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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.10 – 17.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 10, 2013 – June 17, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule June17-June21, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (06.17.2013)

Written Testimony: Jensen, ‘Why Can’t DHS Better Communicate with the American People?’ – DHS (06.14.2013)

Written Testimony: Kessler, ‘Why Can’t DHS Better Communicate…?’ – DHS (06.14.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Cybersecurity: Preparing for and responding to the enduring threat’ – DHS (06.12.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Texas to Appeal FEMA Decision Not to Declare West, Texas a Disaster Area – HS News Wire (06.17.2013)

Þ    White House, FEMA Stand Firm on West Decision – Dallas News (06.14.2013)

DHS IG: TSA’s Behavior Detection Program Not Cost Effective – Homeland Security News Wire (06.12.2013)

Is There a Silver Lining to the President’s Cyber War Policy? – Forbes (06.11.2013)

Border Protection

GOP Lawmakers Want Stronger Border Security Provisions in Immigration Bill – HS News Wire (06.17.2013)

Crunch Time for Lobbyists on Immigration – The Hill (06.13.2013)

Defense Companies Turn Their Attention to Border Security – Homeland Security News Wire (06.13.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

China Joins Calls for Explanations of U.S. Surveillance Programs – Fox News (06.17.2013)

Exposure of NSA Surveillance Raises Issue of Mueller Remark on Real Time Email Tracking – Fox (06.17.2013)

Cheney Defends NSA Programs, says Snowden a ‘Traitor’, Obama ‘Lacks Credibility’ – Fox News (06.16.2013)

Facebook, Microsoft Release Information on Government Data Requests – Fox News (06.15.2013)

Britain Asks Airlines to Block U.S. NSA Leaker Snowden – Reuters (06.14.2013)

Will PRISM Impact Open Data Efforts? – Government Technology (06.13.2013)

NSA Director: Surveillance Programs Prevented ‘Dozens’ of Terror Attacks – HS News Wire (06.13.2013)

FBI Director Defends Surveillance Programs – Fox News (06.13.2013)

ACLU Files Lawsuit Challenging NSA’s Phone Surveillance – Homeland Security News Wire (06.12.2013)

Durbin: FISA Declassification Bill Dead on Arrival – The Hill (06.11.2013)

Justice Department Prepares Charges against NSA Leaker Snowden – News Max (06.11.2013)

Patriot or Traitor, Snowden Driven by Fear of Government Intrusion – Reuters (06.11.2013)


A Comprehensive List of Security Terms You Should Know – GCN (06.17.2013)

States Scramble to Attract Suddenly Hot Cybersecurity Firms – PEW Stateline (06.17.2013)

FDA Urges Protection of Medical Devices from Cyber Threats – Fox News (06.14.2013)

Þ    Federal Regulators Address Rising Security Risk to Medical Devices – CIO (06.14.2013)

New Credential for Cyber Investigators – NextGov (06.14.2013)

GSA Wants Ideas on Next-Gen ID Management – GCN (06.14.2013)

Israel Taps 10th Graders’ Cyber Skills to Expand Cybersecurity Recruitment Pool – HS News Wire (06.14.2013)

Can Automated Security Put Agencies a Step Ahead of the Hackers? – GCN (06.14.2013)

House Panel to Unveil Cybersecurity Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (06.12.2013)

NIST Publishes Draft Cloud Computing Security Document for Comment – HS News Wire (06.12.2013)

Þ    Scholars: Cloud Computing User Privacy Needs Serious Reform – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.12.2013)

SMS Spam Cruises for Suckers – CIO (06.12.2013)

Obama’s Cybersecurity Mandate Hits First Milestone – CIO (06.12.2013)

4 Technology Insights from Citrix Synergy 2013 – Government Technology (06.11.2013)

GSA Considers Mobile Options for Issuing Federal Employee IDs – NextGov (06.11.2013)

Security Risks Posed by Poor Coast Guard Management of Laptops, IG Says – Homeland Sec. Today (06.11.2013)

The Art and Science of Risk Management – CIO (06.10.2013)

7 Major Trends Forcing IT Security Pros to Change – CIO (06.10.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

New Jersey Faces Costly Water Infrastructure Upgrades – Homeland Security News Wire (06.17.2013)

FBI Launches Active Shooter Webpage – Federal Bureau of Investigation (06.17.2013)

Detecting Explosives, Not Toothpaste – Homeland Security News Wire (06.14.2013)

7 Essentials for Defending Against DDoS Attacks – CIO (06.14.2013)

Georgia’s Plant Vogtle May Determine Future of Nuclear Energy – Homeland Security News Wire (06.14.2013)

NRC Still Seeking Why Spot at NC Nuke Plant Missed – NBC10 WAVY (06.13.2013)

Flight from Los Angeles to Texas Diverted to Phoenix after Phone Bomb Threat – Fox News (06.11.2013)


Al Qaeda-Affiliated Militants Training in Using Shoulder-Fired Anti-Aircraft Missile – HS News Wire (06.13.2013)

Taliban Surge Expected to Continue – The Washington Post (06.10.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Natural Disasters Prove Costly – The Sydney Morning Herald (06.17.2013)

VDEM Offers Safety Tips for Storm Recovery – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (06.14.2013)

FEMA Maps Rollout Delayed: Release Scheduled for End of June 2013 – National Law Review (06.14.2013)

Identifying Regions with Multiple Forest Threat Potential, Including Wildfires – HS News Wire (06.13.2013)

Do Cities Need Chief Resilience Officers? – Emergency Management (06.13.2013)

U.S. Cities Preparing for Disasters – Homeland Security News Wire (06.13.2013)

Colorado Fires: Two Deaths Reported; 5 Percent Containment – NPR (06.13.2013)

EM Update: Issue #112 – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (06.12.2013)

Scale, Velocity, Ambiguity: What’s Different about a Type 1 Event? – Emergency Management (06.11.2013)

How Businesses Prepare for Disasters – Net Security (06.11.2013)

How Businesses Maintained Continuity of Operations during Sandy – Emergency Management (06.10.2013)

Public Health

Dangerous Strains of E. Coli May Linger Longer in Water – Homeland Security News Wire (06.14.2013)

Fast, Reliable Identification of Pathogens – Homeland Security News Wire (06.13.2013)

DARPA Develops Tiny Helpers to Spot Bioterror Attacks – Information Week (06.13.2013)

Responding to Public Health Emergencies – Homeland Security News Wire (06.12.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Presidential Memo: Expanding America’s Leadership in Wireless Innovation – White House (06.14.2013)

Fact Sheet: Administration Provides Another boost to Wireless Broadband & Tech. Innovation – WH (06.14.2013)



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