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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.12 – 19.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 12, 2013 – August 19, 2013

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Islamic Group’s Plan for a 9/11 ‘Million Muslim March’ on Washington Denounced – HS News Wire (08.19.2013)

DHS Mulls Changes to CyberFETCH Registration – GCN (08.16.2013)

Can DHS Be Trusted to Protect Government IT? – Gov Info Security (08.16.2013)

DHS Awards $6 Billion Cybersecurity Contract to 17 Vendors – Homeland Security Today (08.14.2013)

Þ    Homeland Security Picks IBM Software, Services for Cybersecurity Program – eWeek (08.14.2013)

Þ    DHS Awards Contractors $6 Billion for Agency Network Surveillance – Next Gov (08.13.2013)

DHS to Roll out $95 Million Talent Management System – Federal Times (08.13.2013)

Homeland Security Picks Cloud for Training – Information Week (08.12.2013)

Homeland Security Chief Napolitano Addresses FOP Convention – WVXU Cincinnati (08.12.2013)

Border Protection / Immigration

Critics Slam Homeland Security over Housing Costs for Border Agents – Fox News (08.17.2013)

The Administration Does Not Follow Its Own Deportation Criteria – Homeland Security News Wire (08.14.2013)

Kingpin Arrest Highlights the Changing Nature of Cross-Border Intelligence Sharing – HS Today (08.13.2013)

Readout of Secretary Napolitano’s Meeting with Business Leaders on Immigration Reform – DHS (08.12.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

U.K. Detains, Questions NSA Revelations Journalist’s Partner – Homeland Security News Wire (08.19.2013)

Capitol Hill Republicans Disagree on Future of NSA Spying, King Attacks Paul – Fox News (08.18.2013)

NSA Revelations Hobble Pursuit of a Comprehensive Cyberdefense Initiative – HS News Wire (08.16.2013)

NSA Documents Challenge Obama Claim that Surveillance Programs ‘Not Abused’ – Fox News (08.16.2013)

NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times per Year, Audit Finds – Washington Post (08.15.2013)

Assange ‘Denies Snowden Interrogated in Russia’ – Fox News (08.16.2013)

Intelligence Chief Clapper to Set Up U.S. Surveillance Review Group – CIO (08.12.2013)


In Classified Cyberwar against Iran, Trail of Stuxnet Leak Leads to White House – Washington Times (08.18.2013)

Is There a Difference Between Public & Private Sector Risk Management? – Government Technology (08.16.2013)

Heuristic Approach: Incorporating Built-In Defenses against Viruses into Software – HS News Wire (08.16.2013)

Cybercriminals Add New Exploit for Recently Patched Java Vulnerability to Their Arsenal – CIO (08.16.2013)

If They Had to Choose, Cyber Pros Would Take More Staff over Larger Budgets – Next Gov (08.16.2013)

When Chief Security Officers Become Chief Risk Officers – Government Technology (08.15.2013)

Encryption Is Less Secure Than We Thought – Homeland Security News Wire (08.15.2013)

Syrian Electronic Army Targets Washington Post, CNN, and Time – CIO (08.15.2013)

Confronting Iran as a Cyber-Adversary – Gov Info Security (08.15.2013)

Rise in Data Breaches Drives Interest in Cyber Insurance – CIO (08.15.2013)

White House Hopeful on Cyber Legislation Passage – Gov Info Security (08.14.2013)

Cybercriminals Use Google Cloud Messaging Service to Control Malware on Android Devices – CIO (08.14.2013)

U.S. Facing Barriers in Cyber Talks with China – Defense News (08.13.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

U.S. Power Plants, Utilities Face Growing Cyber Vulnerability – Homeland Security News Wire (08.19.2013)

Study: U.S. Nuclear Reactors Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack – Homeland Security News Wire (08.16.2013)

U.S. Department of Energy Reports Second Security Breach – CIO (08.16.2013)

The U.S. Food Emergency Response Network (FERN) Tries to Keep Food Safe – HS News Wire (08.15.2013)

Is the Capital Region Prepared for the Next Disaster? – Homeland Security Today (08.15.2013)

The Next Disaster Scenario Power Companies Are Preparing For – NPR (08.15.2013)

Detecting Radioactive Material Smuggled in Containers – Homeland Security News Wire (08.15.2013)

Better Approach toward Projecting, Planning for Rising Sea Levels on a Warmer Earth – HSN Wire (08.14.2013)

Private Program Lets Travelers ‘Fly’ Through Airport Security – Dallas/Fort Worth CBS News (08.14.2013)

Space Storms Could Knock out the World’s Entire Critical Communications Infrastructure – Next Gov (08.13.2013)

Bolstering National Grid Resilience as Extreme Weather Events Intensify – Homeland Sec. News Wire (08.13.2013)

This Is Elon Musk’s Hyperloop – Popular Science (08.12.2013)

Analyzing Transportation Disasters can be Complex – Great Falls Tribune (08.11.2013)


AQAP Now Central Pillar of a Decentralized Al Qaeda – Homeland Security News Wire (08.19.2013)

American Al Qaeda Militant Urges Attacks on U.S. Diplomats – Reuters (08.18.2013)

Report: Al Qaeda ‘Targeting European Rail Network’ – Fox News (08.18.2013)

Lawmakers, Scientists Question FBI’s Investigation, Conclusion in 2001 Anthrax Attacks – HSN Wire (08.14.2013)

Markey Warns of Security Threat from Imports of Yemen Natural Gas – The Hill (08.12.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Heat Waves to Become More Frequent, Severe – Homeland Security News Wire (08.19.2013)

FEMA Offers Disaster Preparedness Tips for Parents of College Students – NJToday.net (08.17.2013)

Monitoring Slow Earthquakes to Predict Larger Events – Homeland Security News Wire (08.16.2013)

Quarterly Siren Test for North Anna Power Station Set for August 21 – VDEM (08.15.2013)

New Camouflage Makeup Shields Soldiers, Firefighters from Heat of Bomb Blasts, Fire – HSN Wire (08.15.2013)

Social Media and Emergency Management to Collide – Emergency Management (08.15.2013)

Climate Change was Proximate, not Primary, Cause of 2012 Great Plains Drought – HS News Wire (08.15.2013)

Experts Suggest a ‘Jump Bag’ for Hurricane Preparedness – WTVR CBS6 Richmond (08.15.2013)

When Disaster and Disability Converge – Inter Press Service (08.14.2013)

Insight: Japan’s Nuclear Clean-up: Costly, Complex and at Risk for Failing – Reuters (08.14.2013)

AARP and FEMA Join Forces on Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery – GSN (08.13.2013)

3 Cities that Used Disaster to Revitalize Their Future – Emergency Management (08.13.2013)

Andrew Velasquez Gives Statement on FEMA Region V Emergency Plan – BioPrep Watch (08.13.2013)

New FEMA Maps Spur Flood of Concerns – Cape Cod Times (08.13.2013)

First Responder Skills, Professionalism On Display During Nuclear Disaster Exercise – Army.mil (08.13.2013)

Tabletop Exercises on Disaster Preparedness Gaining Popularity with Government Agencies – GSN (08.12.2013)

UN Disaster Policy to get Input from Disabled People – Trust.org (08.12.2013)

For Disaster Preparedness: Pack a Library Card? – NPR (08.12.2013)

Federal Government Says No to Aid for Arizona Fire that Killed 19 Firefighters – CNN (08.12.2013)

Upcoming Virginia CERT Training Opportunities – Virginia Service (08.12.2013)

Public Health

Scientists: Risks of SARS, MERS Spreading Greater Than Thought – Homeland Security News Wire (08.19.2013)

U.S. Radiation Exposure Guidelines Based on Unvalidated Assumptions – HS News Wire (08.16.2013)

Remote Satellites-Based Early Warning System for Cholera Epidemics – Homeland Sec. News Wire (08.16.2013)

With Deadlines Nearing, States, Hospitals Rush to Build-Out Health IT Networks – GCN (08.15.2013)

Bacteria in Drinking Water are Essential to Keeping It Clean – Homeland Security News Wire (08.15.2013)

Scientists Develop Safe Method for Research on Deadly Flu Viruses – Homeland Sec. News Wire (08.13.2013)

New Techniques Let Scientists Measure and Control the Temperature Inside Living Cells – DARPA (08.05.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

3 Reasons Smartphones Aren’t Ready to Replace Police Radios – GCN (08.16.2013)

Mixing Smartphones, Radios Gives New Life to Dispatch System – GCN (08.15.2013)

Blacksburg, Virginia Tech Jump on Obama’s High-Speed Internet Initiative – GCN (08.15.2013)

Decision-Support Tool Aims to Enhance Information Sharing – Emergency Management (08.14.2013)

With More 911 Dispatchers Needed, New Dispatch Simulator Makes Difference for Some – HS Today (08.14.2013)

911 Caller Gets Busy Signal Eight Times – WAVY10 (08.14.2013)

Guaranteeing Communication Coverage in the Event of Disaster – Homeland Security News Wire (08.13.2013)



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