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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.05 – 12.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 5, 2013 – August 12, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Is Central Indiana Prepared for a Mass Casualty Event?’ –Dept. of Homeland Sec. (08.01.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Federal CIO Council Reorganizes – Gov Info Security (08.10.2013)

Can Big Data Make TSA Smarter? – Homeland Security Today (08.09.2013)

McAfee Executive to fill DHS Cybersecurity Post – Homeland Security News Wire (08.08.2013)

DHS Watch List Plan Working, Needs Only Slight Improvement, Inspector General Finds – HS Today (08.08.2013)

White House to Offer Cybersecurity Incentives to Critical Infrastructure Operators – HS News Wire (08.08.2013)

DNDO’s First National Radiological/Nuclear Detection Challenge Shelved until 2014 – HS Today (08.06.2013)

Governors’ Association Will Help Coordinate Activities of Homeland Security Advisors – GSN (08.02.2013)

Border Protection / Immigration

Study: Immigration Reform Should Consider Families, Social Ties – Homeland Security News Wire (08.09.2013)

Border Patrol Plans to use Three Pointman Wireless Tunnel Robots in Nogales, AZ Area – GSN (08.09.2013)

DHS Tentatively Grants Asylum to Seven Mexicans – Homeland Security News Wire (08.08.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

U.S. Openness, Restraint Could Lessen Fallout from NSA Surveillance – CIO (08.09.2013)

Q&A: What Obama’s Surveillance Changes Mean – The Wall Street Journal (08.09.2013)

Study: Snowden Revelation May Cost U.S. Cloud Providers Billions – CIO (08.09.2013)

The NSA Will Replace Most of Their Potential Snowdens with Machines – The Atlantic Wire (08.08.2013)

DEA Uses NSA Surveillance information To Make Arrests – Homeland Security News Wire (08.06.2013)

The FBI Uses Hackers’ Methods in its Surveillance Programs – Homeland Sec. News Wire (08.06.2013)

Public Is Cautious about Giving Up More Privacy for Security, Contrasting Studies Find – HS Today (08.05.2013)


Zero-Days Attacks: How to Fight Back – CIO (08.12.2013)

Þ    5 Examples of Zero-Day Attacks – CIO (08.12.2013)

Threat-Info Sharing: Still Broken after All These Years – GCN (08.12.2013)

Chinese Hacker Group behind New York Times Attack Returns with Updated Tools – CIO (08.12.2013)

Hackers Put a Bull’s-Eye on Small Business – CIO (08.12.2013)

iGuardian Portal Shares Cyberattack Data with the FBI – Emergency Management (08.09.2013)

5 Steps to Secure Government Networks – Government Technology (08.09.2013)

Cybersecurity Jobs Average over $100,000 a Year – Homeland Security News Wire (08.09.2013)

Cybersecurity Framework: Making It Work – Gov Info Security (08.08.2013)

White House Considers Incentives for Cybersecurity – CIO (08.07.2013)

Why Most Governments Don’t Carry Cyber Insurance – Government Technology (08.07.2013)

Dallas, 09/11/2013: Next NIST Workshop on CI Cybersecurity Framework – HS News Wire (08.07.2013)

Decision to Buy Cyber Insurance Usually Leaves CIO, CISO Out of the Loop – CIO (08.07.2013)

Fending Off Cyberattacks 24/7 – Government Technology (08.06.2013)

DHS Grants Can Boost Cyber Preparedness – Emergency Management (08.05.2013)

Commentary: Death by Hacking; Tomorrow’s IT Worry? – Information Week (08.05.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

Safety Engineers Welcome Obama’s Chemical Facility Safety Executive Order – HS News Wire (08.12.2013)

More Security Awaits Students Heading Back to School – PEW Stateline (08.12.2013)

Small Modular Reactors (SMEs) a ‘Poor Bet’ to Revive U.S. Nuclear Renaissance – HS News Wire (08.12.2013)

Exclusive: U.S. System for Flagging Hazardous Chemicals is Widely Flawed – Reuters (08.10.2013)

Virtual Nuke Control Room Helps Nuclear Operators, Industry – Homeland Security News Wire (08.09.2013)

Industrial Control ‘Honeypots’ Show Systems are Under Attack – GCN (08.07.2013)

‘All is clear’ at Philly Airport after Bomb Threat – USA Today (08.07.2013)

Man-Induced Quakes to Help in Building Safer, Sturdier Buildings – Homeland Security News Wire (08.06.2013)

Advocacy Group Calls for Greater Scrutiny of NJ Chemical Plants – North Jersey.com (08.06.2013)

Virginia Looking at College Campus Safety – WCYB.com (08.05.2013)


McCain Says Al Qaeda is Now ‘On the Rise’ – The Hill (08.11.2013)

Lawyer Jailed Helping Imprisoned Terrorist Not Entitled to Medical Early Release – HS News Wire (08.08.2013)

Yemen Says It Foiled Major Al Qaeda Plot – USA Today (08.07.2013)

Dr. Evil: Terrorism Alert Puts Bin Laden’s Successor Back in the Spotlight – Time (08.07.2013)

First Charges Filed in Benghazi Attack – Homeland Security News Wire (08.07.2013)

Panic in Yemen: Terrorist Threat Shutters U.S. and U.K. Embassies – Time (08.06.2013)

Terrorism Alert Highlights Potent Threat Posed by Al Qaeda’s Yemen Affiliate – Washington Post (08.06.2013)

Al Qaeda Threat: Officials Fear ‘Ingenious’ Liquid Explosive – ABC News (08.05.2013)

Þ    A Look at the Threat of Terrorists Using Liquid Explosives for Attacks – Security Management (08.09.2013)

Joint Chiefs Chairman: ‘There Is a Significant Threat Stream’ – Government Executive (08.05.2013)

State Department: Posts in 19 Cities to Remain Closed – Air Force Times (08.05.2013)

Al Qaeda Chief’s Message Led to Embassy Closures – Air Force Times (08.05.2013)

Interpol Issues Global Alert over Al Qaeda-Linked Prison Breakouts – The Guardian (08.03.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Announces Appointments to National Advisory Council – FEMA (08.09.2013)

NOAA’s New Budgeting Process Audited as Funds for Vital Missions Decline – Homeland Sec Today (08.09.2013)

For Flood Forecasting, Sequestration Less Painful than Predicted – Emergency Management (08.08.2013)

September is Preparedness Month – Virginia Service (08.08.2013)

Are Police and Fire Department Mergers Catching On? – Emergency Management (08.08.2013)

Organizations Ignore Social Media When It Comes to Business Continuity Planning – CIO (08.08.2013)

Making Storm Warnings More Exact, Useful – Homeland Security News Wire (08.08.2013)

KY Emergency Management Chief Resigns; Audit Finds $5.6M in Questionable Spending – Fox (08.08.2013)

EM Update: August 7, 2013 – Virginia Department of Emergency Management (08.07.2013)

Opinion: The Importance of Emergency Contingency Plans – Emergency Management (08.07.2013)

U.S. Military Trains to Support Civil Authorities during Domestic CBRN Incident – HS News Wire (08.07.2013)

Firefighting Robot Creates 3D Images of Burning Building’s Interiors for Rescuers – HS News Wire (08.07.2013)

Mental Health First Aid Needed after Disaster, Study Finds – Bloomberg (08.06.2013)

Huge Dust Storm Affects Hurricane Season – Disaster News Network (08.05.2013)

Is the D.C. Area Ready for Another Disaster? – Roll Call (08.05.2013)

Public Health

Controlling Contagion by Restricting Mobility – Homeland Security News Wire (08.09.2013)

Effective Screening of Airline Passengers from Areas of Infectious Disease Outbreaks – HSN Wire (08.09.2013)

Superbug Crisis Shows Progress in Antibiotic Development ‘Alarmingly Elusive’ – HS News Wire (08.08.2013)

Bio-Threat Early Warning System Moves to Next Stage – GCN (08.08.2013)

CDC: Action Needed Now to Halt Spread of Deadly, Antibiotics-Resistant Bacteria – HSN Wire (08.08.2013)

Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Suffolk – ABC13 WVEC.com (08.06.2013)

Potential Potent Killer of Anthrax Discovered in the Ocean – Medical News Today (07.21.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

California Gets First Test of Cellphone Alert System – Emergency Management (08.08.2013)

L.A. Fire Department’s 911 Computer System Has More Breakdowns – Los Angeles Times (08.06.2013)

FEMA Expands Social Networking, Mobile Apps – Federal Times (08.05.2013)

Infographic: Trends in Emergency Notification Systems – Government Technology (08.02.2013)



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