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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.22 – 29.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 22, 2013 – April 29, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Subcommittee Hearing: Cutting DHS Duplication and Wasteful Spending – U.S. House of Rep. (04.26.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Oversight of the Federal Government’s Procurement of Ammunition’ – DHS (04.25.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Counterterrorism Efforts to Combat a CBRN Attack on the Homeland’ – DHS (04.25.2013)

Written Testimony: Secretary Napolitano on Department’s FY 2014 Budget Request – DHS (04.23.2013)

Written Testimony: Oversight of the President’s FY14 Budget Requests for USCG and NOAA – DHS (04.23.2013)

Written Testimony: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization – DHS (04.23.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

FAA to End Furloughs of Air Traffic Controllers – Homeland Security News Wire (04.29.2013)

Þ    White House to Take Second Look at FAA Furloughs – Homeland Security News Wire (04.26.2013)

Lawmakers Renew Effort to Reach Bipartisan Gun Control Compromise – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.29.2013)

Atlanta Losing DHS Area Security Grant Money – Homeland Security News Wire (04.26.2013)

Homeland Security Grants to States Gutted – Emergency Management (04.24.2013)

Border Protection

Sen. Cornyn, Critics Exchange Charges over Immigration Reform Measure – HS News Wire (04.29.2013)

Critics Say Drones Make Little Contribution to Border Security – Homeland Security News Wire (04.26.2013)

Lawmakers Question Napolitano on Border-Security Measurement Methods – HS News Wire (04.25.2013)

Deportations Go On while Immigration Reform Debate Continues – Homeland Security News Wire (04.25.2013)

Subcommittee Passes Bill to Require Border Security Strategy, Plan – Homeland Security Today (04.25.2013)

Border Security Bill Backed by House Panel – U.S. House of Representatives (04.24.2013)

Reactions to Boston Bombing Threaten Passage of Immigration Reform – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.24.2013)

U.S. Hospitals Shipping Sick Immigrants Back to their Home Countries – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.24.2013)

Cross-Border Operation Foils Alleged Plot to Blow Up Rail Line – Homeland Security Today (04.23.2013)

Rep. Michael McCaul: Solving the Border Security Equation – U.S. House of Representatives (04.23.2013)


Voluntary Guidelines Prescribed for Companies to Share Information, Protect Privacy – HS Today (04.26.2013)

White House Backs Off Mandatory Cybersecurity Standards for Companies – Washington Post (04.26.2013)

Military Grooms News Officers for War in Cyberspace – ABC13 WSET-TV (04.26.2013)

Audit Finds State [Maryland] Servers Vulnerable to Attack – Baltimore Sun (04.25.2013)

McCaul to Draft Cybersecurity Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (04.25.2013)

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities on the Rise, Trend Micro Report Warns – Homeland Security Today (04.24.2013)

Top 10 Countries Where Cyber Attacks Originate – Government Technology (04.24.2013)

U.S., China in High-Level Military Talks [Regarding Cybersecurity] – Homeland Security News Wire (04.24.2013)

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Cybersecurity Plan for your Business – Entrepreneur (04.23.2013)

Global Cyber Tensions on the Rise – Homeland Security Today (04.23.2013)

Hackers Compromise AP Twitter Account – Richmond Times Dispatch (04.23.2013)

Þ    AP Hack Proves Twitter Has a Serious Cybersecurity Problem – CNN Money (04.23.2013)

City Accidentally Reveals Employee Social Security Numbers – Government Technology (04.23.2013)

Expert: Role-Based Monitoring Is Best for Public Sector Networks – Government Technology (04.23.2013)

Report: Security Breaches are Easy Money – Government Technology (04.23.2013)

U.S. Journalist Charged in Hacking Plot is Sacked – Yahoo! 7 News (04.23.2013)

Virginia Colleges Focus on Improving Cybersecurity Programs – The Daily Progress (04.23.2013)

China: Cyberattacks are Like Nuclear Bombs – Wall Street Journal (04.22.2013)

U.S. and China Put Focus on Cybersecurity – New York Time (04.22.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

DHS to Award New HSPD-12 Credentialing Contract in 2013 – Homeland Security Today (04.29.2013)

EPA Slams State Department’s Keystone XL Pipeline Review – Homeland Security News Wire (04.26.2013)

Experts: Security of U.S. Mass Transit System Must Be Tightened – Homeland Security News Wire (04.25.2013)

TSA Reverses Course on Knives-On-Plane Policy – Homeland Security News Wire (04.24.2013)

Security at U.S. Plants Remain Woefully Inadequate – The Examiner (04.22.2013)


FBI Looking for a ‘Person of Interest’ who May Have Helped the Tsarnaev Brothers – HS News Wire (04.29.2013)

Former Attorney General Says Boston Bombers Must Have Had Help in Attack – Fox News (04.29.2013)

Mississippi Man Linked to Ricin Letters Charged with Biological Weapons Use – The Daily Press (04.28.2013)

Lawmakers Criticize Handling of Boston Bombing – The Washington Post (04.28.2013)

FBI Searches Landfill near UMass Dartmouth in Boston Bombing Probe – Fox News (04.27.2013)

Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s Name was on U.S. Terror Watch List Since 2011 – Homeland Sec. News Wire (04.26.2013)

ODU Student Facing Terrorism Charge – NBC10 WAVY (04.26.2013)

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Had No Firearms, Explosives with Him When Captured – HS News Wire (04.25.2013)

Homeland Sec. Chair: Too Early to Say Boston Bombing Suspects Acted Alone – Washington Times (04.24.2013)

Congressman: Boston Bombs Triggered by Remote Control – CBS News (04.24.2013)

Napolitano: Homeland Security Knew about Boston Suspect’s Trip to Russia – The Hill (04.23.2013)

Lawmaker Wants to Give FBI More Power to Track Terror Suspects – Homeland Security News Wire (04.23.2013)

Akron University Professor Teaches Students on How To Spot Terrorist Plots – HS News Wire (04.23.2013)

Slick Al Qaeda Online Magazine Aims to Train a Generation of Killers – NBC News (04.23.2013)

Security Cameras Were Key to Finding Boston Bomber – Emergency Management (04.22.2013)

Boston Bombing Suspect Charged, Will Not Be Treated as Enemy Combatant – Fox News (04.22.2013)

Boston Attack Investigation Turns to Motives and Missed Opportunities – Homeland Security Today (04.22.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Smartphone App Locates Gunfire Source – Homeland Security News Wire (04.29.2013)

New Fertilizer Can Be Used to Grow Food, but Not Build Bombs – Homeland Security News Wire (04.29.2013)

What Went Wrong in West, Texas? – Emergency Management (04.26.2013)

Officials Praise Progress in Defense against Dirty Bombs – Homeland Security Today (04.26.2013)

River Beds Keep Moving, Increasing Flood Risk – Homeland Security News Wire (04.25.2013)

New Gadgets Help Charlottesville HAZMAT Crew – NewsPlex.com (04.25.2013)

FEMA Releases IED Lessons Learned Collection for First Responders – Homeland Security Today (04.25.2013)

White House Honors Hurricane Sandy Champions of Change – Emergency Management (04.24.2013)

Cell Phone Alerts May Put Sirens on Mute – USA Today (04.22.2013)

FEMA Announces Next Meeting of the National Advisory Council – FEMA (04.22.2013)

FEMA Calls for 2013 Individual and Community Preparedness Awards Submissions – FEMA (04.22.2013)

Public Health

WHO: H7N9 Virus ‘One of the Most Lethal So Far’ – CNN (04.26.2013)

Preventing Bugs from Becoming Antibiotic Resistant – Homeland Security News Wire (04.25.2013)

Þ    Fighting Superbugs with a New Genre of Antibodies – Homeland Security News Wire (04.25.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Lack of Radio Operability Emblematic of DHS Management Challenges, Experts Say – HS Today (04.29.2013)

How Could FirstNet Have Helped in the Boston Marathon Bombing? – Emergency Management (04.24.2013)

Multi-Band Radio Market Picks Up Steam – Homeland Security Today (04.23.2013)

Improving Emergency Radio Communication – Homeland Security News Wire (04.23.2013)



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