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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.15 – 22.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 16, 2013 – April 22, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for April 22-April 26, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (04.22.2013)

Written Testimony: TSA Deputy Administrator Halinski on Sequestration Oversight – DHS (04.18.2013)

Written Testimony: Secretary Napolitano on DHS FY2014 Budget Request – DHS (04.18.2013)

Written Testimony: U.S. CPB on Agency’s FY2014 Budget Request – DHS (04.17.2013)

Written Testimony: USCG on FY14 Budget Request for Coast Guard, Maritime Programs – DHS (04.16.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Hawaii Debating Creation of a State Homeland Security Office – Homeland Security News Wire (04.22.2013)

DHS-Funded Police Gear Blurs Line between Crime-Fighting and War-Fighting – HS News Wire (04.19.2013)

Federal Security Grants to Kansas City Cut – Homeland Security News Wire (04.19.2013)

DHS Formula Grants to States Drop Dramatically – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

Lawmakers Want FAA to Allow Use of Electronics during Flights – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

Majority of Americans Unaware of DHS Program to Report Potential Terrorist Activity – HS Today (04.16.2013)

Border Protection

CBP Agent Acquitted in Abuse Case – Homeland Security News Wire (04.22.2013)

Senators Say Bombings Should Spark Immigration Reform, not Halt Progress – Fox News (04.21.2013)

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on Immigration Reform in Congress – DHS (04.17.2013)

Immigration Reform Should Address Visa Over-Stayers – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

Napolitano Defends Proposed Cuts to ICE, Coast Guard – Homeland Security Today (04.15.2013)


Column: Google Cybersecurity; Hack, or Help? – Government Technology (04.22.2013)

Cybersecurity Debate Moves to Senate – The Hill (04.20.2013)

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act Passes House – Government Technology (04.19.2013)

DHS Announces Cyber Student Initiative – Department of Homeland Security (04.18.2013)

Cybersecurity, By the Numbers (Infographic) – Government Technology (04.18.2013)

White House Threatens to Veto House Cybersecurity Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

McCaul: Congress Must Confront the Growing Cyber Threat at Home – U.S. House of Rep. (04.17.2013)

U.S. Army Weak on Mobile Devices Security – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

House Votes to Boost Government Cyber Protection, Cyber Research – The Hill (04.16.2013)

Targeted Cyberespionage on the Rise in 2012 – Government Technology (04.16.2013)

Cyberterrorism Preparedness for Fire and Emergency Services – Fire Engineering (04.15.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizers are Inherently Risky, but the Benefits are Many – HS News Wire (04.22.2013)

Airlines Ask Court to Stop FAA Furloughs – Homeland Security News Wire (04.22.2013)

Police Find No Evidence of Crime in Texas Fertilizer Plan Fire – Fox News (04.21.2013)

Shots Fired at TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant – WBIR NBC 10 (04.21.2013)

Texas Fertilizer Plant Flew under Department of Homeland Security’s Radar – RT.com (04.20.2013)

Reinvestment in U.S. Water Infrastructure Should be a Top National Priority – HS News Wire (04.19.2013)

Interior Department Releases Progress Report on U.S. Water Census – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.19.2013)

Robot Makes Inspecting Power Lines Simple, Inexpensive – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

Security Experts: IEDs a Growing Threat to the U.S. – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

Energy Department to Invest in Used Nuclear Fuel Storage Research – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

Deadly Wheat Disease Threatens Global Food Supplies – Homeland Security News Wire (04.17.2013)

First U.S. Commercial Enhanced Geothermal System Connected to the Grid – HS News Wire (04.17.2013)

Infrastructure at the Speed of Light – Government Technology (04.17.2013)

American Airlines Expects More Flight Cancellations – CBS News (04.16.2013)

Former NRC Chair: All 104 U.S. Nuclear Reactors Suffer From ‘Irreparable’ Safety Issues – HS News (04.16.2013)

Aging National Power Grid Leaves U.S. Vulnerable to Storm-Related Outages – HS News Wire (04.16.2013)


Two Linked to Al Qaeda Arrested in Terror Plot in Canada – USA Today (04.22.2013)

Illinois Man Tried to Join Al Qaeda-Linked Group, FBI Says – Fox News (04.21.2013)

DHS Cuts Funds for Programs Aiming to Prevent Fertilizer Bombing Attacks – HS News Wire (04.19.2013)

Four Britons Jailed for Al Qaeda-Inspired Bomb Plot – Reuters (04.18.2013)

Mississippi Man Arrested for Sending Ricin Letters to Obama, Sen. Wicker – HS News Wire (04.17.2013)

Ease of Construction Makes Pressure-Cooker Bombs Popular Among Terrorists – HS News Wire (04.17.2013)

Marathons Globally Have Been Target of Terrorism – Homeland Security Today (04.17.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Calculating the Risk of Tsunami for the East Coast – Homeland Security News Wire (04.22.2013)

Hospitals Quick to Implement Lessons from Boston, but Funding a Concern – CBS News (04.19.2013)

Fire Captain among 14 Bodies Recovered from Texas Plant Explosion – Emergency Management (04.19.2013)

President Declares Emergency for Texas – Federal Emergency Management Agency (04.19.2013)

FEMA App for Collecting Damage Info Being Testing in Wisconsin – Insurance Journal (04.17.2013)

Larger Fire-Fighter Crews Save Lives, Limit Damage in High-Rise Fires – HS News Wire (04.16.2013)

U.S. Needs a Better Disaster Plan (Opinion) – Los Angeles Times (04.16.2013)

Public Health

New Detection Test to Improve Food Safety, Bioterrorism Defense – Homeland Security News Wire (04.22.2013)

Experts Look Beyond Birds in Investigation of Flu Strain in China – New York Time (04.18.2013)

Experts Will Meet in September for the Bi-Annual Anthrax Research Conference – HS News Wire (04.17.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

GAO Report on States’ Use of Federal 9-1-1 Funds – Government Accountability Office (04.22.2013)

FirstNet Board is off to an ‘Optimistic’ Start – Emergency Management (04.18.2013)

Change in Radio System Fees Coming for Emergency Responders – WCYB News (04.17.2013)

Chesterfield 9-1-1 Outage Raises Concerns – WRIC ABC 8 (04.17.2013)

Portland Testing Node Network in Case of Loss of Phone Service – Emergency Management (04.15.2013)



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