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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.16 – 23.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

 Virginia Homeland Security Media
September 16, 2013 – September 23, 2013


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Combating Human Trafficking: Federal, State, and Local Perspectives’ – DHS (09.23.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘DHS Acquisition Practices: Improving Outcomes for Taxpayers…’ – DHS (09.19.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Assessing the Nation’s State of Preparedness: A Federal, State…’ – DHS (09.19.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Implementation of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act…’ – DHS (09.18.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘FEMA Reauthorization: Recovering Quicker and Smarter’ – DHS (09.18.2013)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Paul Goldberg Appointed to the Homeland Security Advisory Council – HS News Wire (09.23.2013)

Capitol Hill Report Warns Shutdown Could Pose Risks to National Security – Fox News (09.22.2013)

DHS’s Huge Cybersecurity Skills Shortage – Gov Info Security (09.20.2013)

More Than 1 in 5 Cyber Jobs Vacant at Key DHS Division – Next Gov (09.20.2013)

In a Week of Disasters, House Committee Told Emergency Preparedness Still Lacking – LW Pilot (09.19.2013)

GAO Still Not Impressed with DHS’s Management of its Major Acquisition Programs – GSN (09.19.2013)

Does DHS Have Too Much Cybersecurity Authority? – Gov Info Security (09.19.2013)

Dozens of TSA Employees Fired, Suspended for Illegal Gambling Ring at Airport – CBS Pittsburgh (09.19.2013)

The Side of Homeland Security You Won’t See on TV – HS News Wire (09.18.2013)

Improving Resilience of DHS Work Force – HS News Wire (09.17.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

Border Communities Decry Washington’s Misguided Emphasis on Border Security – HS News Wire (09.23.2013)

Business Demand for Temporary Visas, Green Cards to Rise in 2014 – HS News Wire (09.18.2013)

Report: DHS Must Better Track Excessive Force – Sacramento Bee (09.17.2013)



Compact Aerostat Offers Affordable, Portable Surveillance Solution – HS News Wire (09.23.2013)



Security Org Raises Internet Threat Level after Seeing Expanded IE Attacks – CIO (09.23.2013)

Apple’s Advanced Fingerprint Technology is Hacked; Should You Worry? – ZD Net (09.23.2013)

Java Exploits Seen as Huge Menace So Far This Year – CIO (09.23.2013)

Experts Call for Greater Awareness of Cyber-Extortion Schemes – Security Management (09.21.2013)

Evolving Cybersecurity Field Too Diverse for Overly Broad Professionalization – HS News Wire (09.20.2013)

Apple’s iOS 7 Patches 80 Vulnerabilities – CIO (09.20.2013)

NIST Announces Five Grants to Pilot Trusted Identity Technologies – HS News Wire (09.20.2013)

Survey Finds IT Managers Ill-Equipped to Face Cyber Threats – GCN (09.20.2013)

Hacking Courses Offer Cybercrooks Tips on How to Hone Skills – CIO (09.19.2013)

U.S. Regulator Says Small Banks Could Face Cyber Threat – Reuters (09.18.2013)

China-Based Hacking Group behind Hundreds of Attacks on U.S. Companies – CIO (09.17.2013)

DHS Must Implement Information Security Guidelines for Use of Social Media, IG Says – HS Today (09.17.2013)

DHS to Demonstrate 8 New Emerging Cybersecurity Technologies in Washington, DC – HS Today (09.13.2013)

Cybersecurity Legislation: What’s Next? – Gov Info Security (09.13.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

ASIS Foundation Contributes to Chicago Public School’s Security Enhancements – HS News Wire (09.23.2013)

VCE Brings More Speed and Agility to Converged Infrastructure – GCN (09.23.2013)

Smartphone App Aims to Increase Campus Safety – WHSV3.com (09.23.2013)

National Grid Offers Tips for Emergency Preparedness – The Observer (09.22.2013)

U.S. EPA Issues Revised Rules for New Power Plants – Renewable Energy World.com (09.20.2013)

State Capitol Officers Share Security Practices Following Navy Yard Shooting – NBC12 (09.19.2013)

Today’s Worst Watershed Stresses in U.S. May Become Tomorrow’s New Normal – HS News Wire (09.19.2013)

Biometric ID Coming to a Government Office near You – GCN (09.18.2013)

Domain Awareness Center May Bring Proactive Policing to Oakland – Emergency Management (09.17.2013)

Inside SFO: A Tour of the Airport’s Safety Operations – Emergency Management (09.16.2013)



3 Islamic Militant Dead, More Hostages Freed in Nairobi Mall Terror Attack – Fox News (09.23.2013)

Iran Indicates Willingness to Rethink Nuke Program in Exchange for Sanction Relief – HS News Wire (09.20.2013)

Aon Calls on U.S. to Extend Expiring Terrorism Risk Insurance Act – HS News Wire (09.19.2013)

Audit: Justice Department Office Overstated Terrorism Conviction Statistics – Washington Post (09.17.2013)

Navy Yard Shooting Suspect Only Gunman in Rampage – ABC News (09.16.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

FEMA Individual Assistance Tops $1 Billion in New York after Sandy – FEMA (09.23.2013)

NOAA Puts 170 Years of Hurricane History into One Interactive Site – GCN (09.23.2013)

Are Your Finances in Order if a Natural Disaster Occurs? – Virginia Service (09.23.2013)

Deep Earthquakes Simulated in the Laboratory – HS News Wire (09.23.2013)

Preparing and Engaging Youth – FEMA (09.23.2013)

7 Ways the Response to a Devastating Earthquake Has Changed – Emergency Management (09.20.2013)

NASA, DHS to Demonstrate Disaster Rescue Tool – HS News Wire (09.19.2013)

FEMA Honors Achievements in Community Preparedness – FEMA (09.19.2013)

California Mulls Costly Earthquake Early-Warning System – HS News Wire (09.19.2013)

DC Fire & EMS Preparedness Called into Question – WUSA9 CBS (09.17.2013)

In Emergencies, Politicians Are Expected to Master Disaster – OPB (09.17.2013)

FEMA Continues to Support Response to Colorado Flooding – FEMA (09.16.2013)


Public Health

Universal Flu Vaccine within Sight – HS News Wire (09.23.2013)

What to Know about the Drug-Resistant Superbugs that Killed 23,000 Last Year – Next Gov (09.23.2013)

Untreatable: The Growing Menace of Drug-Resistant Health Threats – HS News Wire (09.18.2013)

How Virginia Hospitals Plan for Mass Trauma – WRIC ABC8 (09.18.2013)

Smartphone ‘Microscope’ Can Detect a Single Virus, Nanoparticles – HS News Wire (09.18.2013)

Pandemic Flu Plan Predicts 30 Percent of U.S. Could Fall Ill – Scientific American (09.17.2013)

USDA Plans to Expand Private Meat Inspection Scheme despite Criticism – HS News Wire (09.17.2013)

West Nile Virus Detected in Pembroke Area – WTKR3 (09.17.2013)

Clinical Study of Flu Pathogenesis in Humans May Help Develop Countermeasures – HS Today (09.16.2013)

3 Germs are Urgent Threats to USA’s Health, CDC Says – WBIR BNC (09.16.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

UVA Updates Emergency Communication System – NBC29 WVIR (09.21.2013)

Navy Yard Responders Say Rescue Was Hampered by Bad Radios – Next Gov (09.20.2013)

Teams Show Robust Radio Techniques at Spectrum Challenge Event – HS News Wire (09.20.2013)

GPS Jammers Could Knock Out Signals in a Medium-Sized City – Next Gov (09.19.2013)

Busy Year Means All Hands on Deck for Verizon’s All-Hazards Emergency Management – PRN (09.19.2013)



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