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Weekly Homeland Security Media Reports

11.04 – 12.2013 Virginia Homeland Security Media

Virginia Homeland Security Media

November 4, 2013 – November 12, 2013


Congressional Homeland Security Committee/Sub-Committee Testimony

Week Ahead for the House HS Committee November 11-November 15, 2013 – U.S. House of Reps (11.11.2013)

Written Testimony ‘One Year Later: Examining the Ongoing Recovery from Hurricane Sandy’ – DHS (11.06.2013)


National Homeland Security Policy & Issues

McCaul Op Ed: Nobody’s Home at Homeland Security – U.S. House of Representatives (11.11.2013)

DHS: Conspiracy Theories about DHS Purchases Unequivocally False – HS News Wire (11.11.2013)

Privacy Office at DHS Submits Annual Report to Congress – Government Security News (11.07.2013)

DHS Testing Face Recognition Biometrics – HS News Wire (11.07.2013)

DHS Must Improve Cyber Information Sharing Across Government – HS Today (11.06.2013)

DHS Testing Facial Recognition Accuracy – Emergency Management (11.05.2013)

Lawmakers Want Better Security Clearance Process – HS News Wire (11.05.2013)

Local Law Enforcement Unfamiliar with DHS Nominee, Offers Support Weeks Later – Fox News (11.05.2013)

Cool Technology from DHS – HS News Wire (11.05.2013)

LAX Shooting Sparks Debate on Security, Arming TSA Agents – Emergency Management (11.04.2013)

Statement by Acting Secretary Beers on the DHS General Counsel – DHS (11.04.2013)


Border Protection / Immigration

Border Patrol Reportedly Rejects Recommended Curbs on Deadly Force – Fox News (11.05.2013)

Washington Support for Immigration Reform Heats Up as Time Runs Out – Fox News (11.04.2013)



Advanced Police Surveillance Technologies Pose Significant Privacy Concerns – HS News Wire (11.12.2013)

U.S. Tech Companies Could Go ‘Dark’ to Regain Trust – HS News Wire (11.07.2013)

Experts: Weakening Cybersecurity to Facilitate NSA Surveillance is Dangerous – HS News Wire (11.08.2013)

FBI Mulling Use of Video Recognition Technology – HS News Wire (11.06.2013)



Banking Malware Infections Rise to Highest Level since 2002 – CIO (11.12.2013)

3 Tips for Secure Use of USB Drives in the Agency – GCN (11.12.2013)

Don’t Expect Data on P2P Networks to be Private, Judge Rules – CIO (11.12.2013)

Half of All Malware Is Written in Chinese, But The most Dangerous is in Russian – Next Gov (11.12.2013)

How DoD is Securing its Apple and Android Mobile Devices – Federal Times (11.11.2013)

IG: DHS Struggling to Respond to Cybersecurity Threats – HS News Wire (11.08.2013)

Snowden Serves Up another Lesson on Insider Threats – CIO (11.08.2013)

Can’t the United States and China Just Get Along in Cyberspace? – GCN (11.08.2013)

White House’s $14 Billion Cyber Spending Claim is Squishy – Next Gov (11.08.2013)

Making Cybersecurity a Political Issue – HS News Wire (11.07.2013)

State Creates ‘Cyber National Guard’ – Gov Info Security (11.07.2013)

Obama Administration Considers Splitting Command of NSA and Cybersecurity – Fox News (11.07.2013)

IID Raises $8 Million to Scale Shared Cyber-Intelligence Offering – HS News Wire (11.07.2013)

How Can Cybersecurity Improve If the Problem Can’t Be Measured? – GCN (11.06.2013)

Many Android Vulnerabilities Result from Manufacturer Modifications – HS News Wire (11.06.2013)

DHS Cites Threats from Out-Of-Date Android OS Versions – GCN (11.06.2013)

FBI Puts a $100,000 Bounty on Most-Wanted Cyber Criminal – Next Gov (11.06.2013)

Did Hackers Hit the PHL Government’s Net-Based Disaster Warning System? – GMA News (11.06.2013)

Readout of DHS, White House Officials’ Participation in Cybersecurity Workforce Roundtable – DHS (11.05.2013)

NIST to Review Standards after Cryptographers Cry Foul over NSA Meddling – CIO (11.05.2013)

Training the Cyber Workforce to Handle New Threats – GCN (11.05.2013)

Social Media in Government: Managing the Risks – Information Week (11.05.2013)

IG: Government Has No Digital Cyber Warning System – Next Gov (11.05.2013)

11 Sure Signs You’ve Been Hacked – CIO (11.04.2013)

Small Agencies Navigate Challenges of BYOD – Federal Times (11.04.2013)


Infrastructure Protection

Navy Blimp Returns to Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Skies Today – HS News Wire (11.12.2013)

Threat of Massive Grid Shutdown Increasing in Face of Terrorism, Natural Disasters – The Gazette (11.11.2013)

Critical Infrastructure Not Prepared for GPS Disruption – GCN (11.08.2013)

Fact Sheet: Modernizing and Investing in America’s Ports and Infrastructure – The White House (11.08.2013)

Scientists: We Should Prepare for Hell and High Water – HS News Wire (11.08.2013)

FAA Releases Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration ‘Roadmap’ – HS Today (11.08.2013)

How Malls Plan to Keep Shoppers Safe This Holiday Season – CNBC (11.05.2013)

DHS Office Emerges as Biometrics Hub – Federal Times (11.05.2013)

Detecting Threats in a Crowd – HS News Wire (11.05.2013)

TSA to Evaluate Optosecurity Solutions for Checkpoint Screening and Management – HS Today (11.04.2013)

Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security: Listening Sessions – U.S. Fire Administration (11.04.2013)

Study: Storms Would Submerge Norfolk Naval Station – Virginia Pilot Online (11.02.2013)



N.C. Man Charged with Seeking to Join Al Qaeda-Linked Group – Fox News (11.11.2013)

Is the Muslim Brotherhood a Threat to U.S. National Security? – Fox News (11.07.2013)

Perspectives on Terrorism and Responses to It – HS News Wire (11.04.2013)

U.S. Intelligence Officials: NSA Reform Bill is ‘Flawed’ – CIO (11.04.2013)


Emergency Preparedness

Philippines Prepares for Worse Disasters to Come – HS News Wire (11.12.2013)

How Online Mapmakers Are Helping the Red Cross Save Lives in the Philippines – Next Gov (11.12.2013)

Virginia Department of Fire Programs Releases ‘FireSafe Family VA’ App – VDFP (11.12.2013)

Is it Time to Develop a New Blueprint for Rebuilding? – Emergency Management (11.11.2013)

Typhoon Haiyan Influenced by Climate Change, Scientists Say – The Sydney Morning Herald (11.11.2013)

U.S., China Meet for Annual Disaster Relief Exercise – Fox News (11.11.2013)

Late Activation of Hurricane Disaster Plans Addressed in FEMA Lessons Learned Report – HS Today (11.09.2013)

Solar Panels Present New Dangers to Firefighters – Fox News (11.08.2013)

Are Emergency Management Graduates Finding Jobs? – Emergency Management (11.08.2013)

A Smartphone App that Detects Radiation in a Disaster – Popular Science (11.08.2013)

Judge: NYC Doesn’t Protect Disabled in Emergencies – SF Gate (11.08.2013)

Group Helps Decision-Makers with Long-Term Strategy – Emergency Management (11.06.2013)

After String of Huge Wildfires, ‘Saner Approach’ to Prevention Sought – Emergency Management (11.06.2013)

NASA: Another Devastating Chelyabinsk Meteor Strike ‘7 Times as Likely’ as Thought – Register (11.06.2013)

Opinion: Disaster-Proof Development – Eco-Business (11.05.2013)

LA Builds Resilience through Wide-Reaching Relationships – Emergency Management (11.04.2013)


Public Health

In a Disaster, Will your Hospital Be Ready? – Bangor Daily News (11.07.2013)

Holograms to Help in Fighting Malaria – HS News Wire (11.06.2013)

Red Cross in Need of Blood Donors over the Holiday Season – ABC13 WSET-TV (11.05.2013)

Quick ID for Water Pathogens – HS News Wire (11.05.2013)


Communications & Interoperability

NSA’s Reported Tampering Could Change how Crypto Standards Are Made – GCN (11.04.2013)

FCC Eyes New Spectrum for Wi-Fi-Type Service – Next Gov (11.04.2013)

Message Security ‘Unconditionally Guaranteed’ After Quantum Cryptography Breakthrough – NG (11.04.2013)



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