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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.01 – 08.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 1, 2013 – July 8, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: House Homeland Security Committee July 8-12, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (07.08.2013)

Homeland Security Panel Targets Boston Bombing Security Breakdowns – U.S. House of Reps (07.03.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Inspector General Tells DHS to Fix Information Sharing Portal Fast – Homeland Security Today (07.03.2013)

NTSB Recommends Changes to FAA Aborted Landing Rules – Homeland Security News Wire (07.03.2013)

Homeland Security IG under Congressional Investigation – Federal Times (07.02.2013)

DHS’ $3 Billion TacCom Contract Slow to Connect – Homeland Security Today (07.01.2013)

Border Protection

Border Protection Agency Considers E-Commerce – NextGov (07.05.2013)

Senate Immigration Bill Could Yield Billions in Federal Contracts – Homeland Security News Wire (07.03.2013)

Customs and Border Protection Wants to Arm Drones – NextGov (07.02.2013)

Lawmakers Want to Ease Travel as Part of Immigration Legislation – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.02.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

Venezuela, Bolivia Offer Asylum to Edward Snowden – CIO (07.08.2013)


U.S. Ports are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks – Homeland Security News Wire (07.08.2013)

Growing Cybersecurity Opportunities for Young Americans – Homeland Security News Wire (07.08.2013)

China, U.S. to Discuss Cybersecurity at Forum – CIO (07.07.2013)

State of Michigan Health Website Breached – Gov Info Security (07.06.2013)

Can State & Local Govs Benefit from the U.S. Commerce Dept’s Cybersecurity Program? – E.M. (07.05.2013)

New Expert Network to Advise Organizations on How to Keep Data Safe – Homeland Sec News Wire (07.05.2013)

Can Agencies Team Up in Responding to Cyberattacks? – GCN (07.03.2013)

Millions of Californians Affected by Breaches – Government Technology (07.02.2013)

Þ    California’s First Data-Breach Report Finds 131 Incidents hit 2.5 Million Citizens – CIO (07.02.2013)

NSA Revelations Raise Doubts about Passage of Cybersecurity Legislation – HS News Wire (07.02.2013)

Department of Homeland Security Hosts Hacker Camp at Virginia Tech – NewsPlex.com (07.02.2013)

Cyber Attackers Constantly Hitting Gas Utilities in 2013 – eWeek (07.01.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Highly Portable X-Ray Imaging System Developed – Homeland Security News Wire (07.08.2013)

San Francisco Plane –Crash Survivors Tell of ‘Miracle’ Escapes amid Chaos – New York Post (07.08.2013)

Improving the Reliability, Resiliency of Post-Sandy N.J. Electric Grid – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.08.2013)

NTSB: 10 Killed in Alaska Plane Crash – NBC WBALTV11 (07.08.2013)

Railway: Shutdown May Have Begun Train Wreck – NBC WBALTV11 (07.07.2013)

2 Killed, 182 Hospitalized as S. Korean Jet Crash-Lands in San Francisco – Washington Post (07.07.2013)

Þ    Coroner: Rescue Vehicle May Have Struck Crash Victim – USA Today (07.07.2013)

Galveston Uses Pesky Seaweed to Fight Storm Surge – WIVB4 (07.06.2013)

Protecting Drinking Water Systems from Deliberate Contamination – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.05.2013)

Earthquake-Proofing Precast Buildings – Homeland Security News Wire (07.05.2013)

Israeli TV Crew Sneaks Printed 3-D Gun into Knesset, Twice – The Washington Times (07.04.2013)


Chechen Islamic Terrorists Threaten February 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia – HS News Wire (07.05.2013)

Cops: ‘High-Risk’ Arrest Nets Suspect with Stolen Weapons, Molotov Cocktails, Body Armor – NBC (07.04.2013)

Was Alleged Canada Day Bomb Plot Inspired by Al Qaeda? – CBC News (07.02.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Wildfire Experts Call for More Controlled Burns – USA Today (07.07.2013)

Illinois Expert Predicts More ‘Chain Reaction’ Disasters – CBS2 Chicago (07.06.2013)

FEMA to Evaluate Readiness of Virginia – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.05.2013)

Gauging how Residents in Storm-Prone Regions React in Event of Imminent Storm – HS News Wire (07.05.2013)

School Shooting Preparedness Requires Complex Training – Emergency Management (07.05.2013)

Command vs. Coordination, in the EOC – Emergency Management (07.04.2013)

Using Wi-Fi Signals to See through Walls – GCN (07.03.2013)

Obama Says Arizona Wildfire Deaths Open Up Broader Questions – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.03.2013)

Rare Mix of Events May Have Overtaken 19 Firefighters, Wildfire Veterans Say – Washington Post (07.02.2013)

CERT App Will Help Coordinate Volunteer Responders – Emergency Management (07.02.2013)

10 Best Apps for Emergency Preparedness – Crop Life (07.01.2013)

Researchers Re-Task Sensor Networks to Detect New Hazards – Emergency Management (07.01.2013)

Who Should Pay for Emergency Management? – Emergency Management (07.01.2013)

Public Health

W.H.O. Sets Up Emergency Committee on MERS Virus – Reuters (07.05.2013)

HHS Grants to Bolster Disaster Preparedness for Health Care, Public Health – Imperial Valley News (07.03.2013)

Antibiotic from Marine Microorganism is Effective against Anthrax – Homeland Security News Wire (07.03.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Verizon Pursues All-Wireless Phone Service in Seaside N.Y. Town – Washington Post (07.04.2013)

FDEM Announces Pilot Program with Mobile TV during Hurricane Season – Beaches Leader (07.04.2013)

DoD Building Its Own Secure 4G Wireless Network – GCN (07.03.2013)

Humanoid Robot Can ‘See’ and Build Real-Time 3D Visual Maps – Homeland Security News Wire (07.03.2013)

Partnership Boosts Geospatial Data Sharing Across Jurisdictions – GCN (07.02.2013)

Surgeon Live-Streams Procedure Using Google Glass and iPad – Medical News Today (06.26.2013)



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