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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

05.20 – 29.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

May 20, 2013 – May 29, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Saving Taxpayer Dollars: Freezing the Federal Real Estate Footprint’ – DHS (05.22.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Visa Security and Overstays: How Secure is America?’ – DHS (05.21.2013)

Readout of U.S.-India Homeland Security Dialogue – Department of Homeland Security (05.21.2013)

DHS Announces Grant Guidance for FY2013 Preparedness Grants – Department of Homeland Sec. (05.21.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

San Diego to Receive $16.9 Million in DHS Funding – National Homeland Security Association (05.29.2013)

Þ    DHS Cuts Funding for Las Vegas’ Terrorism-Related Programs – Homeland Security News Wire (05.28.2013)

DHS Kicks Off $100 Million Employee ID Project – NextGov (05.28.2013)

New Obama Policy Sets Higher Standards for Drone Use – Homeland Security News Wire (05.24.2013)

DHS: It is Impossible to 3D Plastic Guns from Getting Past Security Checkpoints – HS News Wire (05.24.2013)

DHS Debars Scanner Maker from Government Contracts – Homeland Security News Wire (05.23.2013)

DHS Warns Employees That Years-Old Database Hole Puts Their Privacy at Risk – CIO (05.23.2013)

Border Protection

What We Keep Forgetting About Immigration Reform – Homeland Security News Wire (05.29.2013)

Border Entry Fee Opposed by Border-State Lawmakers, Businesses – Homeland Security News Wire (05.28.2013)


Quantum Cryptography’s Security May Not be Air-Tight – Homeland Security News Wire (05.29.2013)

Microsoft Moving Bot-Busting Fight to the Cloud – CIO (05.29.2013)

DARPA’s ‘Plan X’ Looks to Make and App for Cyberwarfare – i360 Gov (05.29.2013)

IPS Market to Grow on Back of Worry over APT Attacks – CIO (05.29.2013)

Þ    Spear Phishing Paves Road for Advanced Persistent Threats – CIO (05.29.2013)

Chinese Government Hackers Steal Designs of Advanced U.S. Weapons Systems – HS News Wire (05.29.2013)

Þ    Hacking Revelations Overshadow Closer U.S.-China Military Ties – Fox News (05.29.2013)

Þ    Report: U.S. Companies Should Consider Counter-Hacking Chinese Hackers – HS News Wire (05.24.2013)

Administration Releases Mobile Security Standards – i360 Gov (05.28.2013)

Cyberattacks Could Cause the Next World War – i360 Gov (05.23.2013)

Cyber Risks for Users of Cloud Computing – Homeland Security News Wire (05.22.2013)

Social Sites’ Privacy Practices ‘Seriously Deficient’ – Homeland Security News Wire (05.22.2013)

U.S. to Help Protect Private Companies from Malicious Cyberattacks – Homeland Security News Wire (05.21.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

U.S. Infrastructure Drops in World Infrastructure Ranking – Homeland Security News Wire (05.29.2013)

Official: Washington Bridge Collapse Not an Example of Crumbling Infrastructure – Emergency Mgt (05.28.2013)

Report: Iranian Hackers Launching Cyberattacks on U.S. Energy Firms – i360 Gov (05.28.2013)

Nation’s Power Grid under Constant Cyberattack, but Congress Lax – CIO (05.23.2013)

IT Vendors Seen as Clueless on Industrial Control Systems – CIO (05.23.2013)


Al Qaeda Rips Into Prima Donna Terrorist for Failing to Deliver – National Homeland Sec. Assoc. (05.29.2013)

Biometric Technology Identifies One of the Boston Marathon Bombers – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.28.2013)

Republicans Hit Obama’s Revamped Counterterrorism Plan, Say President’s ‘Tone-Deaf’ – Fox News (05.26.2013)

The President’s May 23 Speech on Counterterrorism – The White House (05.23.2013)

Þ    Chairman McCaul’s Statement on President’s Counterterrorism Speech – U.S. House of Reps (05.23.2013)

Terrorists Kill British Soldier in London in Broad Daylight – Homeland Security News Wire (05.23.2013)

Court Upholds CIA’s Decision Not to Release Post-Raid Bin Laden Photos – HS News Wire (05.23.2013)

Dead Boston Bombings Suspect Involved in 2011 Slayings – National Homeland Security Association (05.23.2013)

McCaul Op-Ed: Inviting More Boston-Type Massacres; Downplaying Outside Links… – U.S. House (05.22.2013)

Þ    Florida Man Killed by FBI Agent Reportedly Linked to Boston Bomber, Triple Homicide – Fox (05.22.2013)

Marathon Bombing Investigators Ask What Attracted Terror Suspects to Boston Suburb – ABC News (05.20.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Crowdfunding Disaster Relief Gaining in Popularity – Homeland Security News Wire (05.29.2013)

Drones: The Future of Disaster Response – i360 Gov (05.28.2013)

Craig Fugate Discusses How FEMA Has Changed (And What’s Next) – Emergency Management (05.28.2013)

Oklahoma Tops in Disaster Declarations, Ninth in Disaster Grants – Emergency Management (05.28.2013)

Þ    Oklahoma’s Emergency Chief Has Weathered 36 Disasters – Emergency Management (05.22.2013)

2013 National Hurricane Preparedness Week, Pledge to Prepare – FEMA (05.24.2013)

Þ    Hurricane Season Approaches – Federal Emergency Management Agency (05.24.2013)

Virginia Sales Tax Holiday, May 25-31 – Virginia Service (05.23.2013)

New Technologies Help in Tornado Prediction – Homeland Security News Wire (05.23.2013)

Amid Disaster, Oklahoma Students Design Tornado Drones – Emergency Management (05.22.2013)

The Next Generation in High-Tech Disaster Help – NBC TMJ4 (05.22.2013)

Emergency Managers Prepare for a Changing Disaster Paradigm – Emergency Management (05.21.2013)

Understanding Slow Earthquakes Helps in Earthquake Prediction – Homeland Security News Wire (05.21.2013)

Virginia’s First Fire and EMS Memorial Week, June 2-8 – Virginia Service (05.20.2013)

Public Health

FDA Warns of Infections Tied to Tennessee Pharmacy – i360 Gov (05.28.2013)

Smartphone Turned Into Handheld Biosensor – Homeland Security News Wire (05.24.2013)

Ricin Can Kill, but There Are More Potent Bioterror Weapons – Homeland Security News Wire (05.21.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

FEMA Promotes Its Wireless Emergency Alert System – i360 Gov (05.29.2013)



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