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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

10.07 – 10.14.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

October 7, 2013 – October 14, 2013


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Leadership Void at Department of Homeland Security – Fox News (10.11.2013)

DHS Envisions Leadership Training Based on Battle of Gettysburg and Lincoln’s Actions – GSN (10.10.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

House Passes Bill to Pay for Border Security – Governing.com (10.11.2013)

Decline in U.S. Unauthorized Immigrant Population Halted – HS News Wire (10.09.2013)

House Democrats Propose Comprehensive Immigration Bill – HS News Wire (10.08.2013)

Gov. Jerry Brown: Only U.S. Citizens on Juries – HS News Wire (10.08.2013)

Homeland Security Relaxed Immigration Enforcement during Tropical Storm Karen – Next Gov (10.07.2013)



Privacy Fears Grown as Cities Increase Surveillance – New York Times (10.13.2013)

Secret FISA Court Allows NSA to Continue Collecting U.S. Phone Records – Fox News (10.11.2013)

Virginia Police Built Massive Data Base of Political Rallies Participants – HS News Wire (10.10.2013)



Bipartisan Cybersecurity Measure to Be Introduced In Congress – HS News Wire (10.14.2013)

Cyber Warrior Shortage Hits Anti-Hacker Fightback – Reuters (10.13.2013)

New NIST Cybersecurity Standards Could Pose Liability Risks – CIO (10.11.2013)

Is the Shutdown Promoting a False Sense of Cybersecurity? – GCN (10.11.2013)

Popular e-Commerce Software Vulnerable to Hackers – HS News Wire (10.10.2013)

So Much Data, So Little Security; What Happens if Your City Gets Hacked? – CIO (10.10.2013)

Avira Unveils Free Mobile Security App for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod – HS News Wire (10.10.2013)

Shutdown Could Delay Government’s Patching of IE, Windows and .NET Flaws – Computerworld (10.09.2013)

Cybersecurity Strategy Needs a Global Approach – GCN (10.09.2013)

Major Cybercrime Arrest in Russia – Gov Info Security (10.09.2013)

VITA and Northrop Grumman Honored for Cybersecurity Initiative – Richmond Times Dispatch (10.08.2013)

The Legal Implications of BYOD – Government Technology (10.07.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

Furloughs Hamper U.S. Ability to Respond to Chemical Disasters – HS News Wire (10.14.2013)

NERC to Hold Grid Security Exercise on November 13-14, 2013 – NERC (10.14.2013)

IT Managers: The Biggest Threat to Infrastructure Isn’t Cyber – GCN (10.11.2013)

Crumbling Infrastructure Hobbles U.S. Competitiveness – HS News Wire (10.10.2013)

U.S. Levies $118,300 in Fines in Texas Fertilizer Plant Blast – Reuters (10.10.2013)

Report: Gunman Opens Fire on Federal Building in West Virginia – Reuters (10.09.2013)

Power Transformers Pose Weakness in the Electric Grid – GCN (10.08.2013)

Meltdowns Zap NSA’s Giant New Data Center – GCN (10.08.2013)

Governor McDonnell Named ‘Public Infrastructure Official of the Year’ – Virginia Governor’s Office (10.07.2013)

Weekend Attacks on Arkansas’ Electric Grid Leave 10,000 without Power – Forbes (10.07.2013)



TSA: No Evidence of Threat on Reported Terrorist ‘Dry-Run’ Flight – Seattle Times (10.12.2013)

O.C. Man Pleads Not Guilty to Charge of Supporting Al-Qaeda – KTLA5 (10.11.2013)

U.S. Forces Capture Senior Taliban Commander – Israeli National News (10.11.2013)

Al Shabaab Poses Growing Threat to the U.S. Homeland, Authorities Say – HS Today (10.10.2013)

U.S. Citizen Charged with Soliciting Aid for Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan – Queens Co. DA (10.10.2013)

Opinion: The New Jihad; a Violent, Intrusive and Dangerous Threat to World Order – Fox News (10.09.2013)

Oklahoma City Bomb-Making Chemicals in Fairfield House – CT Post (10.09.2013)

A Guide to Terrorist, Security Actors in East Africa – HS News Wire (10.08.2013)

Jihadists Threaten Revenge for U.S. Libya Snatch Operation – ABC News (10.07.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

Mass. Bill Aims to Protect Pets during Disasters – Boston.com (10.10.2013)

Emergency Funds: Parametric Insurance Provides Predictability – Emergency Management (10.09.2013)

More than One Million Virginians Now Signed Up for ShakeOut – VDEM (10.09.2013)


Public Health

Discovery Points Way to Treatment of Lethal Toxin Botulism – HS News Wire (10.14.2013)

Bioterrorism Fear Led Scientists to Withhold Botulinum Toxin Info – Next Gov (10.11.2013)

Shutdown Paralyzes U.S. Food Safety Regime – HS News Wire (10.11.2013)

Drug-Resistant Salmonella Outbreak in Seven States – HS News Wire (10.09.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

HSIN in Action: Boston Bombing, Deep Water, Super Bowl – GCN (10.11.2013)

Nationwide 911 Training Needed, Panelists Say (Part 1) – Urgent Communications (10.08.2013)



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