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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

07.22 – 29.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

July 22, 2013 – July 29, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: House Homeland Security Committee July 29-August 5, 2013 – U.S. House of Rep. (07.29.2013)

McCaul, King Release Report on National Network of Fusion Centers – U.S. House of Rep. (07.26.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

GOP Lawmakers Boycott DHS Nominee Hearing – Homeland Security News Wire (07.29.2013)

DHS Wants to Understand how ‘Big Data’ Can Help It Accomplish Its Mission – GSN (07.25.2013)

Candidate for DHS Deputy Secretary under IG Investigation – Homeland Security News Wire (07.24.2013)

DHS Hobbled by Vacancies at Top Positions – Homeland Security News Wire (07.24.2013)

Border Protection

Deciphering Border Security Requirements – Homeland Security Today (07.23.2013)

House Panel to Weigh Citizenship for Young Immigrants – Homeland Security Today (07.23.2013)

DHS Discusses Cooperation with Mexican Domestic Security Chief at Border Meeting – Fox News (07.23.2013)

No One Home at the Top; Mounting Vacancies to Affect Immigration Laws – Washington Times (07.22.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

Sen. Paul Blasts Gov. Christie over Surveillance Programs – Fox News (07.28.2013)

Þ    Gov. Christie Warns Privacy Concerns on Surveillance can Threaten Nat’l Security – Fox News (07.26.2013)

Deeply Divided House Rejects Effort to Curb NSA Data Collection Program – HS News Wire (07.26.2013)

How Snowden’s Revelations Impact Intelligence Collection Efforts – Security Management (07.26.2013)

Attorney General Holder Tells Russians that US Won’t Seek Death Penalty for Snowden – Fox News (07.26.2013)

Father of NSA Leaker Snowden Says Members of Congress Trying to Demonize His Son – Fox News (07.26.2013)

Foes of Surveillance Program Vow to Fight On after Close Loss in House – Fox News (07.25.2013)


Senate Panel to Vote This Week on Cybersecurity Bill – Homeland Security News Wire (07.29.2013)

White House Employees’ Personal Email Hacked – NextGov (07.29.2013)

Carjacking Goes Digital, ‘White Hat’ Hackers Demonstrate – NBC News (07.29.2013)

Google Play Store Inundated with Scam Apps, Symantec Says – CIO (07.28.2013)

NIST Updates Malware, Patch Mgt. Guides – Gov Info Security (07.27.2013)

Stanford Probes Breach as Attacks on University Networks Soar – GCN (07.26.2013)

Critics Urge End of Passwords, but Alternatives Not Ready for Prime Time – CIO (07.26.2013)

Cybersecurity, Big Data among Mission-Critical Topics for CIOs – Government Technology (07.25.2013)

How Technical Monitoring can Help Defense against Insider Threats – GCN (07.25.2013)

Cybercriminals Increasingly Use the Tor Network to Control their Botnets, Researchers Say – CIO (07.25.2013)

5 Hackers Charged in Largest Data-Breach Scheme in U.S. – Bloomberg Law (07.25.2013)

Plans to Centralize Cybersecurity with DHS Seen as Step Forward – CIO (07.25.2013)

Cost to U.S. of Cybercrime Lower than Earlier Estimates – Homeland Security News Wire (07.24.2013)

Cybercrime Costing Global Economy up to $400 Billion a Year, Says New Estimate – CIO (07.24.2013)

NIST Updates Digital Signature Standard – Gov Info Security (07.24.2013)

Cybercrime Costs U.S. Economy $100 Billion and 500,000 Jobs – CIO (07.24.2013)

White House Considering Incentives for Cybersecurity Compliance – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.23.2013)

DDoS: Attackers Announce Phase 4 – Gov Info Security (07.23.2013)

UN Warns Regulators of Mobile Phone Vulnerabilities – Homeland Security News Wire (07.23.2013)

Budget Cuts Force DHS to Scale Back Cybersecurity Programs – Homeland Security News Wire (07.22.2013)

DHS’ Senior Cyber Strategic on How to Build an Effective Cyber Risk Culture – HS Today (07.19.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Study: Changes to Levee System Would Reduce Storm Surge Risks to New Orleans – HS News Wire (07.26.2013)

Lawmakers, Citing Shortcomings, Threaten Funding for Chem. Plant Safety Program – HS News Wire (07.25.2013)

Motivating Businesses to Adopt Building Resiliency Standards – Homeland Security News Wire (07.25.2013)

Resilient DC: Creating Community Infrastructure to Mitigate Disaster – Asian Fortune (07.24.2013)

UMaine Student Develops Affordable Option for Shoring-Up Maine’s Aging Bridges – HS News Wire (07.24.2013)

School Shootings: American Schools Prepare – Epoch Times (07.24.2013)

Former Indian Point Supervisor Charged with Lying to Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Fox News (07.24.2013)

US Ports Ripe for Cyber Attacks, Report Says – Homeland Security Today (07.23.2013)

TSA to Promote PreCheck Program for Travelers – Homeland Security News Wire (07.23.2013)

Making Power Lines Safer – Homeland Security News Wire (07.23.2013)

CA and TX Smart Grid Success Shows Way Forward for U.S. – Clean Technica (07.22.2013)


Threats from “Islamist Jihadist’ Prompt Fort Collins PD to Caution Religious Orgs – Coloradoan (07.28.2013)

Opinion: Counterterrorism; the Needle in the Haystack – Emergency Management (07.25.2013)

Details of Al Qaeda’s ‘Next Gen’ Bomb, Aborted Effort to Take Out Designer, Emerge – HSN Wire (07.25.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Registration Opens for Great Southeast Shakeout Earthquake Drill – VDEM (07.29.2013)

President Declares Disaster for Colorado – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.26.2013)

President Declares Disaster for West Virginia – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.26.2013)

Natural Disasters Caused $85B Global Economic Loss during First Half of 2013 – HS News Wire (07.26.2013)

Never Too Early for Hurricane Preparation – The Mercury (07.26.2013)

Specialized Gas Detection Helps Prevent Nuclear Weapons Proliferation – Homeland Sec. News Wire (07.26.2013)

President Declares Disaster for Minnesota – Federal Emergency Management Agency (07.25.2013)

NOAA Goes ‘Live’ with new Weather Supercomputers – Computerworld (07.25.2013)

Earthquake Can Have Devastating Long-Distance Impact – Homeland Security News Wire (07.24.2013)

Water Purifier for Soldiers, First Responders Successfully Tested in the Field – HS News Wire (07.24.2013)

How Emergency Managers Can Benefit from Big Data – Emergency Management (07.23.2013)

Wildfires to get More Common, Harder to Control – Homeland Security News Wire (07.23.2013)

New Iceberg Theory Points to Rapid Disintegration, Exacerbating Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (07.23.2013)

Bringing Together Disaster, Climate Change Networks: Historic Meeting in the Pacific – Brookings (07.23.2013)

Climate Forecasts Predict Crop Failures – Homeland Security News Wire (07.23.2013)

Outdated Data Places Homeowners in Flood Zones – Emergency Management (07.22.2013)

Sonar Devices Gives Long Beach, California Rescue Divers New Eyes – Emergency Management (07.22.2013)

Virginia Tech and Disaster Preparedness-a Lucid Works Customer Profile – ZD Net (07.22.2013)

Natural Defenses can Sharply Limit Coastal Damage – Nature (07.17.2013)

Public Health

New York State Takes the Lead in Homeland Security Medical Planning – Homeland Sec. Today (07.24.2013)

HIPAA Fines Put Pressure on Health Care to better Secure Patient Data – Network World (07.23.2013)

Middle East Mass Religious Gatherings Increasing Risk of MERS Coronavirus Spread – HSN Wire (07.22.2013)

Exchanging Health Data during Disasters – Gov Info Security (07.22.2013)

U.S. FDA Probes Multi-State Outbreak of Intestinal Bug – Reuters (07.22.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

New Technologies Help to Notify Public in Emergency – The Exponent Telegram (07.29.2013)

FirstNet Enters a New Phase – Emergency Management (07.26.2013)



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