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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

10.14 – 21.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

October 14, 2013 – October 21, 2013


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Former Pentagon Lawyer Said to be Choice to Head Homeland Security – Emergency Management (10.18.2013)

TSA Screenings at Phoenix Airport Draw Fire from Disabled Travelers – Fox News (10.15.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

Debt Deal Funds DHS to Take Over Air Force Border Blimps – Next Gov (10.17.2013)



France Summons U.S. Ambassador to Explain NSA Surveillance – HS News Wire (10.21.2013)

Police Departments Adopt Sophisticated, Cheap-to-Operate Surveillance Technology – HS News Wire (10.21.2013)

Backlash: Growing Interest in Counter-Surveillance Tools – HS News Wire (10.18.2013)



Army Alliance to Explore Cyber Science – GCN (10.21.2013)

Be Cyber Smart. Stay Cyber Secure – Federal Emergency Management Agency (10.18.2013)

Hackers Steal Customer Information from PR Newswire – CIO (10.17.2013)

Federal Agencies Vulnerable to Security Threats, Study Says – Healthcare Informatics (10.17.2013)

Federal Security Breaches Traced to User Noncompliance – CIO (10.17.2013)

Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline Not Being Fed by High Schools, Survey Finds – HS Today (10.16.2013)

Feds Tackle Continuous Monitoring – Gov Info Security (10.16.2013)

Is Cybersecurity an Inside Job? – Digital Communities (10.16.2013)

Feds Want User-Friendly Security; Cyber Pros Don’t Think About That – Next Gov (10.16.2013)

U.K. Launches Cyberwarfare Reserve Force – HS News Wire (10.15.2013)

Insider Threats and How They Can Be Mitigated – CIO (10.15.2013)

Changeable Default Passwords are Not Seen as Vulnerability by ICS-CERT, but Should They? – CIO (10.15.2013)

NIST Security Standards: Fallacies and Pitfalls – Information Week (10.14.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

FBI Investigates Laser Pointer Attacks on Airline Pilots – Next Gov (10.21.2013)

Using Hills to Shelter Buildings from Tornadoes – HS News Wire (10.18.2013)

New Barrier System to Protect Venice from Rising Seas – HS News Wire (10.18.2013)

Lawmakers, DHS Weigh How to Secure Ports Most Vulnerable to WMDs – Next Gov (10.17.2013)

Los Alamos Accused of Disregarding Security during VIP Visits – Next Gov (10.17.2013)

Maryland Preparing for Sea Level Rise – HS News Wire (10.17.2013)

U.S. Nuclear Power Industry Facing Growing Challenges – HS News Wire (10.17.2013)

Airport Employee Arrested in Dry Ice Explosions – ABC News (10.16.2013)

Budget Impasse Halts Enforcement of Chemical Plants Safety Standards – HS News Wire (10.15.2013)

Report: Dozens of Violations at Virginia Nuclear Plants – WRIC ABC8 (10.15.2013)

Tabletop Device Would Destroy Chemical Weapons with X-Rays – Popular Science (10.15.2013)

North Anna Unit Back On Line – Fredericksburg.com (10.14.2013)



Fighting Al-Shabaab’s Recruitment Efforts in U.S. Somali Community – HS News Wire (10.21.2013)

Americans Warned of Kenya Mall-Style Terror Attack ‘Imminent’ in Uganda – NBC News (10.18.2013)

Libyan Al Qaeda Suspect Appears in US Court, Pleads Not Guilty to Terrorism Charges – Fox News (10.15.2013)

Terror Raid: London Suspects Questioned – BBC (10.14.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

FEMA to Evaluate Readiness of Maryland – Federal Emergency Management Agency (10.18.2013)

Geologists: Sandy Could Happen Again – HS News Wire (10.18.2013)

Mobile Geospatial Tool to Aid Military, First Responders – Information Week (10.18.2013)

Cell Phone Technology for Quicker Sear-and-Rescue Operations – HS News Wire (10.18.2013)

GPS Accuracy Still Not good Enough for Emergencies – GCN (10.16.2013)

High-Tech Disaster Prep – Courier News (10.14.2013)

Isabel was ‘Transformational’ for Virginia Utilities, Emergency Managers – Emergency Management (10.14.2013)


Public Health

Innovative Salmonella Sensing System – HS News Wire (10.21.2013)

Disaster Preparedness in Michigan Emergency Departments – Medical News Today (10.16.2013)

Compound Derived from Vegetables Offers Shield from Lethal Radiation Doses – HS News Wire (10.15.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

What’s Next for GIS: The Fourth Dimension – GCN (10.21.2013)

Emergency Managers Must Meet Diverse Public Comm Needs, Address Complacency – HS Today (10.17.2013)

LAPD Tests Situational Awareness Tool – Emergency Management (10.16.2013)

Quantum Encryption Goes Mainstream – Discover (10.16.2013)

Why FirstNet Needs State CIOs – Government Technology (10.15.2013)

Environmental Emergency Communication Updates Set – Ventura County Star (10.14.2013)



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