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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.08 – 15.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 8, 2013 – April 15, 2013

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 Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for April 15-April 19, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (04.15.2013)

Written Testimony: DHS Management Directorate, CPB, ICE, and TSA on Sequestration – US House (04.12.2013)

Written Testimony: Secretary Napolitano on DHS FY 2014 Budget Proposal – U.S. House of Rep. (04.11.2013)

Written Testimony: USCG, ‘Update of Efforts to Combat Piracy’ – U.S. House of Representatives (04.10.2013)

Written Testimony: U.S. ICE, ‘Border Security: Frontline Perspectives on Progress…’ – U.S. House (04.10.2013)

Written Testimony: U.S. CPB, ‘Border Security: Frontline Perspectives on Progress…’ – U.S. House (04.10.2013)

McCaul Statement on President’s Budget Proposal – U.S. House of Representatives (04.10.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Large DHS Ammunition Purchase Continues to be a Topic of Debate – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

Proposed Budget Shows DHS Will Have to do With Less – Homeland Security News Wire (04.12.2013)

Texas Legislators Want TSA Out to Allow For Anti-Groping Policy – Homeland Security News Wire (04.12.2013)

Homeland Security: Developing a Strategic Road Map for the Future – The Heritage Foundation (04.12.2013)

Obama Outlines Federal Cybersecurity Spending – PC Magazine Security Watch (04.12.2013)

Secretary Napolitano Announces Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Request – Dept. of Homeland Security (04.10.2013)

Homeland Security Would Hire 1,600 Agents – UPI (04.10.2013)

Border Protection

Sen. Rubio says Gang of Eight Proposal not ‘Amnesty’ – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

Reducing Border Inspections Delays Will Benefit U.S. Economy – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

DHS to Focus on Combating Human Trafficking – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

DHS Officials Charged with Falsifying Records Relating to Border Region Crimes – HS News Wire (04.12.2013)

Texas Republican Lawmakers Introduce Border Security Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (04.11.2013)

Þ    Homeland Security Panel Offers Border Security Bill – U.S. House of Representatives (04.10.2013)

Napolitano’s Arguments about Border Security are undermined by Rise in Arrests – HS News Wire (04.09.2013)

More Border Security Means More Business Opportunities for Tech Companies – HS News Wire (04.09.2013)


China, U.S. to Team Up on Cybersecurity – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

Chinese Companies Acquire German Tech Firms – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

Cybersecurity: New Version of Old Fight – Politico (04.14.2013)

4 Steps to Protect Data during Tax Season – Government Technology (04.12.2013)

House Panel Approves CISPA, Angering Privacy Advocates – Homeland Security News Wire (04.12.2013)

Þ    Sponsors of CISPA to Address Nagging Privacy Concerns – Homeland Security News Wire (04.10.2013)

DHS, International Tech-Crime Investigative Body, Partners on Cybersecurity – HS News Wire (04.11.2013)

A Conservative Cybersecurity Strategy – Politico (04.11.2013)

Charlotte, N.C., Automates Incident Logs – Government Technology (04.10.2013)

Will ‘Passthoughts’ Replace Passwords? – Government Technology (04.10.2013)

Þ    Future Computers will Identify Users by Thoughts, Not Passwords – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.10.2013)

Cybersecurity: Harnessing the Power of the Private Sector – The Foundry (04.10.2013)

Lute to Leave DHS after Shepherding Cybersecurity Executive Order Effort – HS News Wire (04.10.2013)

Þ    Statement by Secretary Napolitano on the Departure of Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute – DHS (04.09.2013)

Current State of Cybersecurity: More Concern over Facebook than Credit Cards – Forbes (04.08.2013)

Cybersecurity Lobbying Doubled in 2012 – CNN Money (04.08.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Arsenic Contamination in Food and Water Supplies – Homeland Security News Wire (04.11.2013)

Flight Attendants Not Invited to Hill Hearings on Airplane Security – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.10.2013)

FAA Fines NYC Airport for Using Untrained Personnel for Fire, Emergency Duties – HS News Wire (04.10.2013)

New Report Raises Problems in Plans for Nuclear Plant Area Evacuations – Times Dispatch (04.10.2013)

Obama Budget Hints Sale of Largest Public Utility – Go Dan River (04.10.2013)

New Airport Security System to Help Special Needs Travelers – Homeland Security News Wire (04.09.2013)

Most Schools are Ill-Prepared for an Active Shooter Scenario – Emergency Management (04.08.2013)


Bomb Kills 2, Injures 23 at Boston Marathon – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

Þ    Authorities ID Suspect as Saudi National in Marathon Bombings, Under Guard – NY Post (04.15.2013)

Turkey Says Terrorists Planned to Bomb U.S. Embassy, Synagogue – Times of Israel (04.12.2013)

Cops: Bomb Sent to ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio – NBC News (04.11.2013)

Mississippi to add Terrorism to Crimes in which Death Penalty May Be Sought – HS News Wire (04.11.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Managers Testing FEMA App for Collecting Disaster Damage Information – The Republic (04.13.2013)

911 Call-Takers are the Real First Responders (Opinion) – Emergency Management (04.11.2013)

New Jersey to Launch Emergency Preparedness Awareness Campaign – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.11.2013)

Spring’s First Widespread Severe Storm System is Here: Are You Ready? – FEMA (04.10.2013)

FEMA Implements ‘FEMA for Kids’ Program – Federal Emergency Management Agency (04.10.2013)

Mississippi Towns Build Tornado-Proof Domes – Homeland Security News Wire (04.09.2013)

Flood-Prone Cities Take Disaster Planning Into Their Own Hands – Emergency Preparedness (04.09.2013)

ICYMI: FEMA Administrator Fugate Calls for Tribal Input on Disaster Assistance – FEMA (04.08.2013)

Public Health

New Bird Flu Strain Adapting to Mammals, Humans – Homeland Security News Wire (04.15.2013)

Þ    Death Toll from Bird Flu in China Rises to 13 – Fox News (04.14.2013)

Þ    Bird Flu Mutation Study Offers Vaccine Clue – Homeland Security News Wire (04.12.2013)

Footwear Safety Reflectors Help in Detecting Bioterror Threats – Homeland Security News Wire (04.11.2013)

CDC Preparedness Funds Take Hit in Proposed 2014 Budget – CIDRAP (04.10.2013)

Concerns Grow Over Repeated Safety Failures at U.S. BioLabs – Homeland Security News Wire (04.09.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

A Better Single-Photon Emitter for Quantum Cryptography – Homeland Security News Wire (04.10.2013)



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