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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.03 – 10.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 3, 2013 – June 10, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule June10-June14, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (06.10.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Electronic Devices of Border Crossers Can Be Searched without Reasonable Suspicion – HSN Wire (06.07.2013)

Þ    DHS: Border Agents Can Search a Traveler’s Laptop, Phone Based on Just a Hunch – Fox News (06.05.2013)

TSA Will Continue Ban on Small Knives – Homeland Security News Wire (06.07.2013)

Nevada Lawmakers Fail to Restore DHS Funds to Las Vegas – Homeland Security News Wire (06.07.2013)

House Approves ‘14 Appropriations above Sequestration Level, but Below President’s Request – GSN (06.07.2013)

Þ    House Votes to Boost Homeland Security Spending – Reuters (06.06.2013)

Tackling Management Challenges at the Department of Homeland Security – Washington Post (06.07.2013)

House Votes to Curb DHS Ammunition Purchases – Fox News (06.05.2013)

IG Report: TSA Cannot ‘Reasonably Justify’ Expansion of its Behavior Detection Program – GSN (06.05.2013)

Border Protection

Weekly Address: Time to Pass Commonsense Immigration Reform – White House Press Office (06.08.2013)

Rubio Will Vote against Immigration Bill Unless Border Security Strengthened – HS News Wire (06.06.2013)

Þ    Sen. Rubio Proposes that Congress, not DHS, Devise Border Security Plan – HS News Wire (06.04.2013)

House Votes to Resume Deporting Young DREAM Act Immigrants – Fox News (06.06.2013)

Border Apprehensions Wildly Exaggerated in Formula behind Senate Bill, Say Critics – Fox News (06.05.2013)

Critics: Gang of Eight Bill Will Create New Surge of Illegal Immigration – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.04.2013)

U.S. Deportation Procedures Challenged by ACLU Lawsuit – Fox News (06.04.2013)

NSA Intelligence Leak

NSA Says It Has Know-How to Ensure It’s Not Illegally Spying On Americans – Fox News (06.10.2013)

UK Rejects Accusations Its Use of US Spy System was Illegal – Reuters (06.10.2013)

NSA Whistle-Blower Who Sought to ‘Inform the Public’ in Surveillance Leak Faces Jail – Fox News (06.10.2013)

Edward Snowden, NSA Contractor Employee, Says He is the Source of NSA Leaks – HS News Wire (06.10.2013)

Lawmakers Harshly Criticize NSA Leaker Edward Snowden – Homeland Security News Wire (06.10.2013)

Boundless Informant: The NSA’s Secret Tool to Track Global Surveillance Data – The Guardian (06.09.2013)

5 Things to Know about the NSA Surveillance Programs and the Man who Leaked Their Details – Fox (06.09.2013)

Press Briefing by National Security Advisor Tom Donilon – The White House Press Office (06.08.2013)

Intelligence Chief Declassifies Details of Phone-Records Program after Uproar over Snooping – Fox (06.07.2013)

2nd NSA Domestic Surveillance Scheme Revealed: Data Mining from 9 U.S. ISPs – HS News Wire (06.07.2013)

Administration: NSA Phone Record Collection Vital to Fighting Terrorism – The Washington Post (06.06.2013)

Op-Ed: The Government Needs to Explain about the NSA’s Phone Data Program – Washington Post (06.06.2013)

NSA Collecting Information on Verizon Customers’ Communications – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.06.2013)


Obama Orders U.S. Intelligence to Develop a List of Targets for U.S. Cyberattacks – HS News Wire (06.10.2013)

Obama and Xi Fail to Bridge Cybersecurity Gap – CNN Money (06.10.2013)

Why Insiders, Not Hackers, are the Biggest Threat to Cybersecurity – NextGov (06.10.2013)

Why Password-Only Authentication is Passé – CIO (06.10.2013)

Putting a Price Tag on Data Breaches – Government Technology (06.07.2013)

Ransomware: The New Cyberthreat – Public CIO (06.07.2013)

With Troops and Techies, U.S. Prepares for Cyber Warfare – Reuters (06.07.2013)

How We Can Get Out of the DNS DDoS Trap – CIO (06.07.2013)

White House: Obama Adjusting Cyber Offense Stance – Fox News (06.07.2013)

Negligence and Glitches Create 64% of Data Breaches – CIO (06.07.2013)

Chinese Hackers Spied on the 2008 Elections, Too – NextGov (06.07.2013)

Android Antivirus Products a Big Flop, Researchers Say – CIO (06.07.2013)

Study: U.S. Tops Charts for Most Costly Data Breaches – CRN (06.05.2013)

When Disaster Strikes, Will Federal Data be Safe? – GCN (06.04.2013)

BugBuster Automatically Finds Bugs in Applications – Homeland Security News Wire (06.04.2013)

China Has Repeatedly Hacked Veterans Affairs Database since 2010, Lawmaker Says – NextGov (06.04.2013)

Is Obama Too Cool on Cybersecurity? – Gov Info Security (06.04.2013)

Disaster Recovery: Test, Invest and Educate – Bank Systems & Technology (06.04.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

CA’s San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Retired Due to Safety Concerns – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.10.2013)

California Tops List of States with Water Infrastructure Needs – Los Angeles Times (06.09.2013)

Food Security: Bipartisan Concern on Capitol Hill Regarding Sale of Smithfield Farms – Fox News (06.08.2013)

Insurers Face Minimum of $4 Billion Payout from May U.S. Storm Damage – HS News Wire (06.07.2013)

Presidential Memo: Transforming Our Nation’s Electric Grid… – White House Press Office (06.07.2013)

Highly Sensitive Polymer Detects IEDs – Homeland Security News Wire (06.06.2013)

American Chemistry Council: Expand TWIC to Companies Regulated by CFATS – HS Today (06.06.2013)

Thousands of U.S. Bridges in ‘Fracture Critical’ Condition – Homeland Security News Wire (06.06.2013)

Penny-Sized Vacuum System Could Help Detect Chemical Weapons – Popular Science (06.06.2013)

FAA One Year Behind on Key Air Traffic Control System – NextGov (06.06.2013)

Laser-Driven Neutrons to Detect Nuclear Smuggling – Homeland Security News Wire (06.05.2013)

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens June 12 – VDEM (06.05.2013)

Information Paper: Sustainable Energy – World Nuclear Association (06.04.2013)

New Energy Sec. Moniz Visits TN Nuclear Weapons Plant Where Protesters Broke In – Fox News (06.03.2013)


Texas Actress First Accuses Husband, but She’s Arrested in Ricin Case – CNN (06.10.2013)

Santa Monica Shooting Victim Dies, Bringing Toll to 5 – CNN (06.09.2013)

Þ    Three People Shot at Santa Monica College; Suspect in Custody – Los Angeles Times (06.07.2013)

Fusion Centers Struggle to Find Their Place in the Post-9/11 World – Emergency Management (06.06.2013)

LAPD to Conduct Counterterrorism Drill in Conjunction with Homeland Security Conference – Fox (06.06.2013)

Lawmaker Wants More Bin Laden Documents Declassified – Homeland Security News Wire (06.05.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Social Media Analytics Help Emergency Responders – Homeland Security News Wire (06.10.2013)

Insight: In Tornado Alley, Building Practices Boost Damage – Reuters (06.08.2013)

Canadian Volunteer Team Embraces ‘Second Tier Response – Emergency Management (06.06.2013)

Defining Emergency Managers – Emergency Management (06.06.2013)

U.S. Hurricane Supercomputers Need an Upgrade – Homeland Security News Wire (06.05.2013)

Hurricane Mitigation Plans Must Include Pets, ASPCA Reminds Public – Emergency Management (06.03.2013)

The Role of Standards in Emergency Management – Emergency Management (06.03.2013)

Public Health

Studying the Deadly Secrets of Flu, Ebola, West Nile Viruses – Homeland Security News Wire (06.10.2013)

FDA Investigates Multistate Outbreak of Hepatitis-A Illnesses – U.S. Food and Drug Admin. (06.07.2013)

Faster Method to Identify Salmonella Strains – Homeland Security News Wire (06.04.2013)

FDA Approves RFID-Based Blood Tracking – Healthcare IT News (06.04.2013)

Vaccine Exemptions Could Help Make Whooping Cough a Thing Again – NextGov (06.04.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Delivering Seamless Communication to Government – Government Technology (06.10.2013)

Successful Alert Notification Deployments – Emergency Management (06.07.2013)

Texas Installs Encryptics Security Solution that Provides Device-Level Email Encryption – GSN (06.03.2013)



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