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06.10 – 24.2013 Virginia Military Media

Virginia Military Media

June 10, 2013 – June 24, 2013

Apologies for (1) not getting the media report out last week and (2) for this bulky media report. This is two weeks of media that I felt was necessary to pass along.

Budget, Sequestration Impacts & Defense Cuts

Reid to Bring FY’14 Spending Bill to Senate Floor – ADC (06.23.2013)

Navy Installations to Trim Civilian Workforce – ADC (06.23.2013)

DoD Furlough Appeals Filed, Called Premature – Stars and Stripes (06.21.2013)

Welsh: Sequestration Drains Crucial Capabilities – Air Force News (06.20.2013)

Republicans to Resist Higher Senate Top Line in Committee – ADC (06.20.2013)

Senate Dems escalate spending fight – The Hill (06.20.2013)

Navy Installations Plan Reduction in Force – Navy News (06.20.2013)

US Scraps Tons of Gear As It Leaves Afghanistan – Defense News (06.20.2013)

Obama Sparks New Fight in Seeking Huge Nuke Reductions – Defense News (06.19.2013)

Navy: Sequestration won’t slow Pacific Pivot – DoD Buzz (06.19.2013)

Levin pessimistic about July floor debate for Defense bill – The Hill (06.18.2013)

Milcon Funding Approved by Senate Panel Exceeds House Recommendation – ADC (06.18.2013)

Inhofe Wants to Shield DOD from Cuts with Changes to Social Security – ADC (06.17.2013)

House Authorization Bill Recommends 1.8 Percent Military Pay Raise – ADC (06.17.2013)

Analyst: 2014 Defense Review Offers Opportunity for Real Reform – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.17.2013)

Air Force Chief: Time to Stop Talking and Start Making Strategy, Budget Choices – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.17.2013)

House Approves Authorization Bill – ADC (06.16.2013)

Pain of Sequestration to Linger, Installation Officials Say – ADC (06.13.2013)

Army Realignment Decision Coming Shortly, Hammack Says – ADC (06.13.2013)

Senate committee sets Pentagon budget at $625 billion – The Hill (06.13.2013)

Navy Secretary Defends Littoral Combat Ship – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.13.2013)

Debate Continues Over Fate of U.S. Military Gear in Afghanistan – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.13.2013)

Carter Backs Proposals to Cut Defense Bloat – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.12.2013)

House Appropriations panel approves $512 billion Pentagon spending bill – The Hill (06.12.2013)

Installation Commanders to Consider Shared Services Agreements in Army Communities – ADC (06.12.2013)

Base Realignment and Closure News

Navy Stands apart on BRAC, Shared Services – ADC (06.23.2013)

Doing BRAC the Right Way – Defense News (06.20.2013)

It’s Not Entirely Clear How Much Excess Capacity Exists in DOD, GAO Finds – ADC (06.20.2013)

GSA trying innovative approaches to disposing of real property – Federal News Radio (06.19.2013)

Cruz Explains Amendment Blocking BRAC – ADC (06.19.2013)

House Language Would Require DOD to Consider Community Support before Realigning Bases – ADC (06.18.2013)

‘State of Base Redevelopment Report’ Provides National Snapshot – ADC (06.17.2013)

Senate Action on Policy Bill Likely Closes Window on BRAC this Year – ADC (06.16.2013)

Next BRAC Round May Not Be around the Corner – ADC (06.16.2013)

Military Weighed Down by Heavy Equipment, Excess Infrastructure – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.14.2013)

BRAC May Be Better than the Alternatives, Conger Tells Summit – ADC (06.12.2013)

Panel rejects request for military base closings – Associated Press (06.12.2013)

Senate Panel Rejects Request for BRAC Round in 2015 – ADC (06.11.2013)

White House Veto Threat over Authorization Bill Cites BRAC Request – ADC (06.11.2013)

Defense Industries

Funding Remains Available for Innovative Defense Technologies – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.21.2013)

Army Warns Truck Manufacturers of Impending Slowdown – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.20.2013)

Marines Focus on Next Generation of Body Armor – DVIDS (06.20.2013) *Quantico, VA

Boeing Courts Possible KC-46A Tanker Buyers – DoD Buzz (06.20.2013)

Lockheed Eyes C-130J for Commercial Market – DoD Buzz (06.20.2013)

US senators seek cost cuts for F-35 fighter jet – Associated Press (06.19.2013)

Backers of U.S. Naval Buildup Sail Against the Tide – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.19.2013)

Despite Flat market, New Airlift Options Emerge – Defense News (06.19.2013)

Industry Jockeys for Position in Huge US Army Helo Contest – Defense News (06.18.2013)

JLTV on Track Despite Sequestration – DoD Buzz (06.18.2013)

U.S. May Sell 100 Ospreys Abroad: Official – Defense Tech (06.17.2013)

Boeing-Sikorsky Team Emerges as Frontrunner After EADS Quits Army Helo Competition – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.14.2013)

Army Cancels Carbine Competition When No Rifles Pass Muster (UPDATED) – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.13.2013)

Defense Industry In Search of The New Normal – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.11.2013)

Defense Contractors Will Share Burdens of Furloughs, Hagel Says – American Forces Press Service (06.11.2013)

Boeing Wins $4 Billion, Five-Year Chinook Deal – DoD Buzz (06.11.2013)

Navy to Buy 99 Ospreys in $6.5 Billion Order – DoD Buzz (06.11.2013)

Virginia Defense & Installation News

Relief from defense cuts? Maybe. But no solution – Virginian-Pilot (06.24.2013)

New leader at Naval Special Warfare Command – Daily Press (06.24.2013)

Navy opens new youth center at Yorktown – Associated Press (06.24.2013)

CG captain transfers command in Chesapeake – WAVY (06.24.2013)

NASA Langley Research Center joins manufacturing research group – Times Dispatch (06.24.2013)

Drilling imperils Navy operations – Virginian-Pilot (06.23.2013)

Virginia is the center of the US shipbuilding industry – Defense News (06.23.2013)

                * Detailed Impact Stats

Naval Air Force Atlantic gets new boss – Virginian-Pilot (06.22.2013)

Fort Eustis Soldiers train to fight – Peninsula Warrior (06.21.2013)

U.S. Army, TRADOC celebrate birthdays – Peninsula Warrior (06.21.2013)

Shoemaker assumes AIRLANT Command – WAVY (06.21.2013)

Ft. Eustis soldier killed in Afghanistan – WAVY (06.21.2013)

Carrier Enterprise moved to shipyard to be stripped – Virginian-Pilot (06.20.2013)

USS George H.W. Bush change of command – WAVY (06.20.2013)

Navy presents Bronze Stars to sailors – WAVY (06.19.2013)

USS Enterprise to embark on final voyage – WAVY (06.19.2013)

Dedication planned for NH soldier who died in Va. – Associated Press (06.19.2013)

USS Bainbridge deployment – WAVY (06.14.2013)

Liebherr to cut hours at Newport News plant – Lehigh Valley News (06.13.2013)

Veterans & Military Families

Governor McDonnell Announces 16 Percent Decrease in Overall Homelessness in Virginia – Gov Press (06.24.2013)

Army Initiates Collaborative Effort on TBI, PTSD – American Forces Press Service (06.24.2013)

Veteran Represents marines in Boxing Ring – Marine Corps News (06.23.2013)

Wounded Veterans Kick Off 3,000-Mile Race – DVIDS (06.21.2013)

Labor Department Web Page Designed to Help Women Veterans Gain Employment – ADC (06.21.2013)

Veterans key to medical marijuana lobby efforts – Associated Press (06.21.2013)

ON YOUR SIDE: Veteran asks for parking help – NBC12 (06.20.2013)

Soldier Hopes to Help Inner-City Students – American Forces Press Service (06.20.2013)

Lawmakers call for IT security reforms at VA – Federal Times (06.14.2013)

Retired flags find new life in final salute to veterans – Virginian-Pilot (06.14.2013)

McDonnell to address Virginia employers’ intent on learning how to hire veterans – Associated Press (06.12.2013)

Army Corps says go ahead with Arlington cemetery expansion – Washington Post (06.12.2013)

Vet Says Obama Ignoring Plight of Deported Heroes – Military News (06.12.2013)

WH Willing to Fight for TRICARE Fee Hikes – Updated – Military.com (06.11.2013)

Separate milestones for Virginia War Memorial and state community college system – Daily Press (06.11.2013)

Fallen Heroes

Sgt. Justin R. Johnson – 06.18.2013

Technology, Cyber & Energy

Ultralight Robot Program Allegedly Runs Afoul of Acquisition Regulations – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.19.2013)

DoD Calls Out China On Cyber Spying – Defense News (06.19.2013)

US Begins To Define Military Cyber Ops – Defense News (06.17.2013)

Other State Highlights

Montana: Senators to feds: Show veteran employment programs are working – Ravalli Republic (06.17.2013)

Texas: Texas Launches Pilot Program to Help Recent Army Veterans Find Jobs – ADC (06.16.2013)

Miscellaneous & Announcements

AP Exclusive: Taliban offer to free US soldier – Associated Press (06.20.2013)

                * If you don’t know about this, you should.

ADC Offering Bootcamp on Community-Installation Support Agreements – ADC (06.20.2013)

DOD studying moving 2,700 Marines from Okinawa to Hawaii – The Honolulu Star-Advisor (06.19.2013)

OEA Offering Planning Support to Communities, States Affected by DOD Cutbacks – ADC (06.18.2013)

National Guard Seeks to Expand Active Role In Military – Nat’l Defense Blog (06.17.2013)



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