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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

06.24.2013 – 07.01.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

June 24, 2013 – July 01, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Border Security Oversight: Identifying & Responding to Current Threats’ – DHS (06.27.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Measuring the Impact of Preparedness Grants Since 9/11’ –DHS (06.25.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Statement by Secretary Napolitano on the Wildfire in Arizona – Department of Homeland Security (07.01.2013)

Former Pentagon No. 2 Suspected of Being Source of Stuxnet Leaks – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.28.2013)

Oversight of Preparedness Grants Improving at FEMA, Officials Say – Homeland Security Today (06.26.2013)

FAA to Relax In-Flight Electronics Ban – Homeland Security News Wire (06.26.2013)

DHS Leaders to travel with Lightweight SCIF-Like Enclosure to Safeguard TS Comms – GSN (06.26.2013)

Airport Screener Union Says TSA is Violating Contract – Homeland Security News Wire (06.25.2013)

Border Protection

Senate Passes Historic Immigration Reform Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (06.28.2013)

House Lawmakers Disagree on How to Move Forward on Immigration Reform – HS News Wire (06.27.2013)

The United States and Canada Release Progress Report on Facilitating Cross-Border Business – DHS (06.26.2013)

Border Security Bill Specifies Treasure Trove of Investments in Technology – Homeland Sec. Today (06.24.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

Documents Show NSA Conducted Surveillance of EU Member States, Embassies – HS News Wire (07.01.2013)

With Julian Assange Taking the Spotlight, Edward Snowden’s Future Looks Grim – Washington Post (06.30.2013)

Report: NSA Collected US Email Records, Internet Use for Years – CIO (06.27.2013)

The CIA’s Plan to Put an End to Their Leaking Problem – Government Executive (06.27.2013)

NSA’s Intel Gathering Puts the Spotlight on Metadata – GCN (06.26.2013)

GOP Lashes Out at ‘Weak’ Obama amid Snowden Furor – The Hill (06.25.2013)

Did NSA Leaks Help Al Qaeda? – CNN (06.25.2013)


With Blackberry Reportedly Hacked, is Anything Secure? – CIO (07.01.2013)

How Cyberthreats are Creating New Job Opportunities – Government Technology (06.28.2013)

NIST Plans to Issue Guidance on how Incident Response Teams can Better Work Together – GSN (06.28.2013)

Cybercrime Fueled by Mature Digital Underground – CIO (06.27.2013)

FDA Warns about Vulnerability of Medical Devices to Hacking – Homeland Security News Wire (06.27.2013)

Cyberattacks the Greatest Threat to Nations, Say Global Execs – CIO (06.26.2013)

Your Passwords Aren’t Nearly Strong Enough – NextGov (06.26.2013)

States Eager to Attract Cybersecurity Companies – Homeland Security News Wire (06.25.2013)

Re-Thinking Cybersecurity Strategy Means Thinking Bigger than Just Today’s Hail Storm – GSN (06.25.2013)

New Guide Highlights Three Cybersecurity Game Changers – Homeland Security News Wire (06.25.2013)

6 Steps to Secure Mobile Devices – Gov Info Security (06.25.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

CIP: Are We Prepared for a Massive Cyberattack on U.S. Systems? – CIO (07.01.2013)

Radiation Dose Passengers Receive from Airport Scanners is Low – Homeland Security News Wire (07.01.2013)

U.N. Nuclear Chief Warns of ‘Dirty Bomb’ Threat – Reuters (07.01.2013)

NY Infrastructure Must be made More Resilient in Face of Climate Challenge – HS News Wire (07.01.2013)

Column: Solar Flare Poses Huge Threat – USA Today (06.28.2013)

Test of New Three Mile Island Sirens Fails – NBC8 WGAL (06.28.2013)

Autonomous Detection Sought for BioWatch Surveillance Systems – Homeland Security Today (06.27.2013)

Maryland Shorelines Facing Sea Level Rise Threatening State’s Infrastructure – HS News Wire (06.27.2013)

Transporting Diluted Bitumen through Pipelines Does Not Increase Likelihood of Release – HSN Wire (06.27.2013)

Homeland Security Developing Systems to Detect Concealed Person-Borne Bombs at a Distance – H1 (06.20.2013)


How Police and FBI Averted Holiday Bomb Plot – National Terror Alert Response Center (06.25.2013)

LAPD Ambush a ‘Blatant Attempt to Assassinate’ Cops, Chief Beck Says – Los Angeles Times (06.25.2013)

Terrorists Changing Tactics in Wake of Surveillance Program Leaks, Officials Say – Fox News (06.25.2013)

French Police Arrest Six ‘Radical Islamists’ near Paris – BBC News (06.25.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Demands that Erie County, NY Return Millions in Disaster Relief – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.01.2013)

‘For Now, We Mourn’: Few Answers after 19 Killed in Arizona Wildfire – NBC News (07.01.2013)

Remote-Controlled Cockroaches to Help in Search-And-Rescue Missions – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.28.2013)

Robots to Assist Humans in Mitigating, Recovering from Future Disasters – HS News Wire (06.28.2013)

New Firefighter Breathing Equipment Test Goes into Effect 1 September – Homeland Sec. News Wire (06.28.2013)

More than $7.6 Billion in Aid towards NY’s Recovery from Sandy – FEMA (06.27.2013)

Responding to International WMD Incidents – Homeland Security News Wire (06.27.2013)

The Contribution of Social Bonds to Resilience in the Wake of Superstorm Sandy – HS News Wire (06.25.2013)

School Security: Planning Tips for an Active Shooter Scenario – Emergency Management (06.24.2013)

Public Health

Rapid, On-Site Detection of Illegal Cooking Oils – Homeland Security News Wire (07.01.2013)

FDA Shuts Down More than 1,500 Online Pharmacies – Homeland Security News Wire (07.01.2013)

Improved Water Purification Technology Reduces Logistics Burden – Homeland Security News Wire (06.28.2013)

FDA-Approved Medications May Stop Deadly Ebola – Homeland Security News Wire (06.26.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Next Steps in Making Text-to-911 a Reality – GCN (07.01.2013)

Face-to-Face Communication Still Best for Emergency Management, Research Shows – YNN (06.27.2013)



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