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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.08 – 15.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 8, 2013 – July 15, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: House Homeland Security Committee July 15-19, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (07.15.2013)

Written Testimony: CBP on Northern Border Protection and Enhancing Collaboration – DHS (07.12.2013)

Written Testimony: FEMA on Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombings – DHS (07.10.2013)

Written Testimony: FEMA on Social Media, New Technologies in Preparedness and Response – DHS (07.09.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Search Begins for Napolitano’s Successor – Homeland Security News Wire (07.15.2013)

The Case for Abolishing the DHS – Bloomberg Businessweek (07.15.2013)

DHS Secretary Napolitano’s Exit Leaves Leadership Vacuum – CIO (07.13.2013)

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to Resign – Emergency Management (07.12.2013)

Þ    Statement by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano – Dept. of Homeland Security (07.12.2013)

Þ    McCaul Statement on DHS Secretary Napolitano Resignation – U.S. House of Representatives (07.12.2013)

Five Critical Cyber Questions for the Next DHS Chief – NextGov (07.12.2013)

DHS Vacancies Watch – Homeland Security Watch (07.11.2013)

Senate Panel to Investigate DHS IG Office – Homeland Security News Wire (07.09.2013)

Border Protection

Former Border Patrol Agents Call Senate’s Immigration Plan ‘A Huge Waste of Time’ – U.S. House (07.11.2013)

House Republicans Set for Critical Meeting on Immigration Reform – The Hill (07.10.2013)

House Speaker Clarifies Position on Immigration Reform – Homeland Security News Wire (07.10.2013)

CBP Drones May be Armed with Non-Lethal Weapons – Homeland Security News Wire (07.08.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

Journalist: Edward Snowden Has ‘Blueprints’ to NSA – Navy Times (07.15.2013)

Yahoo Says Release of Secret FISA Court Order Will Prove It Resisted Directives – CIO (07.11.2013)

Obama Administration Set to Make NSA Leaker Snowden’s Trip Tough – The Hill (07.09.2013)

All-Star Panel: Debate over Power of the FISA Court – Fox News (07.09.2013)


Consolidation Expected Among Large Cybersecurity Contractors – Homeland Security News Wire (07.15.2013)

Unusual File-Infecting Malware Steals FTP Credentials, Researchers Say – CIO (07.15.2013)

Mobile Malware, Mainly Aimed at Android Devices, Jumps 614% in a Year – CIO (07.12.2013)

The Senate’s Draft Cybersecurity Bill is Uncontroversial but Unambitious – National Journal (07.12.2013)

Dropbox, WordPress Used in Cyberespionage Campaign – CIO (07.11.2013)

Researchers Find another Android Attack That Can Get Past Signature Checks – CIO (07.11.2013)

U.S., China Begin Formal Cybersecurity Talks – Homeland Security News Wire (07.10.2013)

7 Reasons for Security Awareness Failure – CIO (07.10.2013)

Make Way for State and Local Cyber-Ranges – Government Technology (07.09.2013)

NIST Seeks Input on Cybersecurity Framework – CSO (07.09.2013)

Special Report: Cyber Priorities – Defense News (07.09.2013)

Knowing Adversary Key to Good Cyberdefense, Say Experts – CIO (07.09.2013)

IRS Accidentally Publishes Thousands of SSNs – Government Technology (07.09.2013)

Washington moves Into the Cloud: Saving Money and Securing Data – Forbes (07.08.2013)

5 Security Bolstering Strategies That Won’t Break the Bank – CIO (07.08.2013)

EPA Avoids Compliance Penalties with Mobile Security Management – Government Technology (07.08.2013)

20 Critical Controls Do Improve Cybersecurity, But are You Using Them? – GCN (07.08.2013)

Analysis: Policies and Opportunities that will Shape Cybersecurity Spending – Homeland Sec. Today (07.08.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Dept. of Energy: Climate Change, Severe Weather Threaten U.S. Energy Sector – HS News Wire (07.15.2013)

Map Mashes Hurricane Information with Energy Infrastructure Data – Emergency Management (07.11.2013)

Economic Impact of Cyber Espionage and IP Theft Hits U.S. Businesses Hard – CIO (07.10.2013)

Study Shows TSA Security Screeners are Methodical, Not Slow – Homeland Security News Wire (07.09.2013)

TSA Will Use Electronic ‘Randomizers’ to Randomly Route Passengers to Screening Lines – GSN (07.09.2013)


Giuliani Says Political Correctness Hampers Fight against Domestic Terrorists – HS News Wire (07.15.2013)

Officials Blast FBI on Information Sharing – The Hill (07.10.2013)

Þ    Boston Attack Lessons Focus on Information Sharing Gaps – Homeland Security Today (07.10.2013)

Republicans: War on Terror is Not Over – CBS News via U.S. House of Representatives (07.10.2013)

FBI Is a No-Show at Boston Bombing Hearings – National Journal via U.S. House of Reps (07.10.2013)

Should the Boston Bombings Have Been Prevented? – Emergency Management (07.09.2013)

Video Helped Capture the Boston Bombing Suspects, but is it Preventive? – Emergency Management (07.08.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Some Data Center Operators Take Their Chances with Floods – CIO (07.15.2013)

FEMA Announces Memorandum of Agreement with the NAACP – FEMA (07.12.2013)

Be a Ready Congregation; Disaster Tip Shits for U.S. Religious Leaders – Virginia Service (07.11.2013)

App Provides Disaster Assessment on the Fly with ArcGIS Online – GCN (07.11.2013)

Will the U.S. Embrace Earthquake Early Warning Systems? – Emergency Management (07.10.2013)

After Major Disasters, Geospatial Cloud to the Rescue – GCN (07.10.2013)

Advancements in Technology making it Easier to Fight Wildfires – Homeland Security News Wire (07.10.2013)

Serious Game Tests GIS, Disaster Response Skills – GCN (07.09.2013)

Gov. McDonnell Announces Development of ModSim Strategic Plan for Virginia – Governor’s Office (07.08.2013)

Why So Many Flood Maps Are Still Out of Date – Emergency Management (07.08.2013)

Disaster Recovery and COOP: The Latest Techniques and Tactics for Success – i360 Gov (07.08.2013)

Public Health

States Prepare for Seamless Exchange of Health Records after Disasters – Healthcare Informatics (07.12.2013)

New Way Found to Battle Mosquitoes Carrying Diseases – Homeland Security News Wire (07.09.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Applying Iris Images to PIV Cards – Gov Info Security (07.15.2013)

Þ    Iris Recognition Specs for DHS Employee IDs are No Longer Hypothetical – NextGov (07.15.2013)

Emergency Alerts now Coming Automatically to Your Phone – NBC4 Washington (07.12.2013)

Text-to-911: New Technology a Challenge for Local Emergency Centers – WABE Atlanta (07.10.2013)

There Are at Least Three Easy Ways to Hack the Emergency Alert System – NextGov (07.10.2013)

Þ    Emergency Broadcast Equipment in US Vulnerable to Hackers – CIO (07.08.2013)



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