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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.15 – 22.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media


Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 15, 2013 – July 22, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: House Homeland Security Committee July 22-26, 2013 – U.S. House of Representatives (07.22.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Oversight of EO 13636 & Development of the Cybersecurity Framework’ – DHS (07.18.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Border Security Oversight, Part 3: Examining Asylum Requests’ – DHS (07.17.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘DHS at 10 Years: Harnessing S&T to Protect National Security…’ – DHS (07.17.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Oversight of the Defense Production Act: Issues and Opportunities…’ – DHS (07.16.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Ray Kelly’s DHS Candidacy Divides Opinion – Homeland Security News Wire (07.19.2013)

Þ    Senator Pushes for NYPD’s Kelly to Lead DHS – Officer.com (07.15.2013)

Another Senior Cybersecurity Leader to Exit DHS – Gov Info Security (07.18.2013)

McAfee’s Phyllis Schneck Leading Candidate for DHS Cybersecurity Post – HS News Wire (07.17.2013)

Cybersecurity Funding Increasing Despite Sequestration – Homeland Security News Wire (07.16.2013)

Thompson Questions Timing of Resignation, Lack of Permanent Leaders in Top Positions – HS Today (07.16.2013)

Federal Diary: Napolitano Leaves, but DHS Problems Remain – Washington Post (07.15.2013)

As Napolitano Prepares to Step Down, Replacement Rumors Begin – Homeland Security Today (07.15.2013)

Border Protection

Border Patrol Arrests Dangerous Gang Members – Homeland Security Today (07.12.2013)

Another Cloned Narco-Smuggling Vehicle Discovered on Southwest Border – Homeland Sec. Today (07.08.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

US Court Renews Permission to NSA to Collect Phone Metadata – CIO (07.22.2013)

Angry Lawmakers Warn NSA to Curb Surveillance Operations – Homeland Security News Wire (07.18.2013)

Aspen Security Forum: Defense Official Says NSA Leak Fallout ‘Very Substantial’ – Fox News (07.18.2013)

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter Call for Transparency on NSA Spying – Fox News (07.18.2013)

Automatic License Plate Readers Used to Collect, Store Data on Millions – HS News Wire (07.18.2013)

A Tough Slog on the Hill for 3 Administration Officials Testifying on NSA Surveillance – Fox News (07.18.2013)

White House, Boehner, US Olympic Committee Fire Back Against Boycott – The Hill (07.17.2013)

Microsoft: We Don’t Give NSA Direct Access to Email – PC World (07.16.2013)

Lawyer: Snowden to Stay in Moscow Airport for Now – Fox News (07.16.2013)

DHS Warns Employees Not to Read Leaked NSA Information – Washington Post (07.15.2013)


Budget Cuts Force DHS to Scale Back Cybersecurity Programs – Homeland Security News Wire (07.22.2013)

Fact or Fiction: Your Smartphone and Tablet Are Vulnerable to Hackers – Scientific American (07.22.2013)

Are Nuclear Weapons Safe from Cyberattacks? – Homeland Security News Wire (07.22.2013)

SIM Cards Have Finally Been Hacked, and the Flaw Could Affect Millions of Phones – Forbes (07.21.2013)

Is the Help Desk the Forgotten Part of Enterprise Security Defense? – CIO (07.18.2013)

This is What a Destabilizing Cyberattack on Financial Markets Would Look Like – NextGov (07.18.2013)

Wall Street Batters Defenses in Make-Believe Cybercrisis – CIO (07.18.2013)

Bill Endorses Obama Cybersecurity Plans – Gov Info Security (07.18.2013)

National Data Breach Notification Would Replace ‘Patchwork’ of State Statutes – CIO (07.18.2013)

Could Eye-Tracking Replace Passwords? – Government Technology (07.17.2013)

U.S. Research Universities Subject to Sustained Cyberattack Campaign by China – HS News Wire (07.17.2013)

California Attorney General Releases Breach Report – CIO (07.17.2013)

Hackathons Used by Government, Industry for App Development, Recruitment – HS News Wire (07.17.2013)

Anonymous Claims Hack of US’s FEMA in Retaliation for ‘Implied Threats’ – The Guardian (07.17.2013)

Most BYOD Businesses Exposing Data to Cyber Criminals – CIO (07.17.2013)

Through Google Glass: Preparing Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Education – Huffington Post (07.16.2013)

Researchers Hack Verizon Device, Turn it into Mobile Spy Station – Reuters (07.15.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Can America’s Energy Infrastructure Survive Severe Weather? – The International (07.21.2013)

Active Shooter Workshop Teaches Communities to Win, Not Survive – Emergency Management (07.19.2013)

Dominion Looking at Underground Power Lines in Virginia – NBC12 Richmond (07.19.2013)

Spending on Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure to Reach $46B by End of 2013 – HS News Wire (07.18.2013)

With Universities under Attack, Security Experts Talk Best Defenses – CIO (07.18.2013)

NIST Biometric Publication Provides Two New Ways to Identify People – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.16.2013)

Thermal Imaging Could Bolster Biometric Security – Homeland Security News Wire (07.16.2013)

Why the Smart Grid Might Be a Dumb Idea – NextGov (07.15.2013)

Energy Department Urges NJ, Other States to Strengthen Power Grid – NJ.com (07.15.2013)

Tax Payers Subsidize First Class Express Airport Security – Huffington Post (07.15.2013)


Florida Teen Indicted on Terrorism Charges – Homeland Security News Wire (07.22.2013)

Senate HS Committee Explores Lessons Learned from Boston Bombings – Homeland Security Today (07.22.2013)

TSA Chief Warns of ‘Underwear 2’ Bomb – The Hill (07.20.2013)

DHS Raises Phoenix’s Terror-Risk Ranking – Homeland Security News Wire (07.19.2013)

PA Man Sentenced to 8 ½ Years for Running a Terrorism-Promoting Internet Forum – HS News Wire (07.18.2013)

Rolling Stone Blasted for Giving Rock Star Treatment to Accused Boston Bomber – Fox News (07.17.2013)

Challenges to Policies on Terror are Halted – New York Times (07.17.2013)

Exclusive: Police Probe Possible Links between Terrorism Suspect and Boston Bombing – Reuters (07.16.2013)

OBL: Hiding in Plain Sight – Homeland Security News Wire (07.16.2013)

Boston Bomb Suspect Seeks 2nd Death Penalty Lawyer – Boston.com (07.15.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness – Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (07.22.2013)

President Declares Disaster for Missouri – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.19.2013)

Predicting What Could Happen if Hurricane Hits – Homeland Security News Wire (07.19.2013)

Registration Open for Oak Ridge Emergency Management Forum – Oak Ridge Today (07.18.2013)

Why Emergency Managers Shouldn’t Alienate Preppers (Opinion) – Emergency Management (07.17.2013)

130-Year Old Seawall Protected New Jersey Town from Sandy’s Storm Surges – HS News Wire (07.17.2013)

Prevent and Report Identity Theft – USA.gov (07.17.2013)

Dealing with Man-Made Earthquakes – Homeland Security News Wire (07.17.2013)

Preparing Better for More Frequent Natural Disaster – Inquirer Opinion (07.17.2013)

During Nuclear Disaster Drills, All Eyes are on Wind – Daily Press (07.16.2013)

Study: Sea Levels Rising as Globe Warms – Boise Weekly (07.16.2013)

Oklahoma Tornado Prompts Discussions on Surviving, Rebuilding – Emergency Management (07.15.2013)

GIS Moves Online, Enhances Disaster Response with New Data Sources – Xconomy (07.15.2013)

New Tips for Disaster Preparedness at Home – The Randolph Guide (07.15.2013)

Floods Happen: Protect Your Home & Family – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.12.2013)

Public Health

Social Media, DNA Typing Help Identify Source of Foodborne Strep Outbreak – Science Daily (07.18.2013)

Provision in House Farm Bill Could Postpone FDA Food Safety Regulations – HS News Wire (07.18.2013)

Is Your Hospital Prepared for a Disaster? – Dot Med (07.16.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Online Tool to Verify U.S. Federal Government Social Media Accounts – USA.gov (07.22.2013)

Project Seeks to Involve the Public in Emergency Broadcasting – Emergency Management (07.18.2013)

FirstNet Offers a Look into the Makings of Nationwide Public Safety Network – GCN (07.16.2013)

Several Mesh Founders Aim to Create Disaster-Proof Mobile Network – Huffington Post (07.16.2013)

High-Altitude Balloon Provides Broadband to First Responders – Emergency Management (07.15.2013)



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