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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

04.30.2013 – 05.06.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

April 30, 2013 – May 6, 2013 

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule for May 6-May 10, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (05.06.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Hill Aides: White House Recalculates Spending Cuts – Seattle Times (05.03.2013)

Texas Explosion Triggers Call for Commission on Chemical Plant Security – HS Today (05.03.2013)

Rand Beers Selected as Acting DHS Deputy Secretary – Homeland Security Today (05.02.2013)

GAO Investigates DHS Ammo Purchases – Homeland Security News Wire (05.02.2013)

Amid New Security Threats, Some in Congress Look to Update 9/11 Law – WBDJ7 (05.02.2013)

DHS Chemical Plant Security Program Hobbled by Problems, Poor Oversight – HS News Wire (05.01.2013)

Homeland Insecurity: After Boston, the Struggle between Liberty and Security – Time (05.01.2013)

Typo Delays Signing FAA Budget Bill into Law – Homeland Security News Wire (04.30.2013)

Homeland Security Faulted for Program Fragmentation – Government Executive (04.29.2013)

Border Protection

DHS Instructs Border Agents to Verify All International Student Visas – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.06.2013)

Obama Says Same-Sex Amendment to Immigration Bill Not Likely to Pass – HS News Wire (05.06.2013)

Obama Warning Liberals to be Flexible on Immigration Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (05.03.2013)

Rubio Says Immigration Reform Bill Will Likely Not Pass the House – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.02.2013)

U.S. Tech Companies Actively Lobbying for Immigration Reform – Homeland Security News Wire (05.01.2013)

Immigration Reform Conditioned on Border Being Secured by Unmanned Vehicles – HS News Wire (05.01.2013)

Republicans Introduce Bill to Require Verification of Employment Eligibility – HS Today (04.30.2013)

Þ    Critics Say E-Verify System Still Has Too Many Problems – Homeland Security News Wire (04.30.2013)

DHS Agent in Fraud Case Seeks to Separate His Trial from That of his Former Boss – HS News Wire (04.30.2013)

Border Patrol Struggles to Measure What It Can’t See – Los Angeles Times (04.29.2013)


Governments, Businesses Should Be ‘Cyber-Risk Intelligent’ – Homeland Security News Wire (05.06.2013)

DHS: OpUSA to Cause Limited Disruptions – Bank Info Security (05.06.2013)

Four Cybersecurity Breaches that Could Rattle the World – Business Insider (05.05.2013)

Can Researchers Influence Government’s Cybersecurity Agenda? – Government Technology (05.02.2013)

China’s Cyberspies Outwit Model for Bond’s Q – Bloomberg (05.02.2013)

Hacker Breached U.S. Army Database Containing Sensitive Information on Dams –Wired (05.01.2013)

Cyber Responders Seek New Ways to Respond to Cyberattacks – Government Technology (05.01.2013)

Senate Won’t Look at CISPA – Government Technology (04.30.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

New Technology Prevents Bridge Collapse – Homeland Security News Wire (05.06.2013)

Delaware Develops Comprehensive Schools Safety Program – Homeland Security News Wire (05.03.2013)

Helping Bridges Withstand Natural Disaster – Homeland Security News Wire (05.03.2013)

Software to Help Plan the Smart Grid – Homeland Security News Wire (05.02.2013)

FBI Investigating Break-In at Murray County, GA Water Plant – Times Free Press (05.01.2013)

Assessing Security at Schools, Houses of Worship – Homeland Security News Wire (04.30.2013)

Microsoft Exec Offers Insight into Success of NYPD Surveillance System – Homeland Security Today (04.30.2013)


Chicago-Area Would-Be Terrorist to Remain in Jail – Homeland Security News Wire (05.06.2013)

U.S. Officials Seek Lessons in Bombing Catastrophe – Boston Globe (05.05.2013)

U.S. to Keep Cuba on List of States Sponsoring Terrorism – Homeland Security News Wire (05.03.2013)

Marathon Bombing Probe Expands in Boston, Overseas – U.S. House of Representatives (05.02.2013)

Officials to Review Handling of Boston Bombing Intelligence – The Washington Post (05.02.2013)

Þ    Lawmakers Welcome Intelligence Review of Boston Marathon Bombing – HS Today (05.01.2013)

FBI Adds New Most Wanted Terrorist: Joanne Chesimard – National Terror Alert Response Center (05.02.2013)

Þ    Fugitive Wanted in Killing is 1st Woman on FBI Terrorist List – NBC11 WBAL TV (05.02.2013)

Experts: Feds Likely Turning Up Heat on American Pal of Boston Bombing Suspect – Fox News (05.02.2013)

Bomb Suspect’s Buddies Covered for Him, Feds Say – CNN News (05.02.2013)

Þ    Three of Dzhokhar’s Friends Charged with Destroying Evidence – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.02.2013)

CBS: Tsarnaev Laptop Recovered – HotAir.com (05.02.2013)

U.S. Man Accused of Trying to Join Al Qaeda Ally Wins Bail – Bloomberg Business Week (05.02.2013)

Police Discover Unexploded Bomb in Austin, Texas Business District – The Raw Story (05.02.2013)

Sources: Boston Suspects Originally Plotted July 4th Attack – ABC News (05.02.2013)

House Committee Schedules First Hearing to Review Boston Marathon Bombings – U.S. House (05.01.2013)

Þ    House Panel to Hold Hearings on Marathon Bombing – Homeland Security News Wire (05.03.2013)

Þ    Lieberman, Boston Police Commissioner to Testify at House Hearing on Bombings – U.S. House (05.01.2013)

FBI Seeks 3 Men Linked to Benghazi Terror Attack – ABC News (05.01.2013)

Canada Considered Deporting Train Terror Suspect, but He Was Stateless – HS News Wire (05.01.2013)

Tests Link Deadly Ricin to Obama Letter Suspect – Winston-Salem Journal (05.01.2013)

Female DNA Found on Boston Bomb Fragments – Homeland Security News Wire (04.30.2013)

U.S. Steps Up Hunt for Editor of Al Qaeda Online Magazine – U.K. Mail Online (04.29.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

National Planning Frameworks: How We will Work Together to…Ensure a Resilient Nation – FEMA (05.06.2013)

Even with Reams of Data, Flood-Predicting is Tough – Charlotte Observer (05.05.2013)

Social Media Strategies in the Aftermath of Disasters – NBC5 Chicago (05.03.2013)

Global Hawk Flies High, Offering a Detailed Hurricane Measurement – Emergency Management (05.02.2013)

FEMA and Premiere Networks Work Together to Increase Preparedness – FEMA (05.02.2013)

30-Day Countdown to the 2013 Hurricane Season Begins May 2 – FEMA (05.02.2013)

Draft of the 2013 Global Climate Assessment is Out – Homeland Security News Wire (05.02.2013)

Report: Firefighters Couldn’t Quickly Reach Victims of Aurora Movie Theater Massacre – HS Today (05.02.2013)

Finding the Right Balance for Natural Hazard Mitigation – Homeland Security News Wire (05.01.2013)

Emergency Managers Must be Educated, Not Just Trained – Emergency Management (05.01.2013)

2013 Edition of NFPA 1600: Standard on Disaster/Emergency Manage & Business COOP – NFPA (05.01.2013)

NYC Hurricane Sandy After-Action Report – City of New York (05.01.2013)

The Government is Spending Way More on Disaster Relief than Anybody Thought – Washington Post (04.29.2013)

Public Health

Senior Scientists Attack Chinese Researchers for Creating New Strain of Influenza – The Independent (05.02.2013)

New Bird Flu Poses ‘Serious Threat’, Scientists Say – Reuters (05.01.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

DHS TacCom Contract Poised to Assist with Communications Challenges, Motorola Says – HS Today (05.03.2013)

Seeking New Ideas for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (‘MANETs’) – Homeland Security News Wire (05.02.2013)

Boston Bombings Highlight Need for Public Safety Broadband Network – Emergency Management (05.01.2013)



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