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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.01 – 08.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 1, 2013 – April 8, 2013

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Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for April 8-April 12, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (04.08.2013)

Obama Administration Pressed for Border Data – U.S. House of Representatives (04.05.2013)

Hearing: Counterterrorism Efforts to Combat CBRN Attack on the Homeland – U.S. House (Scheduled 04.11.2013)

Hearing: The Impact of Sequestration on Homeland Security – U.S. House of Rep (Scheduled 04.12.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

GAO Report on Information Sharing: Agencies Could Better Coordinate, Reduce Overlap – GAO (04.08.2013)

WH Drug Policy Director, Sec. Napolitano Highlight Progress in Disrupting Drug Trafficking – DHS (04.05.2013)

Maryland’s New Firearms Safety Law Requires Fingerprinting Gun Buyers – HS News Wire (04.05.2013)

Duplicative Efforts among Fusion Centers Redundant, GAO Says – Homeland Security Today (04.05.2013)

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Visit to Texas – Department of Homeland Security (04.04.2013)

DHS’ Mark Weatherford Moves On – Government Technology (04.04.2013)

Federal Leadership on the Decline, Reports Says – U.S. House of Representatives (04.03.2013)

Exploring the Human Brain to Support National Security – Homeland Security News Wire (04.03.2013)

Democrats Seek More Time for TWIC Reader Deliberations – Homeland Security Today (04.03.2013)

Pervasive Surveillance Threatens Privacy, Gives Power Advantage to the Watcher – HS News Wire (04.02.2013)

Homeland Security Taps for Crisis Prep Program – NBC10 Philadelphia (04.02.2013)

Border Protection

McCaul, Miller Question DHS on Gaps in Border Security – U.S. House of Representatives (04.05.2013)

Þ    Radar Shows U.S. Border Security Gaps – U.S. House of Representatives (04.03.2013)

Bipartisan House Immigration Overhaul Bill Offers Three Paths to Legal Status – HS News Wire (04.04.2013)

CBP Rethinks Budget Cuts-Related Furloughs, Over-Time Reductions – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.03.2013)

GOP Lawmakers Say Immigration Reform Bill Should Not Be Rushed – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.03.2013)

Homeland Security Plans another AZ Border Tour – NBC News KVOA (04.03.2013)


House Intel Leaders Move to Avoid New Cybersecurity Fight with White House – The Hill (04.07.2013)

What Government Should Know About ‘Pass the Hash’ – Government Technology (04.05.2013)

House Intelligence Committee to Work on Cybersecurity Bill in Camera – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.05.2013)

NIST Outlines Next Steps in Drafting Cybersecurity Framework – Homeland Security Today (04.04.2013)

Understanding DHS Responsibilities in Development of a Cybersecurity Framework – HS Today (04.04.2013)

Intelligence Lawmakers to Amend Cybersecurity Legislation behind Closed Doors – The Hill (04.03.2013)

Governor McDonnell Announces Virginia Cybersecurity Leadership Initiative – Governor’s Office (04.03.2013)

Apple Flashback Malware Hunt Points to Russian Cyber Crook – V3 UK (04.03.2013)

5 Ways to Prepare for a Cyberattack – Government Technology (04.02.2013)

Commerce Seeks Input on Incentives For Industry in Cybersecurity Framework – Bloomberg BNA (04.01.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Emergency Power Facility Assessment Tool (EPFAT) – Army Corps of Engineers (04.08.2013)

The Opportunities Offered by Smart Grid R&D – Homeland Security News Wire (04.08.2013)

GAO Report on CIP: DHS Efforts on Chemical Security Assessment and Outreach – GAO (04.08.2013)

Latest Move in School Safety? A Panic Button – Emergency Management (04.05.2013)

DHS Warns of Spear-Phishing Campaigns against Energy Companies – Computer World (04.05.2013)

Market Pressures Weight against Private Sector Critical infrastructure Resilience – Fierce HS (04.05.2013)

U.S. Nuclear Industry Faces a Wave of Nuclear Power Station Retirements – HS News Wire (04.04.2013)

DHS Launches Campus Resilience Pilot Program – Homeland Security News Wire (04.04.2013)

How Do Utilities Prepare for the Cybersecurity Executive Order? – Energy Biz (04.03.2013)

CFATS Program Suffers from Poor Workplace Environment, IG Says – Homeland Security Today (04.03.2013)

Engineers Educate Lawmakers about Aging U.S. Infrastructure – Homeland Security News Wire (04.02.2013)


Canadian Militants Participating in Al Qaeda Siege from ‘Middle Class Backgrounds’ – The National (04.03.2013)

North Korea Says it will Restart Reactor to Expand Arsenal – New York Times (04.02.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

CDP Facebook Page Highlights First Responder Training, Networking Opportunities – HS Today (04.08.2013)

Update on NHC Products and Services for 2013 – NHC/NOAA (04.08.2013)

Tax Tips for Sandy Survivors – Federal Emergency Management Agency (04.08.2013)

Finding the Right Tools to Respond to Suspicious White Powder Incidents – HS News Wire (04.08.2013)
Supercomputers Allow for More Realistic Earthquake Simulations – Homeland Security News Wire (04.08.2013)

Oregon Citizens Preparing for the Big One – Homeland Security News Wire (04.08.2013)

Emergency Response for People Who Have Access and Functional Needs (A Guide) – SP College (04.08.2013)

‘Getting Youth Prepared!’- FEMA Conducting Youth Preparedness Workshop – FEMA (04.05.2013)

UN Event Highlights Importance of Mobile Technology during Disasters – Homeland Sec News Wire (04.05.2013)

How Preplanning Can Ward off Bureaucratic Burden – Emergency Management (04.04.2013)

FEMA Webinar on Financial Preparedness for Disasters – Virginia Service (04.04.2013)

Bulk HAZMAT Compliance Guide Published – Fleet Owner (04.03.2013)

FBI Richmond Participated in Multi-Agency Training Exercise – Federal Bureau of Investigation (04.03.2013)

Sandy Refocuses Attention on Long-Term Recovery (Column) – Emergency Management (04.02.2013)

Public Health

New Device Will Quickly Detect Botulinum, Ricin, and Other Biothreat Agents – HS News Wire (04.08.2013)

CDC Advisory: Avian Flu (H7N9) in China – Food Consumer (04.05.2013)

Same-Day Water Test Keeps Beaches Open, Swimmers’ Health Protected – HS News Wire (04.04.2013)

Rapid Mobile Bio-Threat Detector Developed by Sandia Lab – Homeland Security Today (04.04.2013)

U.S. Developing Bird Flu Vaccine as Death Toll in China Rises to 5 – ABC News (04.04.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Maryland County Pilots Text to 911 – Emergency Management (04.05.2013)

Multi-Band Radios Pave the Way for Broadband, LTE for First Responders – Homeland Sec. Today (04.05.2013)

Fully Secure Communication – Homeland Security News Wire (04.04.2013)

Broadcasters Prepare for Next-Generation Mobile Emergency Alert System – Info Tech (04.04.2013)

DHS Plans to Survey Government Officials on Emergency Communications – Government Sec. News (04.03.2013)

Nanobiotechnology Kills Listeria, Other Food-Borne Pathogens, Dead – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.03.2013)

Ransom Scheme Targets Emergency Communications – Info Security (04.02.2013)

Integrating 311 and 911 Calls Streamlines Operations – Emergency Management (04.01.2013)



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