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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.17 – 24.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 17, 2013 – June 24, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Federal Government Approaches to Issuing Biometric IDs: Part II’ –DHS (06.19.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Threat, Risk and Vulnerability: The Future of the TWIC Program’ – DHS (06.18.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Continuing Concerns Over BioWatch and the Surveillance of Bioterrorism’– DHS (06.18.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Wants to Upgrade BioWatch, but Admits the System Addresses a Receding Threat – HSN Wire (06.21.2013)

Senate Subcommittee to Examine Preparedness Grants since 9/11 – Government Security News (06.21.2013)

States Move to Draft Their Own Drone Laws – Homeland Security News Wire (06.20.2013)

Lawmakers Want More Oversight of Security Clearances – Government Executive (06.20.2013)

DHS to Formalize Reports on Lessons Learned to Guide Future Acquisitions – Homeland Sec. Today (06.17.2013)

Border Protection

DHS No Longer Conducts Regular Background Checks of Immigration Applicants – HS News Wire (06.24.2013)

Questions Raised About ‘Border Security Surge’ – Homeland Security News Wire (06.24.2013)

Border Sec. Provision Deal Makes Immigration Bill More Acceptable to Lawmakers – HS News Wire (06.21.2013)

Undercover Immigration Agents to Undergo Mental Testing – Government Security News (06.20.2013)

CBO: Senate Immigration Bill Would Reduce Deficits by $200 Billion over Decade – HS News Wire (06.19.2013)

7-Eleven Stores Used Stolen SSNs to Pay Illegal Immigrants – Homeland Security News Wire (06.19.2013)

DHS Ordered to Release Names of Immigrant Criminals Allowed to Stay in U.S. – HS News Wire (06.18.2013)

Rand Paul Makes Immigration Move – The Hill (06.18.2013)

Immigration Bill Includes Benefits to Some Industries – Homeland Security News Wire (06.18.2013)

Immigration Enforcement Director Resigning after 4 Years on the Job – Fox News (06.17.2013)

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on Border Security Amendment Proposed in the Senate – DHS (06.21.2013)

Federal Authorities Raid New York, Virginia 7-Eleven Stores in Human Smuggling Probe – Fox News (06.17.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

China ‘Gravely Concerned’ by Snowden’s Claims of U.S. Cyber Attacks on China – Yahoo News (06.24.2013)

Snowden: British Spies Tapping Fiber-Optic Cables – Fox News (06.22.2013)

Snowden’s Return to U.S. Could be Legal Battle – Army Times (06.22.2013)

Background Check of Snowden May Have Been Faulty – Homeland Security News Wire (06.21.2013)

NSA: Surveillance Programs Helped Prevent Terror Plots 50+ Times since 9/11 – HS News Wire (06.19.2013)

Obama Calls NSA Secret Data Gathering ‘Transparent’ in PBS Interview – Fox News (06.18.2013)

NYPD Chief Criticizes NSA for Secrecy Surrounding Surveillance Program – HS News Wire (06.18.2013)


Clearing Up Cloud Confusion – Government Technology (06.24.2013)

06/26: Cyber Disruption Response Planning Framework for State, Local, and Regional Entities – EMF (06.24.2013)

Cybercrooks Target SMBs with new Types of Attacks – CIO (06.24.2013)

Registration Opens for NIST Cybersecurity Framework Workshop – Homeland Security News Wire (06.24.2013)

Too Many CSOs Ignore the Reality of Today’s Threats – CIO (06.21.2013)

Facebook Security Bug Exposed Personal Account Information, Six Million Affected – Tech Crunch (06.21.2013)

Þ    Facebook Failed to Notify Federal Social Media Community About Data Leak – NextGov (06.24.2013)

CIO Takes Action to Solve BYOD’s Privacy Problem – CIO (06.21.2013)

Napolitano Characterizes Cybersecurity Framework as Grand Experiment – Homeland Security Today (06.21.2013)

Encryption Can’t Protect Your Data While You’re Logged in – CIO (06.21.2013)

Can the Cloud Provide the Best Strategy for Security? – GCN (06.20.2013)

U.S., Russia to Share Cyberthreat Data – Gov Info Security (06.19.2013)

DHS Needs to Step Up Its Game in Federal Cybersecurity – GCN (06.19.2013)

Industry Perspective: Protecting Interconnected Systems – Government Technology (06.18.2013)

IG: DHS Needs Cybersecurity Strategic Plan – Gov Info Security (06.17.2013)

Why We Can’t Stop Malicious Insiders – CIO (06.17.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Tank at Washington State Nuclear Site May be Leaking Radioactive Waste – Reuters (06.21.2013)

Former Investigators Pushing for New Look into TWA Flight 800 Crash – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.20.2013)

Definition of ‘Critical infrastructure’ Falls Short – USA Today (06.20.2013)

U.K. Nuclear Disaster Exercise Reveals Worrisome Lapses in Emergency Response – HS News Wire (06.20.2013)

New Microfluid Chip Useful in Counterterrorism, Water and Food Safety – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.20.2013)

1 in 9 U.S. Bridges in Need of Repair – USA Today (06.19.2013)

Airport Baggage Scanning: Slow, Steady Pace Yields Better Results – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.18.2013)

Testing the Seismic Strength of Light Frame Steel Construction – Homeland Security News Wire (06.18.2013)


Nevada Sheriff Wants DHS to Do More Before, Rather Than After, Attacks – HS News Wire (06.24.2013)

Two Men Charged with Planning an ‘X-Ray Weapon’ to Kill Muslim Enemies – HS News Wire (06.20.2013)

Fort Hood Shooting Suspect Nidal Hasan Could Win another Trial Delay – Washington Times (06.18.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

CERT Training Feedback Needed – Virginia Service (06.24.2013)

Storm Predictions for Navy, Civilian Planners – Homeland Security News Wire (06.20.2013)

Bolstering Pre-Disaster Resilience Significantly Reduces Post-Disaster Cost – HS News Wire (06.21.2013)

$110B in Damages Makes 2012 Second Only to 2005 for Weather-Related Disasters – HS News Wire (06.21.2013)

Mayors Pledge to Develop Resilient Communities – Emergency Management (06.18.2013)

Public Health

New Mers-Coronavirus Continues to Smolder – BBC News (06.22.2013)

WHO Calls Emergency Meeting to Respond to SARS-Like Outbreak – Homeland Security Today (06.21.2013)

Factors Influencing Spinach E. Coli Contamination Before Harvest – Homeland Security News Wire (06.21.2013)

Richmond Hospital Warns Patients, Staff of Tuberculosis Scare – NBC12 Richmond (06.19.2013)

23K Pounds of Beef Products Recalled – NBC12 Richmond (06.19.2013)

People May Have Been Exposed to Measles at Dulles – CBS6 Richmond (06.18.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Highly Conductive Textiles Allow for Wearable Electronics – Homeland Security News Wire (06.21.2013)

Pentagon to Wireless industry: We Need Our Spectrum – NextGov (06.19.2013)

Competitors Selected for DARPA Spectrum Challenge – Homeland Security News Wire (06.19.2013)

Fed Spectrum Sharing and Wi-Fi – NextGov (06.19.2013)

Energy Lab Team Explores New Ways of Analyzing Social Media – GCN (06.18.2013)

PSAPs Find Text-to-911 Transition Relatively Straightforward – Urgent Communications (06.17.2013)



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