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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

08.19 – 26.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

August 19, 2013 – August 26, 2013

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

DHS Kicks Off $6B Cyber Program – Federal Times (08.25.2013)

Þ    $6B DHS Cybersecurity Contract Sets Off Race to Supply Real-Time Monitoring to Feds – CIO (08.23.2013)

DHS Employee Behind Website Promoting Race War on Paid Leave – Fox News (08.24.2013)

Þ    DHS Employee’s Web Site Calls for Race War, Genocide of White People – HS News Wire (08.22.2013)

DHS Announces Grant Allocation for Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 Preparedness Grants – DHS (08.23.2013)

DHS Developing Facial-Scanning Technology for Police – Fox News (08.21.2013)

Þ    NSA Fear Raises Concerns Over DHS Facial Recognition Technology – CIO (08.23.2013)

Border Protection / Immigration

More Resources Allocated to Border Sec. without a Clear Measure of Effectiveness – HS News Wire (08.23.2013)

Obama Administration Considers New Plan to Bolster Mexico’s Southern Border – Fox News (08.22.2013)

Lawmakers Press Obama on Concerns over New Immigration Agency Chief – Fox News (08.21.2013)

McCaul, Poe Op-Ed: It’s Time to Get Serious about Border Security – U.S. House of Reps (08.20.2013)

DHS Takes Control of Arizona Border Blimp, Grounding It for Repairs – HS News Wire (08.20.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

NSA Broke UN Video-Conferencing Encryption, Eavesdropped on Deliberations – HS News Wire (08.26.2013)

Report: NSA Pays Tech Companies for Data – Fox News (08.24.2013)

NSA Analysts Knowingly Broke Surveillance Rules – Fox News (08.24.2013)

FISA Judge: NSA Misrepresented Themselves, Violated the Constitution – CIO (08.22.2013)


Outsourcing Cybersecurity? Feds Get Behind the Idea – GCN (08.23.2013)

One ID For Many Sites? How a Federated Credential Exchange Works – GCN (08.23.2013)

Hackers Raid Gamers, Target Energy Employees and Defense Contractor Linguists – Next Gov (08.23.2013)

Deep Cyberattacks Cause Millions in Losses for U.S. Banks – CIO (08.22.2013)

Looming Security Crisis Could Cripple Internet – Fox News (08.22.2013)

Is an IT Security Specialist’s Work Ever Done? – Government Technology (08.21.2013)

New Cyber Tool Learns Network Behavior to Sniff Out Malware – GCN (08.20.2013)

Cyberattacks Second Most Common Cause of Severe EU Wired Internet Outages in 2012 – CIO (08.20.2013)

Cybersecurity Pros Weigh In on NIST Standards – Government Technology (08.20.2013)

DHS Cybersecurity Appointment Seen as Government-Industry Bridge – CIO (08.20.2013)

Concerns over Cyber Security Risks Outweigh Traditional Risks – Insurance Journal (08.19.2013)

Can Administrators Catch Up With Cybercriminals? – Government Technology (08.19.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

U.S. Electrical Grid on the Edge of Failure – Scientific American (08.26.2013)

Sandy Task Force: Post-Sandy Infrastructure Must Be More Resilient – HS News Wire (08.26.2013)

Þ    Sandy Shows Need for More Effective Preparedness, Resiliency Standards – HS News Wire (08.20.2013)

After West Disaster, News Study Finds U.S. Chemical Safety Data Wrong about 90% – Dallas News (08.25.2013)

Ultrathin Radios Enable Flexible Structural-Health Monitoring System – HS News Wire (08.23.2013)

To Counter Nuclear Smuggling, Officials Look to Mobile Detection Technology – Next Gov (08.23.2013)

Iris Recognition Useable as a Long-Term Form of Identification – Homeland Security News Wire (08.22.2013)

NIST Drafting Supply Chain Guidance – Gov Info Security (08.22.2013)

Investigating Earthquake Retrofits for ‘Soft’ First-Floor Buildings – Homeland Security News Wire (08.21.2013)

As Worries over the Power Grid Rise, a Drill Will Simulate a Knockout Blow – New York Times (08.16.2013)

Nuclear Plants Still Vulnerable in Many Ways, says University of Texas Report – GSN (08.16.2013)


New Analytic Tool Could Predict Leadership Changes in Terrorist, Criminal Networks – HS Today (08.26.2013)

Readout of President’s Meeting with NSC on Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria – White House (08.26.2013)

Þ    As Many as 1,400 Killed in a Suspected Chemical Attack in Syria – HS News Wire (08.22.2013)

FBI Director Says Al Qaeda May Have Postponed Plans to Attack U.S. Sites Overseas – Fox news (08.23.2013)

Boob Bombs: Breast Implants Suicide Bomb a Threat to Aviation – Homeland Security News Wire (08.23.2013)

Florida Man Accused of Brokering Uranium Deal for Iran – Fox News (08.23.2013)

Suburban Chicago Police Cancels Anti-Terrorism Training Course after Complaints – HS News Wire (08.20.2013)

Al Qaeda ‘Chatter’ Indicates Jihadist Terror Group Still a Serious and Imminent Threat – HS Today (08.20.2013)

Terrorists ‘Aim to Hit Israeli, Jewish Targets Worldwide’ in Coming Weeks – Times of Israel (08.19.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Disaster Planning & Recovery is Available for Those with Access & Functional Needs – FEMA (08.26.2013)

All the Hurricanes of the Past 170 Years, Mapped – Next Gov (08.26.2013)

When Disaster Strikes, Volunteer Efforts are Crucial – FEMA (08.23.2013)

National Preparedness Month Toolkit – Emergency Management (08.23.2013)

Catastrophes Cost Global Insurance Industry More Than $20 Billion in First Half of 2013 – HSN Wire (08.22.2013)

National Hurricane Center Gives Storm Surge Modeling a Major Boost – The Washington Post (08.21.2013)

Cost of Flood Losses in Major Coastal Cities to Exceed $50 Billion by 2050 – HS News Wire (08.21.2013)

Should Reckless People Pay to Get Rescued? – Emergency Management (08.21.2013)

Rapid Response, Imaging of Injuries Aided Boston Marathon Bombing Victims – HS News Wire (08.21.2013)

Anniversary Serves as a Reminder to Register for ShakeOut – VDEM (08.20.2013)

Where Are the Hurricanes? – Weather Notions (08.20.2013)

3 Tips for Posting Emergency Information Online – Emergency Management (08.19.2013)

Google Glass to arm Police, Firefighters – Information Week (08.19.2013)

NYC Bills Focus on Disaster Planning for Future Storms – Emergency Management (08.19.2013)

Public Health

Nanoparticles in Food Pose Health Risks – Homeland Security News Wire (08.26.2013)

Irradiated Mosquitoes Provide Malaria Vaccine – Homeland Security News Wire (08.22.2013)

New Understanding of Key Step in Anthrax Infection – Homeland Security News Wire (08.22.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

Mobile Fire App to Shave Seconds off Operations – Emergency Management (08.22.2013)

Promising New Tech Could Boost Communications in Emergencies – Emergency Management (08.20.2013)

No Cell Service? Need 911? Mesh Networking May Help – Governing (08.20.2013)

California County Goes High-Tech to Improve Communications – Emergency Management (08.19.2013)



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