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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

10.28 – 11.04.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

October 28, 2013 – November 4, 2013


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Written Testimony: ‘Facility Protection: Implications of the Navy Yard Shooting on HS’ – DHS (10.30.2013)

Written Testimony: ‘Bridging the Gap between Cybersecurity and Emergency Management’ – DHS (10.30.2013)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

Unjustified Overtime Pay Routinely Used by DHS Employees – HS News Wire (11.04.2013)

Another Critical Infrastructure Protection Bill Introduced by Rep. Franks – HS Today (10.31.2013)

Homeland Security Committee Passes Legislation to Improve Cybersecurity, More – U.S. House (10.29.2013)

ICE Hacked Its Own Employees to Teach Self-Defense in Cyberspace – Next Gove (10.29.2013)

House Infrastructure Panel Approves First-Ever FEMA Reauthorization Bill – HS Today (10.29.2013)

GAO: DHS Contribution to Combating Terrorism Abroad Needs Strategic Review – HS Today (10.28.2013)



White House, Top Intelligence Lawmakers Reject NSA Leaker Snowden’s Plea for Clemency – Fox (11.03.2013)

Court: A Warrant Is Required for GPS Tracking of Suspects’ Vehicles – HS News Wire (11.01.2013)

‘Reform Bill’ Would Codify Ability of NSA to Spy on Americans, Critics Say – CIO (11.01.2013)

NSA Director Denies Knowledge of Google, Yahoo Hack – CIO (10.31.2013)

U.S. Tech Companies Increase Lobbying Efforts Related to Surveillance, NSA – HS News Wire (10.30.2013)

White House to Curb NSA Monitoring of Some Allies’ Leaders – HS News Wire (10.29.2013)



NIST to Review Crypto Guidance Methods – Gov Info Security (11.02.2013)

The Danger of Cybersecurity ‘Ghettos’ – CIO (11.01.2013)

Data Breach Notification Laws, State and Federal – CIO (11.01.2013)

Los Angeles to Form Centralized Cyber Command – Gov Info Security (10.31.2013)

Preventing a ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’ – HS News Wire (10.30.2013)

Obama, CEOs Meet on Cybersecurity Framework – Gov Info Security (10.30.2013)

Think Hackers are IT’s Biggest Threat? Think Again – Information Week (10.30.2013)

Mobile Phone Use a Significant Security Risk for Companies – HS News Wire (10.30.2013)

Will Your Site Be Hacked on November 5th? – Government Technology (10.30.2013)

Adobe Security Breach Worse than Originally Thought – CIO (10.29.2013)

NIST Seeks Public Comments on Updated Smart-Grid Cybersecurity Guidelines – HS News Wire (10.29.2013)

Military, NASA, Other Agencies Hit in Series of Attacks – GCN (10.29.2013)

Why States Need Social Media Policies – Stateline (10.29.2013)

Hackers Target Obama’s Twitter Account Links – CNBC (10.28.2013)

Incident Response Matters – CIO (10.28.2013)

Higher Ed Networks 300 Percent More Likely to Contain Malware – GCN (10.28.2013)

Younger Employees Break the Rules and Put Your Company at Risk – CIO (10.28.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

LAX Shooting Suspect Reportedly Told Police He Acted Alone – Fox News (11.04.2013)

Iris ID Systems Go Mainstream – CIO (11.04.2013)

DHS Announces ‘See Something, Say Something’ Partnership with ING NYC Marathon – DHS (11.02.2013)

Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, 2013 – The White House (11.01.2013)

The Emerging Turf Battle between Information and Physical Security Pros – CIO (10.31.2013)

New Online Security Course Available to Small Business Owners – Small Business Administration (10.30.2013)

Panel Examines Tighter Security Clearance Procedures after Navy Yard Shooting – Washington Post (10.30.2013)

After Boston Attacks, Security Tight for NYC Marathon – Fox News (10.30.2013)

Maryland to Face Major Problems from Rising Sea Levels – CBS Baltimore (10.30.2013)

Threats to Privacy Become a Focus of Smart Grid Planning – GCN (10.29.2013)

Bedford to Ask State to Allow School Staff to Carry a Concealed Weapon – News & Advance (10.29.2013)

Selected Facilities’ Emergency Plans Generally Reflect Federal Guidance – HS Today (10.28.2013)



U.S. Drone Strike Kills Top Al-Shabaab Bomb Maker – HS News Wire (11.04.2013)

Perspectives on Terrorism and Responses to It – HS News Wire (11.04.2013)

Terror Attacks, Fatalities Have Escalated Since 2011, According to ‘Preliminary’ Data – HS Today (10.31.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

Resources on Disaster Preparedness, Resilience – HS News Wire (11.04.2013)

Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) Application Period Set to Open November 4th – FEMA (11.01.2013)

Improving Earthquake Early Warning Systems – HS News Wire (10.31.2013)

Long-Term Forecast Sees More-Damaging Storms – Philly.com (10.30.2013)

FEMA Wants to Plan for Motor Coaches to Evacuate People from Disaster Areas – GSN (10.30.2013)

Arkansas Deploys First Statewide SmartPrepare System – HS News Wire (10.29.2013)

Lessons Learned and Forgotten are Addressed at IAEM Conference – Emergency Management (10.29.2013)

Helping First Responders Identify Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Agents – HS News Wire (10.29.2013)

Experts Hope to Use Lessons of Sandy to Deal with Bigger Storms – Emergency Management (10.29.2013)

Elected Officials are Rarely Educated about Emergencies – Emergency Management (10.28.2013)

How Local Governments Hinder Our Response to Natural Disasters – The Atlantic Cities (10.28.2013)

Grassroots Emergency Management: A New How-To Guide – All Hazards Blog (10.25.2013)


Public Health

Malaria Cases in U.S. Reach 40-Year High – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (10.31.2013)

Flu Vaccination Rates Still Not High Enough for Health Care Providers, At Risk Persons – HS Today (10.29.2013)

Top CDC Expert Declares That ‘We’ve Reached the End of Antibiotics’ – Daily Mail (10.26.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

FCC Clears Way for Field Equipment to Be Used on FirstNet – GCN (10.31.2013)

Dinwiddie 911 Will Soon Accept Videos, Photos & Text Messages – NBC12 (10.29.2013)

Can Quantum Cryptography Work in the Real World? – GCN (10.28.2013)



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