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04.30.2013 – 05.06.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

April 30, 2013 – May 6, 2013

Budget, Sequestration Impacts & Defense Cuts

Drones, Sequester Flexibility to Drive 2014 NDAA Debates – Defense News (05.06.2013)

DoD Halts Shifting War Money Into Base Budget – Defense News (05.06.2013)

Details Leak on DoD’s Budget Reprogramming – Defense News (05.03.2013)

USAF Total Force Panel To Report in Summer – Defense News (05.03.2013)

Lawmakers to Hagel: Tell us how to implement sequestration – Stars and Stripes (05.03.2013)

Special Operations Commander Defense Consolidation Efforts, Lays Out Future Strategy – Nat’l Defense Blog (05.03.2013)

Decision on DoD Furloughs Expected Next Week – Military News (05.03.2013)

Defense Furlough Decision Coming Soon – Government Executive (05.01.2013)

Army secretary: Millions are being wasted on ‘unusable’ bases – The Hill (04.30.2013)

Submitting Alternative Budget Is One Option for Addressing FY’13 Cuts, Dempsey Says – ADC (04.30.2013)

Army Secretary: Congressman ‘Was Not Correct’ – DoD Buzz (04.30.2013)

Base Realignment and Closure News

Air Force Merges BRAC Programs into Single Directorate – ADC (04.30.2013)

Defense Industries

Army Starts with Geothermal Energy in Making First MATOC Awards – ADC (05.05.2013)

Defense Industry Says Spending Cuts Lowering Job Gains – Defense News (05.03.2013)

Export Reforms Can’t Come Soon Enough for Defense Industry – Nat’l Defense Blog (05.02.2013)

R&D Leaders Decry Effects of Sequestration – Nat’l Defense Blog (05.02.2013)

Air Force awards KC-46A tanker training system contract – DoD Buzz (05.02.2013)

IT Deal Tops $19 Billion in April Contracts – DoD Buzz (05.02.0213)

Marines Ponder Future of Unmanned Cargo Helicopter – Nat’l Defense Blog (05.01.2013)

Debate Over Army’s Future Vehicle Raises Question: Why Heavy Armor? – Nat’l Defense Blog (05.01.2013)

Army Secretary Defense GCV, Helo Plans – DoD Buzz (05.01.2013)

Army Not Impressed With Armed Aerial Scout Offerings – Nat’l Defense Blog (04.30.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

Fort Monroe cleanup continues as community board falls behind – Daily Press (05.06.2013)

Navy readies Wallops site for landing practice – Virginian-Pilot (05.06.2013)

Arlington Cemetery expansion prompts environmental concerns – Associated Press (05.05.2013)

Panel says defense cuts will hurt Hampton Roads – Virginian-Pilot (05.02.2013)

Navy awards contract for repairs to Porter – Virginian-Pilot (05.02.2013)

Panel: Region needs to prepare for climate change – Virginian-Pilot (04.30.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

Vets at Risk of Suicide Not Getting Follow-Ups – Stars and Stripes (05.06.2013)

Combat increases risk of vets dying behind wheel – Washington Post (05.06.2013)

Motor vehicle crashes: A little-known risk to returning veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan – Washington Post (05.05.2013)

Seven decades later, veterans rekindle WWII friendship – Virginian-Pilot (05.05.2013)

To Arlington they run, with fleet feet, heavy hearts – Virginian-Pilot (05.03.2013) **Must Read**

VA Secretary working to end backlog – Associated Press/WAVY (05.03.2013)

E-Records Project Taken From DoD Health Office – Military News (05.03.2013)

Service members, vets to get REBOOTed in Hampton Roads – Norfolk Navy Flagship (05.01.2013)

Employment Numbers Nearly Triple Initial ‘Joining Forces’ Goal – American Forces Press Service (04.30.2013)

Technology, Cyber & Energy

Experimental Air Force aircraft X-51A goes hypersonic – Associated Press (05.06.2013)

The Challenge of Buying Cyber Companies – Defense News (05.05.2013)

Navy unveils first squadron of drones – Associated Press (05.02.2013)

DOD Office Cleared 98 Percent of Commercial Energy Projects in 2012 – ADC (05.02.2013)

Other State Highlights

New York: Veterans get one-stop center to deal with needs – The Buffalo News (04.29.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

Interview: Robert Hale, Pentagon Comptroller – Defense News (05.06.2013)

Charity for Troops Allegedly Misused Donations – Dayton Daily News (05.04.2013)

Pentagon Comptroller to Address Belt-Tightening Moves at National Summit – ADC (05.01.2013)

Lend Lease Closes on Third Phase of Lodging Privatization Program – ADC (05.01.2013)

On the Walter Reed short list: Western, Forest City, Roadside, Hines, Wilkes – Washington Business Journal (04.29.2013)



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