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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

09.30 – 10.07.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

September 30, 2013 – October 7, 2013


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead for the House Homeland Security Committee October 7-11, 2013 – U.S. House of Reps (10.07.2013)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

How DHS Copes with Shutdown Requirements – HS News Wire (10.04.2013)

Finding a New Head of Homeland Security is Proving to be More a Real Challenge – Washington Post (10.01.2013)

Essential Functions of DHS Will Continue during Government Shutdown – HS Today (10.01.2013)

New Penn State Homeland Security Programs Head Predicts Growing Challenges – Penn State (09.30.2013)

DHS IG: TSA Lacked Proper Strategy for Deploying ‘Whole Body Scanners’ – HS Today (09.27.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

Free-Market Solution to the Immigration Problem – HS News Wire (10.07.2013)

Immigration Court Cases in Limbo during Government Shutdown – HS News Wire (10.04.2013)



Study: Restricting License Plate Readers Undermines Law Enforcement – HS News Wire (10.03.2013)

Homeland Security Surveillance at Football Game Draws Ire from Phoenix Councilman – TTW (10.03.2013)

NSA Leaker Snowden May Have Had Help – CIO (10.03.2013)

NSA Chief Admits Testing U.S. Cellphone Tracking – Times Free Press (10.02.2013)

NSA Reportedly Compiling Individual Digital Footprints – Fox News (09.30.2013)



5 Wi-Fi Security Myths you Must Abandon Now – CIO (10.07.2013)

Government IT Pros Say a Network Hack would be Worse Than… – GCN (10.07.2013)

Study Links Phishing Vulnerabilities to Personality Traits – CIO (10.07.2013)

How CIOs can Navigate Treacherous BYOD Waters – CIO (10.04.2013)

Serious IT Consequences if Shutdown Lasts – HS News Wire (10.03.2013)

U.S. Indicts 13 Anonymous Members for DDoS Attacks – CIO (10.03.2013)

$6 Billion Cyber Monitoring Initiative Falls Victim to Shutdown – Next Gov (10.03.2013)

Hackers Steal Information on 2.9 Million Adobe Customers – CIO (10.03.2013)

Shutdown Heightens Cybersecurity Risks, Feds Warn – Information Week (10.03.2013)

Government Vulnerable to Cyber Attack during Shutdown, Security Firm’s Experts Say – HS Today (10.02.2013)

Cybersecurity Authorities Warn of Bogus ObamaCare Phishing Websites – HS Today (10.02.2013)

Agencies Still Struggling with FISMA Compliance – GCN (10.01.2013)

National Cyber Security Awareness Month 2013 – FBI (10.01.2013)

Hackers for Hire Group Targeting Government Assets, Report Says – GC (09.30.2013)

GAO: Agencies Can’t Get FISMA Just Right – Gov Info Security (09.30.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

$5 Million NSF Grant Focuses on Nuclear Threat Inspection – HS News Wire (10.07.2013)

Bomb Scare Closes Ferry Run in Washington State for Hours on Saturday – Seattle Times (10.05.2013)

Lawmaker Blasts Shutdown of DHS Chemical-Security Program – Next Gov (10.04.2013)

A State of Disrepair: Thousands of U.S. Aging Bridges Risk Collapse – HS News Wire (10.04.2013)

Reducing Security Threats from Explosives – HS News Wire (10.03.2013)

How San Francisco International Airport Stays Secure – Emergency Management (10.03.2013)

Delaware Prepares for Sea-Level Rise – HS News Wire (10.03.2013)

NYC Enacts Post-Sandy Resiliency Codes – HS News Wire (10.01.2013)

Risks Posed by Foreign Ports Shipping Cargo to U.S. Not Adequately Assessed – HS Today (09.30.2013)

TSA Finds Dozens of Fake ID Cards in Bags at BWI – WTOP 103.5FM (09.30.2013)

West Virginia Higher Ed Panel Considers Campus Safety Rule – Observer Reporter (09.30.2013)

Major Cities Need Better Federal Guidance on Responding to Nuclear, RDD Attacks – HS Today (09.30.2013)



U.S. Will Interrogate Terror Suspect aboard Warship in Mediterranean, Officials Say – NBC News (10.07.2013)

Libya Condemns U.S. Capture of al-Ruqai – HS News Wire (10.07.2013)

Predicting Violence among Psychopaths No more Accurate than Tossing a Coin – HS News Wire (10.04.2013)

Preventing Nuclear Terrorism – HS News Wire (10.04.2013)

Shots Exchanged Near Capitol Hill, Suspect- a Woman- Hit – HS News Wire (10.03.2013)

Violent Hate Crimes, Lone-Wolf Terrorism Share Characteristics – HS News Wire (10.02.2013)

Societies with Rigid Cultural Values Produce More Terrorists – HS News Wire (10.02.2013)

Two Men Arrested Following Tuesday Night JIA Bomb Scare – Florida Times-Union (10.02.2013)

Teenager Faces Terrorism Charge for School Threat – WHSV3 News (09.30.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

U.S. Nation-Wide Quake Early-Warning System – HS News Wire (10.07.2013)

Ammonium Nitrate Blast Effects Calculator Made Available to First Responders – HS Today (10.03.2013)

Employees Responsible for Saving Us from Hurricanes are Working for No Pay – Popular Science (10.03.2013)

How Libraries Can Stop the Next Hurricane Disaster – Atlantic Wire (10.03.2013)

Tokyo Officials Offer Insight on Emergency Preparedness – Fosters (10.03.2013)

FEMA Signs Identity Verification Deal with Hacked Data Broker – Next Gov (10.02.2013)

Building Disaster-Relief Phone Apps on the Fly – HS News Wire (10.01.2013)

Flood Maps from Satellite Data can Help Emergency Response – Space Daily (10.01.2013)

Tiny Sensor in iPhones Could Be Used to Create a Real-Time Map of Seismic Activity – Daily Mail (09.30.2013)

FEMA Initiates Electronic Fingerprint System for Security Review of Employees – HS Today (09.30.2013)


Public Health

New View of Dengue Fever – HS News Wire (10.07.2013)

Pentagon Seeks to Design Virus-Fighting Protein ‘Cocktails’ – Next Gov (10.04.2013)

Facebook, Twitter May Yield Clues on How to Prevent the Spread of Disease – HS News Wire (10.04.2013)

Flu Surveillance Program Down during Government Shutdown – WRIC ABC8 (10.02.2013)

Another VCU Student Tests Positive for Tuberculosis – Richmond Times Dispatch (10.01.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

After Sandy Hit, Coast Guard Communications Got…Better – GCN (10.07.2013)

Facility Managers Share Building Data with Emergency Responders – Emergency Management (10.04.2013)

FirstNet is Finishing Up an Active First Year – Emergency Management (10.02.2013)

Virtual Operations Support Teams Harness Social Media – Emergency Management (10.02.2013)



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