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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

05.29.2013 – 06.03.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

May 29, 2013 – June 3, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule June3-June7, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (05.31.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

TSA Stops Using ‘Nude Scanners’ – Los Angeles Times (06.03.2013)

Bloomberg Group Presses Lawmakers to Close FBI’s Gun ‘Terror Gap’ – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.31.2013)

FEMA National Prep Report Calls for Improvements in Infrastructure, Partnerships – HS Today (05.31.2013)

Þ    2013 National Preparedness Report – Federal Emergency Management Agency (05.30.2013)

House Panel Cuts DHS Chemical Plant Monitoring Program’s Budget – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.31.2013)

Homeland Security Accidentally Leaks Sensitive Employee Info – Fast Company (05.29.2013)

DHS to Tackle ID Management Challenge – Homeland Security Today (05.29.2013)

DHS Forced to Release List of Keywords Used to Monitor Social Networking Sites – Forbes (05.26.2013)

Border Protection

DHS Cannot Locate 266 ‘Illegal Overstays of Concern’ – Homeland Security News Wire (05.31.2013)

Reid Confident Immigration Reform Bill Will Pass the Senate – Homeland Security News Wire (05.31.2013)

The U.S. and Canada Announce First-Ever Binational Border Infrastructure Investment Plan – DHS (05.30.2013)


GOP Lawmaker Pushes Obama to Get Tough on Chinese Cyberattack in Meeting with Xi – Fox News (06.03.2013)

Þ    Cybersecurity Tops Obama’s Agenda for China Talks – San Francisco Chronicle (06.03.2013)

Analyst: Government-Developed Standards Not an Effective Cybersecurity Approach – HSN Wire (06.03.2013)

Apple, Motorola Look to New Authentication Methods – National Homeland Security Assn. (06.03.2013)

Hagel Says Chinese Cyberattacks a ‘Growing Threat’ – Homeland Security News Wire (06.03.2013)

3 Great Alternatives to Two-Factor Authentication via Text Message – CIO (05.31.2013)

Study: Android Anti-Virus Products Easily Evaded – Homeland Security News Wire (05.31.2013)

Oracle’s Java Security Improvements Don’t Quite Satisfy – CIO (05.31.2013)

Big Data Drives ‘National Day of Civic Hacking’ – Information Week (05.31.2013)

Mobile Phone Security No-Brainer: Use a Device Passcode – CIO (05.31.2013)

Hack Strikes Feds in Drupal.Org Community – NextGov (05.31.2013)

The BYOD Mobile Security Threat is Real – CIO (05.30.2013)

Google Pressures Industry to Make Software Flaws Public Faster – CIO (05.30.2013)

Op-Ed: The Human Side of Cyber Threats – NextGov (05.29.2013)

ManTech Eyes Cybersecurity Innovations Transferable Between Public, Private Sectors – HS Today (05.29.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Los Alamos Director: Cyber-Securing U.S. Electrical Grid Key to Energy Security – HS News Wire (06.03.2013)

US Tops in Renewable Energy Attractiveness as Sector Comes of Age – Clean Technica (06.03.2013)

Lawmaker Offers Way to Finance US Infrastructure without Taxpayer Money – HS News Wire (05.31.2013)

April 16th Survivor Develops Campus Safety App – WSLS NBC10 (05.31.2013)

Terror Fears, Shoddy Records Keeping Toxic Chemical Plants Hidden from Public – Fox News (05.30.2013)

Þ    DHS Could Lose Millions Unless High-Risk Chemical Tracking Improves – Dallas News (05.30.2013)

North Anna Unit 2 Reactor Shut Down Again – Richmond Times Dispatch (05.30.2013)

Thousands of Bridges at Risk of Freak Collapse – WRIC ABC8 (05.25.2013)

U.S.’s Critical Infrastructure Cyber Defenses Weak, DHS Tells Hearing – Computer World UK (05.20.2013)


Boston Marathon Bombing Highlights Homeland Security Done Right – Governing (06.03.2013)

Iraq Uncovers Al Qaeda’s ‘Chemical Weapons Plot’ – National Homeland Security Assn. (06.02.2013)

Former CIA Chief: NYPD Surveillance Would Have Prevented Boston-Like Attacks – HS News Wire (05.31.2013)

Video: Are Homeland Security ‘Fusion Centers’ Helping Prevent Terror Attacks? – ABC5/YouTube (05.30.2013)

Letters Containing Ricin Sent to Mayor Bloomberg, Gun-Control Advocacy Group – HS News Wire (05.30.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Flames Change the Sound of a Firefighters’ Personal Safety Alarm – Homeland Security News Wire (06.03.2013)

Risk Managers Should Prepare for the Worst When Devising Emergency Plans – Business Insurance (06.02.2013)

U.S. Makes Progress in Building Preparedness Capabilities, Report Says – Emergency Management (05.31.2013)

5 Ways to Educate People about the Realities of Disaster Recovery – National Homeland Sec. Assn. (05.31.2013)

Oklahoma Tornado Damage Could Reach $5 Billion – Emergency Management (05.30.2013)

Survey Shows Businesses Unprepared for Disaster – Virginia Service (05.30.2013)

Relying on Natural Gas-Fired Generators during Electric Grid Failures – Homeland Sec. News Wire (05.30.2013)

Does the Federal Government Really Have a Role in Disaster Relief? – Emergency Management (05.28.2013)

The Big Problem with Disaster Planning – Time (05.28.2013)

NOAA Predicts Active 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season – NOAA (05.23.2013)

Report: Severe Thunderstorms and Tornadoes in the United States – Congressional Research Service (05.22.2013)

Public Health

Current Methods of Reducing Arsenic Contamination of Water are Not Effective – HS News Wire (06.03.2013)

Opinion: For Hospitals, Disaster Planning Must Be About Achieving Normalcy – Fierce Health IT (05.28.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Smartphone Technology to Accelerate Development of Unattended Sensors – HS News Wire (05.30.2013)

Virtual USA Presentation Slides: Information Sharing at All Levels of Government – NISC (05.30.2013)

New York City’s New 911 System Crashes for 12 Minutes – New York Daily News (05.30.2013)

Secret Service Explores a Unified System to Manage Smartphones, Tablets – NextGov (05.30.2013)

Þ    New Program Will Help Agencies manage Mobile Devices – NextGov (05.30.2013)

Cell Providers Must Bounce Back 911 Texts That Don’t Go Through – NextGov (05.29.2013)

FEMA Promotes Its Wireless Emergency Alert System – The New York Times (05.28.2013)

EyaTek Showcases Communications Solutions for First Responders – Homeland Security Today (05.15.2013)

Report: Emergency Alerting; Capabilities Improved, but Additional Guidance, Testing Needed – GAO (04.30.2013)



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