Guard Proposes Long Awaited Rule for TWIC Readers – Homeland Security Today (03.25.2013)


Pennsylvania Sheriff Charged for Making Terrorist Threats – Homeland Security News Wire (03.27.2013)

Child ‘Terrorists’ Among 500 Saved from Al Qaeda under Government Scheme – Metro UK (03.26.2013)

New Leader Named for Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb – Reuters (03.25.2013)

Seattle Man gets 18 Years in Terror Plot – CNN (03.25.2013)

Captured Terror Suspect Reveals Al Qaeda Plans – CBS News (03.25.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Tactile Helmet Helps First Responders in Challenging Conditions – Homeland Security News Wire (04.01.2013)

Survey: Americans Support Preparations for Extreme Weather, Coastal Challenges – HS News Wire (04.01.2013)

Mennonite Disaster Service Works with Communities to Rebuild Lives – Emergency Management (03.29.2013)

U.S. Suffered $119 Billion in Disaster-Related Losses in 2012 – Homeland Security News Wire (03.29.2013)

A More Powerful Terahertz Imaging System Developed – Homeland Security News Wire (03.29.2013)

Suppressing Naturally-Occurring Blazes Increases Wildfire Risk – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.29.2013)

Oklahoma’s 5.7 Tremor is Biggest Fracking-Induced Earthquake Yet – Homeland Sec. News Wire (03.28.2013)

Public Assistance by the Numbers – Federal Emergency Management Agency (03.28.2013)

Tony Robinson Sworn In as FEMA Region 6 Administrator – FEMA (03.28.2013)

Holograms Add New Dimension to Fighting Fire – Emergency Management (03.27.2013)

Places of Worship Safety and Awareness Forum to be Held May 4th – Virginia Service (03.27.2013)

Leadership Cumberland to Offer Emergency Preparedness Panel – The Sentinel (03.26.2013)

7 Tips for Delivering Effective Emergency Notifications – Emergency Management (03.26.2013)

Elderly Need Special Plans to be Ready for a Disaster – FEMA (03.26.2013)

Emergency Management Conference Held at GU – The Hoya (03.26.2013)

Hurricane Emergency Managers Struggle to get Public to Listen to Warnings – Times Picayune (03.26.2013)

Coast Guard, State, Local Agencies to Conduct Maritime Emergency Response Exercise – USCG (03.25.2013)

Condition of Washington D.C. Fire Apparatus Questioned – Fire Engineering (03.25.2013)

Public Health

New Foot-and-Mouth Vaccine Shows Promise – Homeland Security News Wire (03.29.2013)

Mumps Cases Confirmed at VCU and UR – Richmond Times Dispatch (03.29.2013)

7,000 Warned of Potential HIV, Hepatitis – NBC WBAL 11 (03.29.2013)

SWVA Doctors Get New Fungal Meningitis Concern Letter – NBC WSLS 10 (03.28.2013)

More Than 10,000 Pesticides Approved by EPA without Rigorous Review – HS News Wire (03.28.2013)

FBI Gets Case of Missing Virus at Texas Biolab – ABC News (03.26.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

FirstNet Moves Forward, but Hurdles Remain – Government Technology (03.29.2013)

Google Expands Emergency Alerts to Millions of People – USA Today (03.29.2013)

Mitsubishi Electric Delivers World’s First Helicopter Satellite Comm. System – Yahoo Finance (03.27.2013)

Mobile County, Alabama Uses App to Supplement Radio Communications – Emergency Management (03.25.2013)



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