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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.03 – 09.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

September 3, 2013 – September 9, 2013

Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead: Committee Schedule September 9-September 13 – U.S. House of Representatives (09.09.2013)

Video Testimony: ‘Crisis in Syria: Implications for Homeland Security’ – U.S. House of Rep (Sched: 09.10.2013)

National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

FBI, Homeland Security: No Credible or Specific Intel of Threat Tied to 9/11 Anniversary – Fox News (09.06.2013)

Where to Find At Risk DHS Programs in Need of Help – Homeland Security Today (09.06.2013)

TSA Pre-Check Expands to 60 Additional Airports – Homeland Security Today (09.05.2013)

DHS Has Become the Epicenter for Government Cybersecurity – Government Security News (09.04.2013)

Surveillance / NSA Intelligence Leak

Surveillance Court Ruling Allowed NSA Search of Domestic Emails – Fox News (09.08.2013)

NSA Can Access Most Smartphone Data, Report Says – Fox News (09.08.2013)

Fusion Centers Collect Information on Non-Threatening Groups – HS News Wire (09.04.2013)


Your Twitter Account Has Been Hacked! Here’s what to Do About It – CIO (09.09.2013)

Android Trojans Gain Botnet Distribution, New Code – CIO (09.06.2013)

Air Force, Army Plan to Share network and Security Systems – GCN (09.05.2013)

U.S. Carried Out 231 ‘Cyberoperations’ in 2011 Alone, Leaked Documents Show – CIO (09.05.2013)

Industry Backlash against Surveillance Jeopardizes Cybersecurity – Next Gov (09.05.2013)

NIST Cyber Security Framework Proposal Provides No ‘Measurable Cybersecurity Assurance’ – CIO (09.05.2013)

Your Heartbeat: The Ultimate in Password Protection? – Next Gov (09.04.2013)

Norwich University Receives $10 Million for Cybersecurity Research – HS News Wire (09.04.2013)

Piecemeal Approach to Cyber Legislation – Gov Info Security (09.03.2013)

Infrastructure Protection

New Detectors for Chemical, Biological Threats – HS News Wire (09.09.2013)

NRC Head to Testify on Renewed Planning for Yucca Atomic Site – Next Gov (09.09.2013)

NIST Issues Updated Standard for Federal Identification Card – Security Management (09.06.2013)

4 Steps to Building Trusted Groups to Protect Critical Infrastructure – Emergency Management (09.05.2013)

Emergency Response to Threats at School – WSAV NBC3 (09.05.2013)

Knowing Exposure Risks Crucial to Saving Structures from Wildfires – HS News Wire (09.05.2013)

DHS to Hold Workshop on October 2-3 on Video Quality for Public Safety Agencies – GSN (09.04.2013)

Readying Iris Recognition for Prime Time – Gov Info Security (09.04.2013)

FEMA Updates Its Guide for Nuclear Plant Alerts and Notifications – Government Security News (09.03.2013)

New Guidelines on Ammonium Nitrate Released in Response to West Disaster – Dallas News (08.30.2013)


Flexible Vehicle-Arrest System Stops Cars Involved in Crime, Terrorism – HS News Wire (09.09.2013)

All NYC Mosques as Terrorist Organizations to Facilitate Broad Surveillance – HS News Wire (09.09.2013)

The U.S. is Still Vulnerable to Chemical Threats – Emergency Management (09.06.2013)

Homegrown Radicals as Dangerous as Jihadists, Napolitano Says – UPI (09.06.2013)

Syrian WMDs in Hands of Jihadists May Pose More of a Regional Threat – Homeland Security Today (09.04.2013)

U.S. Documents Detail Al Qaeda’s Efforts to Fight Back against Drones – Homeland Security Today (09.04.2013)

Emergency Preparedness

Virginia Secretary of Veterans Affairs & Homeland Security to Step Down – Va. Governor’s Office (09.09.2013)

U.S. Still Unprepared for Responding to Large Scale Bio-Attack, Authorities Say – HS Today (09.09.2013)

FEMA Wants Better Hurricane Alerts for People with Disabilities – Next Gov (09.06.2013)

Many States Fail to Meet Preparedness Standards for Schools, Child Care Facilities – HS Today (09.06.2013)

Is Your Emergency Action Plan Workable? – Safety BLR (09.05.2013)

EPA Launches New Online Mapping Tool for Environmental Impact Statements – Huntington News (09.05.2013)

Download Preparedness Month Toolkit – Virginia Service (09.04.2013)

Surry Power Station Will Test Emergency Alert Sirens September 11th – VDEM (09.04.2013)

White House Brainstorms with Businesses on Disaster Recovery – Information Week (09.04.2013)

FEMA PrepareAthon Kicks-Off September 5th – Virginia Service (09.04.2013)

Public Health

FDA to Require Imported Food to Be Inspected at the Source – HS News Wire (09.04.2013)

DHS Plans ‘Real-Time Data Feed’ that Monitors Disease Outbreaks Worldwide 24/7 – GSN (09.03.2013)

New Sensor for SERS Raman Spectroscopy; Almost as Sensitive as a Dog’s Nose – MNT (08.31.2013)

How Anthrax Toxins Cause Illness, Death – Medical News Today (08.31.2013)

National Disaster Medical System Builds Capabilities with Fundamentals Course – HS Today (08.29.2013)

Communications & Interoperability

New Approach Enhances Quantum-Based Secure Communication – HS News Wire (09.05.2013)

New Systems Improve Voice Recognition – HS News Wire (09.05.2013)

Danville, Virginia, Migrates to Microwave Emergency Responder Network – Emergency Management (09.03.2013)



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